Defend Jeremy Corbyn against the Blairite-coup!


Expel the 172 Labour Party MPs who are plotting a coup to remove Corbyn as Leader of the Party! Push Corbyn to end his softness towards the Blairite scum!


Statement of RED LIBERATION, Socialists active in the Labour Party, 4.7.2016


Ten Months ago Jeremy Corbyn was elected as Leader of the Labour Party on a platform which included the opposition to austerity, imperialist war and racism. The Parliamentary Labour Party with a majority of Blairite MP’s were always opposed to Corbyn and the vast majority of supporters who elected him. At no time they accepted the political believes of the majority of the rank and file members, this clearly shows that they are an obstacle to a democratic Labour Party!


Recently 172 Labour MP’s successfully passed a motion of No-Confidence in Corbyn as Leader. There is evidence to suggest that this was planned well before the result of the BREXIT vote. Hilary Benn and Angela Eagle were feeding information to Laura Kusenberg Political correspondent of the BBC. Other Blairites were using Alastair Campbell’s PR Company to plan a series of leaks to the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian with resignations from the Shadow Cabinet at suitable intervals. Many of them called on Corbyn to resign. To his credit he refused and told them to ‘put up or shut up’. There is now every likelihood of a rerun of election of leadership and Corbyn has said he will stand again for leader of the Party. If there is an election Corbyn will have the backing of the vast majority of rank and file members who elected him previously.


The 172 Blairite Labour MP’s who were hoping to remove Corbyn represent the Pro-Tory and open-capitalist elements in the Labour Party. They are self-seeking careerists who think that the Labour Party is their personal property. They must be deselected as MP’s and expelled from the Labour Party and replaced by mostly ordinary workers from the rank and file of the party who have the confidence of the basis. At this time with the opportunity to inflict maximum damage to the Tory Party after Cameron’s resignation, these Pro-Tory elements are seeking to bring the Labour party closer to the Tories.


However we have to criticize Corbyn for his appeasement policy against the Blairites! If he would be consistent in what he is saying he should have done everything to kick out the right-wing bureaucrats who promote an anti-workers policy. If the right wing of the party succeeds in their attempts this expresses not the strength of them, but the failure of Corbyn to break with this scum!


RED LIBERATION puts forward the following demands to unite all socialists in the Labour Party.


-          For an anti-austerity platform to rally broad sections of the working class and the Youth!


-          Against imperialist wars! Expel all those Labour MP’s like Hilary Benn and Angela Eagle who voted to support the Tories in another bombing campaign against the Syrian masses!


-          Against Racism, for free movement of migrants and refugees. Open the borders, no to immigration controls and restriction of movement for all people fleeing oppression and hatred!


RED LIBERATION says that the only way forward is that all those who support Corbyn together with all socialists outside the Labour Party fight for the implementation of the following demands, only this can bring us out of this dead-lane.


-          Down with any racism! Fight together on the streets against racist attacks and fascist mobilisations!


-          For the formation of peoples assemblies and action committees to organise the struggle throughout the Country. For an indefinite General strike to bring down this hated Tory Government!


-          For a revolutionary Constituent Assembly, based on mass mobilisations and committees formed in the workplaces and neighbourhoods.


-           No to the EU as well as No to an independent imperialist Britain, fight for the establishment of a workers government, based on such committees and mass-assemblies!


-          For the right to independence and self-determination for the Scotland!


-          Support a referendum on unification of Ireland both in the South and the North! For a United Socialist Ireland of all the 32 counties!