Solidarity with the Liberation Struggle of the Chechen People!

Open Letter to the Oppressed Chechen People


Published by the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), February 2018,




Dear Brothers and Sisters,


We send you our warmest greetings in the name of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT). We strongly condemn Russian imperialism! We support your struggle for freedom and national self-determination!


Since many decades you are suppressed by the Russian state. First, it was the Tsar who subjugated the people of the Caucasus and smashed the courageous resistance led by Imam Shamil. Later it was Stalin and his pseudo-communist regime. Stalin revoked all decisions of the Soviet government of Lenin and Trotsky and renewed the oppression of the Chechen people. And finally, the Chechen’s quest for liberty was again brutally suppressed by Yeltsin and Putin. Since then, Moscow occupies your country with the help of the bloody butcher Kadyrov.


You have lost hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters since Yeltsin’s and Putin’s army began invading your country. Today, fear, torture, rape and terror are prevailing in Chechnya.


However, we are confident that your struggle for freedom will finally succeed! Because your struggle is great and just!


In our opinion, the Chechen people can only be free if no imperialist Great Power (neither Russia, nor the U.S. or the EU) dominates the Caucasus and no group of rich exploiters rules over you. We think that the future of freedom is closely connected with the struggle for international equality of people and socialism.


Long live the international solidarity with the liberation struggle of the Chechen people!




International Secretariat of the RCIT