Where Do Socialists Stand in Face of the Looming Global Trade War?


A Showcase of the Practical Consequences of the Assessment of the Class Character of the Chinese State


by Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 17 June 2018




In these days, the imperialist Great Powers are close to an open trade war. US President Donald Trump announced on 15 June a 25% tariff on $50bn of imports from China. This tariff affects more than 800 strategically important imports from China. China’s Commerce Ministry said it would respond with tariffs “of the same scale and strength” and that any previous trade deals with Trump were “invalid.” China also listed 659 U.S. products which would be affected by this tariff. (1) As the Asia Times commented, this development is “raising the specter of a full-blown trade war between the two economic giants. (2)


Furthermore U.S. imperialism also threatens to impose tariffs on imports from the European Union, Japan, Canada as well as other countries. Naturally, it is possible that the Great Powers will find a last-minute compromise. This could delay the outbreak of a full-blown global trade war. But it is evident to every prudent observer that even if such an escalation can be avoided for now, it is only a matter of time until the next crisis erupts. Sooner or later, a full-blown trade war between the imperialist powers is inevitable.


We do not intend to deal at this place with the economic background of these developments which is located in the accelerating rivalry between the imperialist Great Powers in face of the decline of capitalism, particularly since the beginning of the current historic period in 2008. For a closer analysis we refer readers to the various World Perspective documents which the RCIT has published in the past years. (3)


We rather wish to draw the attention of socialists to the following issue: where do socialists stand in face of the looming global trade war? It is obvious that this is not a side-issue of the class struggle. The looming global trade war is rather a prelude for World War III between the Great Powers. By this we do not mean that such a World War is around the corner. No, there are multiple steps, crisis, catastrophes in between the present tensions and such a military escalation which probably will take a number of years. But everyone with a minimum knowledge of history – just think about the first half of the 20th century – will have to recognize that a full-blown trade war between Great Powers opens the road to war in order to finally settle matters in favor of one or the other camp.


So, where do socialists stand in face of the looming global trade war? The answer to this question is related to the class character of the states involved. Socialists in imperialist countries never support the policy of economic protectionism of their ruling class – like imposing tariffs on imports from other countries, forbidding the import of certain commodities, etc. Therefore, when a trade dispute or even a trade war erupts between two or more imperialist states, socialists in all countries involved oppose such sanctions.


For this reason the RCIT has always opposed the sanctions of the Western imperialist states against Russia in 2014 and vice versa. We take the same stance in the current looming trade war: we oppose the protectionist steps of all imperialist states – the U.S., China, European Union, Russia, Canada, Japan, etc.


Socialists take a different position in cases where imperialist states impose sanctions against non-imperialist, semi-colonial countries. In such cases, they fight against the sanctions imposed by the imperialist power. However, socialists take a different position concerning the semi-colonial country. They defend the latter against the imperialist aggressor and support its counter-measures against the opponent. They call workers in the imperialist countries to break the sanctions against these countries.


For this reason the RCIT defend countries like North Korea, Iran or Venezuela against the sanctions imposed by imperialist powers.


Such is the set of revolutionary tactics which the RCIT applies today on these issues and which is derived from the Marxist understanding of imperialism and the program of revolutionary defeatism which Lenin and Trotsky elaborated.


We therefore ask socialists in other organizations: which stand do you take in relation to the looming global trade war?


For the Stalinists and pseudo-Trotskyists who consider China as a “socialist state” or a “deformed workers state”, the answer is simple: they will take the side of China in this dispute.


For those who consider China and Russia as non-imperialist, semi-colonial, countries, they will, if they are consistent, also take the side of these states and defend them against U.S. imperialism.


Only a clear analysis of China and Russia as imperialist Great Powers – like the U.S., the European Union and Japan are – allows for a consistent program of anti-imperialist and defeatists tactics.


The current looming trade war is a powerful example that the theoretical discussion on the class character of China and Russia is not a play with words or an academic exercise. Rather it is one of the most important issues of the current historic period which has tremendous practical consequences.


This is the reason why the RCIT has elaborated in the past years a number of studies on the political and economic nature of Russia and China. We have demonstrated that these states have become emerging imperialist powers. (4) We have shown that the program of revolutionary defeatism applies to Russia and China as well as to U.S., the European Union, Japan and other imperialist states. (5)


There are various organizations who accept that Russia and China have become somehow “powers” capable of challenging the old Western imperialist Great Powers. But these organizations staunchly refuse to characterize Russia and China as imperialist states. (6)


However, the looming global trade war will force all these organizations to take a clear and unambiguous stance. Either they share the RCIT’s position of opposing all Great Powers and their protectionist sanctions. Such an agreement is important but then, they have to ask themselves, why do they take such a position without recognizing the imperialist character of Russia and China? Would they take a similar defeatist position in countries like North Korea, Iran or Venezuela which are undoubtedly not imperialist but semi-colonial states? We are sure they that they would not. So is it not time for these organizations to accept the analysis of Russia and China as imperialist powers?!


Or are these organizations consistent and draw from their refusal to recognize Russia and China as imperialist powers the logical conclusion that they must side with these two states against the U.S.?! That would be too bad as it would make them part of the camp of pro-Eastern social-imperialism.


Whatever these socialists conclude, the looming global trade war demands a concrete and practical program: either the program of anti-imperialist defeatism or the program of social-imperialism. There is no third option.






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