Thailand: Pro-Democracy Activists Call for Removal of the Prayut Chan-o-cha Regime!


By Laurence Humphries, RCIT Britain, 12 July 2021,




The protests and demonstrations of pro-democracy activists continue to call for Prayuth Chan-o-cha to resign. Since the 25th June 2021 protesters have been demanding democratic freedoms and rights in Thailand. Prayuth Chan-o-cha – a former army general who led the 2014 coup against the bourgeois-populist government of Ying Luck Shinawtra – has repeatedly used the anti-democratic Thai constitution to remain in power. The popular masses want him gone so Thailand can embrace more democratic freedoms and basic rights.


The Bangkok Post reports: “Three groups of anti-government protesters took to Bangkok streets on Saturday afternoon, demanding the resignation of Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha as prime minister. At 3pm, the Prachachon Khon Thai group met at the U-rupong intersection and planed to march to the Government House. It was led by Nititorn Lamlua, a former co-leader of the now-defunct People's Democratic Reform Committee or yellow shirts. This was the third time they assembled to unseat Gen Prayut. Their plan was to have an outsider or non-MP nominated in his place under Section 272 of the Constitution. An hour later, the Thai Mai Thon group, led by Jatuporn Prompan, a former leader of the red shirts, met at Saphan Phan Fa on Ratchadamnoen Avenue before moving on to the Government House. This was also the third time they gathered. Their goal was also to unseat Gen Prayut but they leave it to Parliament to choose his replacement. They don’t mind that 250 appointed senators will join MPs in voting for the new PM. At 5pm, Sombat Boonngam-anong, a red shirt and activist, staged a “car mob” where some 200 vehicles joined.“ [1]


The importance of the involvement of the ‘Red Shirts’ cannot be underestimated . The Red Shirts were the strongest popular base of support for Thaksin Shinawatra, brother of Ying Luck and former leader of the bourgeois-populist government before the coup of 2014.




The 1932 Revolution and its importance




“Pro-democracy protesters in Thailand have rallied to mark the 89th anniversary of the Siamese Revolution, a bloodless coup that brought an end to the country’s absolute monarchy and ushered in constitutional rule. Demonstrators marching in the Thai capital Bangkok on Thursday had three demands: constitutional reform, the removal of 250 military appointees from the parliament and the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha. The police were out in force as hundreds of people yelled “Prayuth, get out,” and made their way to Parliament House. The protesters carried red and white flags as well as replicas of an iconic plaque that commemorates the 1932 revolution. The rally came a year after the start of huge youth-led protests demanding democracy that sent shockwaves through Thailand’s establishment – particularly a demand to reduce the powers of the country’s revered monarch. At their peak, the protests drew tens of thousands of demonstrators but momentum slowed in 2021 because of an uptick in COVID-19 cases.” [2]


Such kind of demonstrations are taking place elsewhere throughout East and South-East Asia. Most important, the popular masses in Burma/Myanmar have shown heroic determination in resisting the military coup on 1st February. In Hong Kong there is a strong democracy movement which has been clamped down by the Stalinist-capitalist regime in Beijing. Another example is the protest movement in neighbouring Cambodia which is ruled by the bourgeois regime of Hun Sen.




A region of crucial importance for the global class struggle




The RCIT has shown in recent articles that region of South and East Asia is now becoming a significant area of significant revolutionary upheavals. It is home of a large concentration of the global working class. The armed insurrection in Burma/Myanmar has become one of the most developed class struggles in the world. The military tensions in the South China Sea shows that the inter-imperialist rivalry between the USA, Europe, Japan and Russia and China has become very intense.


“As we have pointed out on several occasions, this region plays a key role – one could even say the most important one – in the capitalist world economy. Among the 12 leading countries in terms of global manufacturing production, five are from this region (and here we exclude Russia which in fact is also, partially, an Asian country). China is the global leader with a share of 25%. These five countries – China, Japan, South Korea, India and Indonesia – have a combined share of about 43% of global manufacturing production. There is no doubt that if we add the other countries of East, South-East and South Asia, they make up at least half of global industrial production. We see a similar concentration when we look to the global proletariat. As the RCIT demonstrated in a number of works, the majority of the global proletariat live in East, South-East and South Asia. Today, 866 million – this means 50,1% of all wage laborers on this planet – live in this region. And if we take the international industrial labor force, the share of this region is even higher (60%).


In summary, the popular uprising in Burma/Myanmar takes place in the heart of a region which is of highest significance both for world capitalism as well as for the international working class struggle! From this follows the imperative that Marxists and revolutionaries must unreservedly support the popular uprising in Burma/Myanmar not only because of its legitimate and progressive cause but also because it takes place in a region which is in the focus of the global class struggle.” [4]


This shows that the developing struggle in Thailand against the corrupt and self-serving regime takes place within a crucial region which is of extreme importance to Marxists.


The RCIT puts forward a revolutionary programme for the unified struggle of the masses, the urban poor and the peasants against capitalism in Thailand. We ask all activists to study our programme and contact us if you want further discussions with us.


Prepare for an indefinite general strike to remove Prayuth Chan-o-cha and his reactionary regime!


Down with constitutional monarchy of King Maha Vajiralongkorn (Rama X)! Banish the King and his entourage and confiscate all the wealth he has stolen from the Thai population!


For a socialised public health system to stem the rise of infections of the COVID 19 Pandemic. For proper medical care and provision with proper ICU units with test and trace, personal public protection equipped with ventilators, and a massive recruitment drive for more nurses and doctors. End the Lockdown. No compulsion to be vaccinated only if you wish to be vaccinated.


For the nationalisation and expropriation of capitalist corporations with no compensation – especially large pharmaceutical companies who have made billions and enriched self-seeking millionaires! Redistribute their wealth among the poor and the oppressed.


For armed defence groups and resistance to defend peasants and the oppressed against police and army!


For a workers and poor peasants government based on popular councils and militias!


Join the RCIT and help building a genuine Revolutionary World Party!






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