COVID: The Global Elite is Worried!


Some interesting insights from the latest edition of the WEF’s “Global Risks Report”


By Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 13 January 2022,




At the beginning of each year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) publishes the so-called “Global Risks Report”. This is a kind of monopoly capitalist version of the “World Perspectives” document which Marxists also issue every year.


The WEF’s report is highly interesting for Marxists because this institution is one of the most representatives of the global elite. It is mostly funded by its 1,000 member corporations. As widely known, the WEF has organized for many years (until the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020) annual gatherings which took place in Davos (Switzerland). These conferences were attended by several thousand corporation bosses, state leaders, scientists, journalists, etc. Being such an influential institution of the political and economic global elite, the WEF has become known as an intellectual trendsetter. Just think about the notorious concept of the “Great Reset” which has been advocated by the WEF’s most known representative – its founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab. [1]


In other words, it is certainly worth listening to what such people have to say. Of course, one has to take into account that in such public reports, everything is put into fine words. So, one needs to read these documents critically and “between the lines”.


We will not discuss all issues which are raised in the 117 pages of the latest WEF report. [2] What is of interest for us at this point is how this institution views the state and the problems of the official pandemic policy – one of the key issues in the current period. Since spring 2020, capitalist governments all over the world have imposed a draconic regime of lockdowns and state of emergencies, later to be added by the system of “Health Pass” as well as mass or even compulsory vaccination. They have drastically expanded the powers of army and police, abolished fundamental democratic rights, and created gigantic business opportunities for Big Pharma, Big Tech and the military-industrial complex.


For these reasons, the RCIT characterizes this policy as COVID Counterrevolution which is driven not by health concerns but rather by political and economic interests of the monopoly bourgeoise. We refer interested readers for a more extensive analysis to more than 125 documents – including a book and a number of pamphlets – which our tendency has published in the past year on this issue. [3]




People do not trust the governments




At this point, we will focus on the assessment of the official pandemic policy by such an institution like the WEF. In fact, the “Global Risks Report” reveals that the global elite is worried about increasing obstacles and mass resistance against this policy. As one of the main problems, it identifies “the lack of trust” by large sectors of the population.


Maintaining societal trust involved galvanizing compliance and cooperation across citizens and the business community through frequent changes of government policy over an extended period. This often proved challenging (this is a favorite diplomatic word when things go wrong; M.P.) as, during 2021, many citizens became even more weary of lockdowns and obligations such as mask-wearing. In late November, several European countries and Australia experienced riots when governments tightened regimes in the face of ballooning case numbers.


Moreover, in advanced economies with widespread access to vaccines, significant percentages of the adult population remained unvaccinated at the end of 2021 due to misplaced concerns about the risk of the vaccines relative to that of catching the virus, over-confidence in their own natural immunity and adherence to a range of theories that lack scientific basis In other countries, general distrust of the government has resulted in widespread vaccine hesitancy, with alternative sources of authority, including local opinion and religious leaders, not sufficiently able to help allay fears.


The trust component of managing this crisis has often depended on a balance between imposing constraints or coercions based on science and policies that encourage good behaviour. (Note the language: they treat us like little children who need to be encouraged to behave well! M.P.) Communication has needed to steer a narrow course between individual freedoms and collective resilience; indeed, nearly 50% of the World Economic Forum global risk experts identified this tension as one of the most critical for societies to manage. The challenge will only intensify as the pandemic extends into its third year and the public grows increasingly weary, especially during festive seasons as expectations for unfettered social activity increase.” (pp. 84-85)




Capitalist governments should prepare for future crisis




There is no need to discuss at this point why people have many and very good reasons not to trust the capitalist governments which work hand in hand with Big Pharma, Big Tech and the military-industrial complex. What is of interest here is the fact that mass protests in many countries are increasingly worrying the ruling class.


Let us note in passing that the large demonstrations and strikes against the policy of Lockdowns, “Health Pass” and mass or even compulsory vaccination do not only worry the global elite. They also worry, shamefully, large sectors of the reformist left which denounce these protests as reactionary! The domesticated Lockdown Left has really become fully integrated into the capitalist system! [4]


Which strategy does the WEF suggest for capitalist governments? Basically, governments shall make no concession to the masses and continue their policy with more determination. But, at the same time, they are aware that this will be “challenging” as it will “test societal goodwill and compliance as well as government determination”. “Plans for vaccination requirements, with sanctions on employment or mobility for those who continue to resist, will test societal goodwill and compliance as well as government determination in light of divisive politics. ” (p. 85)


This is a diplomatic formulation for the fact that the ruling class is worried if it can implement its key policy of reactionary attack or if this offensive will provoke social explosions.


There is also another interesting remark in the WEF report. Concluding the discussion of the issue of COVID policy, the authors note. ”Additionally, national resilience strategies for future pandemics may require anticipation of some level of distrust and defiance of restrictions and interventions aimed at protecting vulnerable population segments.” (p. 85)


This is another diplomatic formulation. Its real meaning is that the WEF advises the capitalist governments to prepare for future pandemics (no doubts there will be future pandemics – either real or exaggerated since such events offer huge political and economic opportunities for the ruling class). The governments should “anticipate some level of distrust and defiance of restrictions”. This means that government need to prepare their repressive state apparatus and their ideological machinery (public campaigns, media, paid scientists and “intellectuals”, etc.) in order to smash such “distrust and defiance of restrictions” by the popular masses.


We have no doubt that capitalist governments all over the world are already heading this advice! The workers and oppressed must also prepare and organize – in order to defeat the COVID Counterrevolution!




[1] Klaus Schwab, Thierry Malleret: COVID-19: The Great Reset, World Economic Forum, Cologny/Geneva 2020

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