The U.S. Aggression against Iran and Revolutionary Tactics


Defend Iran against any imperialist aggression! But no political support for the reactionary Mullah Regime in Teheran! Continue the popular liberation struggles of the Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni and Iranian people!


Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 06 January 2020,




1.             The killing of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani – one of the most influential leaders of the ruling elite in Teheran –, the Iraqi PMF commander Abu Mahdi al Muhandis and other generals by the U.S. military has opened a new stage in the political dynamics of the Middle East.


a) It has dramatically accelerated the conflict between Washington and Teheran and provokes the risk of a full-scale war in the near future;


b) In reaction, Iran announced it will no longer abide by the limits contained in the 2015 nuclear deal, i.e. it brings Teheran closer to building an atomic bomb;


c) Iraq’s Parliament voted for a resolution calling for the expulsion of all American troops from Iraqi soil. In reaction U.S. President Trump threatened to impose “sanctions like you’ve never seen” on Iraq.


2.             These developments have caused massive confusion among activists around the globe. While many people in Syria and Iraqi rejoice about the setback for the counter-revolutionary Iranian regime and its local allies but are unaware of the nature of Washington’s war drive, many opponents of U.S. imperialism ignore or are silent about the just the ongoing liberation struggles of the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian peoples. Hence, the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) calls activists – in the Middle East as well as globally – to take a consistent revolutionary, anti-imperialist and democratic stand which takes the complex realities into account.


3.             The overriding goal of revolutionaries must be to strengthen the independent struggle of the workers and oppressed against all Great Powers as well as against all reactionary capitalist regimes. It is crucial to overcome all religious and national divisions between the people and to unite the struggles on the basis of a program committed to the expulsion of all imperialist powers and the overthrow of all dictatorships and reactionary regimes. It is on the basis of such a socialist program that revolutionaries must support all legitimate popular struggles against local reactionary regimes and, at the same time, they must support semi-colonial countries against the aggression of any Great Power. However, such tactics must not contain any political support for the bourgeois or petty-bourgeois leaderships of the forces involved.


4.             Hence, the RCIT calls the workers and popular mass organizations around the globe:


a) to support the liberation struggles of the Syrian people in Idlib against the Assad tyranny and against the Russian-Iranian occupation;


b) to support the popular uprising of the Iraqi workers and youth against the ruling elite in Bagdad and against the Iranian interference;


c) to support mass protests of the Iranian people against the reactionary Mullah regime;


d) to support the struggle of the Yemeni people against the Saudi-led aggression.


5.             At the same time, revolutionaries around the world are obligated to oppose all attacks of U.S. imperialism against Iran and its allies. While we shed no tears for Soleimani who has been a key organizer of the counter-revolutionary repression of the popular uprisings in Syria and Iraq, it is clear that the U.S. aggression has nothing to do with support for these popular uprisings. Washington’s sanctions and air strikes against Iran are exclusively motivated by the domestic political crisis of the Trump Administration, by support for the Zionist Apartheid state Israel and, more fundamentally, by the desperate drive of U.S. imperialism to reverse its decay and to regain absolute hegemony in the Middle East.


6.             Hence, the RCIT calls the workers and popular mass organizations around the globe:


a) to oppose all imperialist sanctions against Iran;


b) to demand the expulsion the US forces and its allies from the Middle East;


c) to oppose any interference of imperialist Russia or China, which might turn this conflict into a prelude for a new inner-imperialist war;


d) in any military conflict between the US and its allies against Iran resp. pro-Iranian forces, revolutionaries must call for the military defeat of the imperialists and for the military victory of their opponents.


7.             Only such a combination of tactics will enable liberation fighters to open the road to socialist revolution towards the establishment of workers and peasants republics and a socialist federation in the Middle East. We call revolutionaries to join the RCIT in building a Revolutionary World Party committed to such a perspective!




International Bureau of the RCIT




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