In the face of constant neo-liberal attacks cooked by the imperialist institutions as the World Bank/IMF and launched by the APC/Buhari government against the Nigerian masses we ask the workers to remain steadfast, for their enemies in Aso Rock are brandishing their latest weapon of mass economic plunder which was most recently fashioned by their school masters in the Brenton Woods institutions. While there’s has been no little exposition of the neo-colonial role the Brenton-Woods institutions are destined to play there is a new and seemingly more powerful competitor in the world stage (China) amongst imperialists who has “big plans” for Nigerians in particular and Africans in general through the same means the Western neo-colonialists have maintained the configurations that has made our nation remain a third world state till the present.


These configurations can be summarized by the jumbo national debt, the cut in government spending on public institutions and the severe flight of human and economic resources by exports and foreign investments which is consequent of the first two.


These stratagems are emboldened or materialize in Nigeria by removal of subsidies which encourages hoarding of goods and inflation of their prices as is the case for petroleum products; the increment of Value Added Tax (VAT) and the tactical withdrawal from the running and funding of public services in which case the outcry in the education and health sector is the loudest. The Nigerian policy makers abroad have proposed the removal of fuel subsidy with the pretext that the funds should be used for funding the education and health sectors despite the expenses of the Nigerian government on jumbo allowances for senators and honourables leading Nigerian government expenses to the 2nd highest in the world. How could the progenitors of the 1970’s Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) now advise for a funding of the very sectors that they had paralyzed through the policies they conjured for the military junta then.


It would be folly to forget that the same supposed future policies in support of funding public services such as health, education, transportation and waste disposal are to be executed by people who have private counterparts of these institutions properly funded by looted government funds and funds obtained through government projects awarded as a result of decrepit lobbing, meaning this lot will only further impoverish Nigerians by hiking PMS pump price while funding only their private universities, hospitals and businesses. So it is clearly a case described perfectly by the biblical phrase; “the voice of Jacob, the hand of Esau”.


Although one should not and cannot shy away from the inherent shakiness of the policy once it is subjected to scrutiny based on economic facts. Suppose the funds for fuel subsidy was diverted to public services that would mean a direct inflation on all commodities and services making the additional funds to the education and other sectors ineffective because the inflation would have cancelled out any meaningful improvements the funds are capable of making. To be particular if academic and non-academic staff was increased with oil subsidy money the inflation would counterbalance the relief of increased monetary figures making the increment nominal. This is nothing but case of “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”


Another route that will end in a parody is the exchange of foreign capital that African governments are plying by handing over the whips of debt slavery and capital intrusion to China. China has emerged a world imperialist power and it is only so because the Chinese government emerged through the same methods as the US and EU so they must behave the same way as older imperialist powers. The seizure of the Sri Lankan seaport and the indirect billing of Zambia should clear all ambivalence on the intentions of the Chinese government towards third world countries and Nigerian will be no different if a Chinese intrusion into the economy is permitted.


There is thus no friend for the Nigerian workers among the imperialists in the West and the East because the former proposes austerity measures such as the increment of Value Added Tax (VAT) in order to smother local production and industry; the latter is posed as a source of quick loans which will subjugate the economy which will in turn serve as an excuse by the ruling class for privatization of public sectors of the economy and with little imagination the buyers will be the Chinese businessmen.


In this light the workers, civil rights groups, left leaning political parties and the masses must;


Begin a national struggle for real increment in the minimum wage to new livable standards as opposed to the nominal increment of the slave wage, the bill of which has hardly passed the National Assembly.


Reject all forms of austerity measures such as increment in VAT, fuel subsidy removal and cuts in government funding of public institutions and services.


Begin anti-government protests for a total overhaul of the present political setting and of the business oligarchs to be replaced by committees of action which is to head struggles for a pro-socialist government, albeit the masses must display eternal vigilance in the political and economic character of this government if socialism is to be achieved.


No to the imperialist capture of the Nigerian economy; Down with the tactical privatization of public services through hiking of fees and bills! Down with the perpetuation of the rule of foreign and local capital! Down with neo-liberal debt system of education loan and health loan! Down with the ruling class sponsor of terrorism!


For the democratic nationalization of the economic mainstay! For a socialist alternative with people planned and pro-people agenda!


We solidarize with all peoples and nations who at this time have pit vituperative remonstrance against the present system which is rigged against them in Sudan, Algeria, Venezuela, Iraq and Mali, whether as gender equality activists, radical journalist or even racial equality activists. For we are united when we realize that unless we stand together in the face of any kind of oppression we cannot ensure a socialist victory over capitalism.


Long live the international workers’ republic!
Long live international socialism!