South Africa: Down with White Puppet Cyril Ramaphosa, ANC and the Entire Black and White Capitalist Ruling Class - Power to the People!!!

Joint Statement of the ELA Zambia and the Africa Secretariat of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) 20 February 2018, and




1.             The resignation of President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday 14th February 2018 as South Africa’s President, and his subsequent replacement by the ultimate puppet of South Africa’s capitalist white settler community, Cyril Ramaphosa, is nothing more than a change of puppet-representatives of the white capitalist ruling class of South Africa. The regime change is also, and sadly so, the continuation of the super-exploitation of the landless and property-deprived black majority of South Africa’s working and oppressed masses.


2.             Therefore, all Revolutionary and progressive African liberation forces, and the oppressed black people of South Africa in particular, must be aware and alive to the fact that apartheid white South Africa continues to play a subtle but pivotal and dominant role in the social, economic and political affairs of South Africa. This they have managed to do by corruption and usurping the power of the people by infiltrating, influencing and hijacking the Africa National Congress party (ANC), whose puppet leaders they have sponsored and strategically placed at the helm of South African politics to do their bidding.


3.             Furthermore, it must be observed that anytime the white-puppet leader of the ANC has tried to veer away from, or threatened to undermine the economic interests of the white South African and apartheid capitalist class, as Zuma did when he favoured the Indian capitalists of the Gupta family; or when the black puppet- leader falls out of favour with the poverty-stricken black masses who begin to look for a revolutionary alternative that threatens to undermine the white capitalist establishment, the white capitalist establishment quickly presents and conspires to replace the puppet who has fallen out of favour with the masses, with another puppet of their choice who is sold to the masses as a better alternative. This was how former President Mbeki was hounded out and replaced by Zuma, and Zuma in turn hounded out and replaced by Ramaphosa. Meanwhile, the aim achieved through this game of thrones is that the ANC as a ship of the white and black privileged minority continues to sail its capitalist course, and as the masses are momentarily satisfied with the ousting of one leader, their poverty grows worse as the new leader runs his course for the next 5 or 10 years of his political life!


4.             In the same vein, the replacement of Zuma with Ramaphosa serves only to reinforce and continue the domination and exploitation of the black people of South Africa by the apartheid white powers in South Africa. It is no secret that Ramaphosa, a man who serves on the board of, and defended the injustice of a Platinum mining company (LONMIN) that in 2012 massacred over 35 miners protesting for better wages, has been ever a faithful servant of apartheid white monopoly capital since his days as a corrupt Union leader. Furthermore, Ramaphosa, who served as a lead ANC negotiator during the CODESA talks held in the run up to the sham Independence of 1994, was instrumental in the sellout of the ANC’s revolutionary-democratic demands enshrined in the 1954 Freedom Charter program. Suffice to say, the ANC caved into the demands of the FW De Clerk team which lobbied for the preservation and integration of so called white minority rights into the constitution of South Africa. Thus, the protection and preservation of apartheid and capitalist white South Africa’s ill-gotten and stolen wealth is guaranteed, and therefore the supremacy of white apartheid South Africa also guaranteed via the diabolical Sunset Clause.


5.             It is thus the maintenance of this unjust order of white capitalist supremacy that all the leaders of the ANC political establishment, from Mandela to Ramaphosa, are appointed to serve and protect. To this day, the revolutionary-democratic demands of the Freedom Charter; namely the restoration of stolen land without compensation, to the majority black people of South Africa; and the nationalization of the mines and banks, have never been fulfilled, except through political rhetoric at times when it becomes necessary to appease the gullible masses during election times, as Ramaphosa recently demonstrated in his recent first address to parliament as President of South Africa and puppet of white monopoly capital.


6.             In light of this political wizardry and sophistry being practiced upon the unsuspecting masses of South Africa, we wish to advise and caution our fellow brothers and comrades-in-arms in South Africa, not to be duped with the media lies and pronouncements of hope in Ramaphosa and his ANC stooges. For Ramaphosa is a liar, a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist and ultimate puppet-servant of white capitalist supremacy. Ramaphosa lives to serve and protect the economic interests of the apartheid white capitalist establishment that has made him one of the wealthiest black people in South African history; and all his wealth has been made at the expense of the poverty, dehumanization and super exploitation of the black laboring and suffering majority of South Africa.


7.             Lastly, we call upon all the progressive revolutionary and liberation movements of South Africa not to relent in their struggle to overcome and overthrow the entire ANC establishment which is rotten to the core, and only responds to the dictates of the white capitalist minority. We call upon all the oppressed working classes, the land-dispossessed peasantry, the unemployed and exploited men, women and youths of South Africa, to unite under a common political front for a liberated Socialist South Africa, under the leadership of a revolutionary Party whose program is designed for the freedom and uplifting of the oppressed masses. The struggle must continue. Izwe Lethu!


* Down with white puppet Cyril Ramaphosa!


* Down with the white owned and Controlled ANC!


* Down with White and Indian Capitalist exploitation!


* Expropriation of the super-rich – whether native or foreign, white or black!


* Nationalization of industries and the banks under workers’ control!


* For a plan of public reconstruction – elaborated in detail by and under the control of the workers and poor – to build the necessary infrastructure (housing, electricity, transport, health sector, etc.)!


* Expropriation of white landowners and the nationalization of the land!


* For a government of the workers and poor, based on councils and defended by popular militias of armed masses!


* Forward with the Struggle for Black South Africa’s Economic Freedom!


* Forward with a Socialist Revolution and a Workers Party!