Britain: Critical Support for Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn at the forthcoming General Election on December 12th

Vote Labour but challenge the Reformist Leadership and fight for a Workers Government and the United Socialist States of Europe!


Article by Joseph Adams, 7th December 2019,



Crisis of BREXIT and British Imperialism


The general election on December 12th will be the third general election since 2015. The crisis of British imperialism over Brexit and the austerity policies of this Tory government reveals the unstable nature of British capitalism. Bourgeois pundits forecast an overwhelming majority for Theresa May’s Government in 2017. In fact it produced a minority Tory Government with large gains for Corbyn’s Labour party.


Boris Johnson, the extreme chauvinist, racist and Islamophobic demagogue became Prime Minister when Theresa May was continually defeated by the combined strength of the Remain section in Parliament, the Liberal Democrats , the SNP and right-wing sections inside the parliamentary Labour Party. Johnson also failed to get Brexit through Parliament, organised a coup suspending Parliament and was then overruled by the judiciary with effectively no government at all. Johnson called a general election and split the party between the Remainers in the Tory Party and the Brexiteers. Former Ministers like Michael Heseltine and Ken Clarke have said they will vote for the Liberal Democrats.


Zionists attacked Jeremy Corbyn...again


With two weeks to go before the general election Corbyn has apologised after been attacked as a racist and anti-semite by the so-called chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis.


“Jeremy Corbyn has apologized for anti-Semitic incidents involving Labour party members and said he was dealing with the issue.


The Labour leader said: “Obviously I’m very sorry for what has happened,” after being asked to apologise directly by presenter Phillip Schofield, in an interview on ITV’s This Morning.


Corbyn has previously apologised for anti-Semitic incidents involving party members but during the general election campaign he has been dogged by criticism that has not said sorry again when he has been given the opportunity. He declined to apologise four times during an interview with the BBC presenter Andrew Neil”. [1].


It was Ephraim Mirvis who praised the Islamophobic Boris Johnson on Twitter, saying: “I am delighted to congratulate Boris Johnson on becoming the next leader of the Conservative Party & our next PM. May he be blessed with the wisdom to successfully navigate the political uncertainties we face & bring healing & prosperity to our great country.” [2]. In addition to this very obvious right-wing position, the so-called chief-rabbi was supporting the brutal war against the Palestinians in Gaza in 2014, defending Israel although it killed at least 1,900 of Palestinians including 550 children while the Apartheid state itself lost only 67 IDF soldiers and 5 civilians. The 5 civilians however included an old women who died of a heart attack (!) during siren alarm, a Bedouin who was hit by a rocket in the Negev Desert that was not stopped by the Israeli defense system with calculus because it would land in a desert anyway and an ultra-orthodox Rabbi who was hit by shrapnel during his voluntary service to distribute food to IDF soldiers at the front line.


Gus John, a leading Black academic, has done the right thing by resigning from a Church of England advisory body because of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s support for the Zionist chief-rabbi.


“A leading campaigner against racism has resigned from a Church of England advisory body in protest at the archbishop of Canterbury’s support for the chief rabbi’s comments last week on antisemitism in the Labour party. The church’s record on combating racism was “no less woeful now that it was 30 years ago”, John’s letter said. “Black and global majority people in the church, whether as clergy, laity or employees are still experiencing discrimination and exclusion, benign and sugar-coated or otherwise, at every level of organization in the church and yet, their active presence in communion with the church is responsible for its survival and buoyancy in many communities. “In an accompanying statement, John said: “What gives the archbishop of Canterbury the right to endorse the chief rabbi’s scaremongering about Corbyn and adopt such a lofty moral position in defense of the Jewish population”. [3]


The origin of these attacks on Corbyn stems from the Blairites and right-wing Zionists who are determined to see Corbyn and his supporters removed and expelled from the Labour Party. Already Chukka Umunna and a minority of Blairites have left the Labour Party and joined the Liberal Democrats. Tom Watson, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, a known Blairite and leader of the pro-war and pro-austerity right-wing MP’s has announced his resignation as deputy leader and will not be standing for parliament. This was a notable victory for Corbyn, as the Blairites are now leaderless. Corbyn, a known supporter of Palestinian rights has criticized the Zionists in Israel for their slaughter of Palestinians and Arabs in the torture camp they call the West Bank. Defenseless women and children have been gunned down by Israeli police and the IDF. Corbyn’s weakness is that his reformist backbone has pandered to the Zionists and conflated anti-zionism with anti-semitism.


“Over Ken Livingstone’s suspension he sided with the Blairites and he gave in to the Zionist amalgam confusing the difference between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism. There are still a number of socialists still suspended and expelled (auto excluded) from membership of the Labour Party by the unaccountable and unelected Compliance Unit”.[4].


A number of Anti-Zionists have been expelled from the Labour party, mainly for their support for the Palestinian struggle. The Blairite, right wing elements in the Labour party are still in a position to wield effective power in the Party. Shamefully, the Labour party historically has a strong affinity with Zionism. The Labour Friends of Israel is a very powerful lobby for the Zionists in Britain and they have been active recently helping and assisting the Blairites to expel anyone in the Labour party who supports the Palestinian cause. Unsurprisingly, the Labour government after World War I immediately recognised the state of Israel in 1948.


RED LIBERATION (Socialists in the Labour Party) wholeheartedly condemns these expulsions and states that the Palestine Liberation struggle is a just cause. We support joint activities with other Socialists to highlight and show the oppression of Palestine by imperialism and Israel – its agent in the Middle East” [5]


Corbyn has even defended the use of the International Holocaust Characterization that there must be no criticism of Zionism or the state of Israel. This is not only a slap in the face of the Palestinian people suffering from the Israeli Apartheid state, it is also an attack against all Jewish activists who fight against Zionism or at least criticize the racist methods of the Israeli state. This includes the survivors of the Holocaust and their relatives who signed a letter sharply rejecting the Israeli-led war on Gaza in 2014. [6]


Corbyn wins against Johnson in first televised debate


In the first television debate between Johnson and Corbyn, the latter easily won the debate by attacking Johnson for working a deal out with Donald Trump in a massive sell out of the NHS through massive privatization via American trade deals. Johnson’s election proposals continue to echo racism and attacks on migrants, coupled with further attacks on the working class with more of the same. The Labour leader announced a wide range of reformist measures to help the poor and disadvantaged as well as helping workers through the repeal of the Anti-Union Laws.


The Tory leader however, faces a threat from the Brexit party led by Nigel Farage. This racist, islamophobic party spouts chauvinism and hatred against muslims and migrants. Fascists like Tommy Robinson will no doubt be supporting the Brexit party with its reactionary and racist programme. Boris Johnson will face fierce opposition from Farage and could affect their support and be decisive in who is the next Prime Minister. The Bourgeoisie in Britain remains deeply concerned about the possible election of a Labour government and is using the polls to misinform and discredit Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, although the latest polls suggest a narrowing of the gap. These polls must be treated with cautios as they are promoted by the most right-wing and pro-capitalist news outlets, who are desperate for a victory of Boris Johnson.


Labour Party Manifesto redistribute wealth in Britain


Jeremy Corbyn introducing the Labour Party manifesto which is a reformist programme to bring about changes in government and society. It promises a massive council house building programme, partial nationalization of railways and energy companies, abolishment of student fees and universal credit, an end to the sanctions regime over benefits, taxation of the rich and an attempt to redistribute wealth. This of course is a reformist programme within the frame of capitalism as it not deal with the question of working class power at all. Labour Governments have been elected before but bankers and owners of capital will do everything to halt all aspects even of this obviously reformist programme.


“Labour has launched its general election manifesto, promising to "transform" the UK and to renationalise rail, mail, water and energy.


Leader Jeremy Corbyn also vowed "a green transformation" of the economy, aiming to get the UK "on track" for a net-zero carbon system by the 2030s.


The 105 page manifesto includes a windfall tax on oil firms and scrapping rises in the state pension age.


Mr Corbyn said his offer to voters was "radical" and would mean "real change".


He accused "bankers, billionaires and the establishment" of wanting to thwart his plans, adding: "They don't own the Labour Party. The people own the Labour Party.” [7]


Irrespective of the limitations of its programm, the RCIT and the members in BRITAIN advocate critical support for the Labour party in this election. Even the minimal reformist programme Labour offers could be the springboard to strengthen left-wing activists who are open to figth beyond the boundaries of reformism. However, many of these activist still have big illusions in Corbyn and his leadership. This of course requires that revolutionaries in Britain support the election camapign of Labour but critisize its limitations and offer a revolutionary programme leading to the overthrow of capitalism and the establishment of socialism. In practical means we march together with all activists who defend Corbyn and Labour against Zionists and right-wing attacks and who support Labour at the elections. We offer them to build an united front in order to fight back the Tories, the Brexit Party, the Liberal Democrats and all other right-wing threats! However, we warn all honest activists that the limitations of reformism will lead to betrayal by Labour and Corbyn as it was done already in the past. In the end, we need to challenge the reformist leadership and to build a revolutionary one – together!


We put forward the following demands as the revolutionary answer to the crisis of capitalism and imperialism:


* Critically support the election of Labour and a Labour Government, based on an anti-austerity programme! Expel and purge all Blairite and Zionist Labour MP’s and cleanse the party of all pro-war and pro-austerity elements! Defend Jeremy Corbyn and all others who are unrightfully attacked and slandered by Zionists! Give practical support to the effort of Jewish voice for Labour and others who are crucial defenders against right-wing Zionist hatred!


* Fight for Open Borders, full equality for all migrants and equal wages! Full citizenship rights should be given to all people living in Britain as well as the unlimited right to speak in their mother tongue and to live their cultural and religious believes! Stop the “War on Terror” that is only an excuse to discriminate muslim people!


* For a United Ireland as a 32 County workers republic as part of a United Socialist States of Europe!


* Defend the rigth for self-determination for Scotland!


* Reject any support to the camp of the Brexiteers or the Remainers! Neither an imperialist Britain nor an imperialist European Union are the solution, but rather the fight to smash both of them!


* For self-defence guards and action committees to protect workers, the oppressed and migrants from the police, racist or fascist attacks!


* For the formation of peoples assemblies and action committees, based on direct democracy, to mobilize for demonstrations and strikes up to a general strike in order to put pressure on Labour to reject any collaboration with capitalist parties and politicians! People assemblies, action committes of the workers and oppressed as well as mobilizations on the streets up to an indefinite general strike are the backbone of the fight against austerity and cuts, and in consequence also the initial ignition that opens the road towards the struggle for socialism! A workers republic as well as the United Socialist states of Europe can only be won via the armed uprising of the working class and oppressed!


* For a Workers Government pledged to overthrow Capitalism and establish Socialism!