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Manifesto for the Revolutionary Liberation of Black Africa

(Document of the 2nd Congress of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency in Lusaka, Zambia)


[PAMPHLET] Is Türkiye a (Sub-)Imperialist Power?


[PAMPHLET] On the History of Al-Aqsa


History of the Crusades


War and Revolution in the Middle East


Gaza Uprising: Another Turning Point in the World Situation


Fifth Gaza War: Support the Heroic Palestinian Resistance (7.10.2023)


Israeli Anti-War Activists Call International Trade Unions to Boycott Arms Deliveries to Israel


On International Tactics in Solidarity with the Palestinian Liberation Struggle


The Liberation of Palestine and the Arab Revolution


Palestine: The Two-State Solution is No Solution at all!


In Gaza and in Lebanon: Support the Resistance – Defeat Israel!


Cyprus, the EU and the looming War between Israel and Hezbollah


Let us be clear: it is Israel that does not want to end the war


The siege ring tightens around the neck of the Zionist state


For the Palestinians to live, the Zionist state must die


Gaza War: The so-called progressives in the Democratic Party are no more than social-imperialists – time for a workers party


The Zionists are not welcome even in the US


American assessments: Israel’s attacks deep in Lebanon constitute preparation for extensive warfare in the region


Israel has at most less than ten years


Will it end like in Algeria?


No to the Zionist and US imperialists’ cheating, for the actual end of the war


Did US forces participate in the massacre of Nuseirat?


UNSC Ceasefire Resolution on Gaza War is a Chance and a Trap


The end of the war on Gaza Maybe?


More information on the release of four Zionist prisoners in Gaza


Pogrom in East Jerusalem and Mass Murder in Gaza


London: Pro-Palestine Demonstration against the Genocide (08.06.2024)


Hamas has not fallen into the American-Zionist trap


The Kristallnacht in Jerusalem


Why the heroes of the Zionists are the scums of the earth


Once again, the Stalinists are betraying the Palestinian people


Tomorrow is the Zionist Kristallnacht in Jerusalem


Biden’s speech is an admission that Israel has lost the war on Gaza


Austria: Protest Rally against Deportations of Syrian Refugees (02.06.2024)


Brazil: Demonstration in Solidarity with Palestine (30.5.2024)


Netanyahu rejects Biden’s offer and wants to continue the war that kills Palestinians but not only Palestinians


Hadash equates the crimes that Israel has committed to those of Hamas


Egypt: Bread, freedom, social justice – Al Sisi, the pro-American dictator


96% of Israeli Jews support the genocide of the Palestinians


Protest for Palestine escalates in Mexico (28.5.2024)


The New Gross Lie of the Zionist Monster


The Zionist monster continues with the killing of civilians in Rafah


The beginning of the end for the Zionist monster


The Zionist new crime


Who are the real terrorists and modern pirates?


Arabi21 Reports about the Outcome of the Trial against Michael Pröbsting


Why the ICJ Has Ordered Israel to Stop the War on Rafah


Israel: They still believe they are the master race and the chosen People


Why Zionists are not welcome in Ireland


From Zionist War on Gaza to Israeli-American War against Arab Peoples


Students around the World Rise Up in Solidarity with the Palestinian People!


ICC Chief Prosecutor Seeks Arrest Warrants for Israeli and Palestinian Leaders


Arab League Calls for “UN Peacekeepers” in West Bank and Gaza: A Dangerous Trap!


The Zionists and Biden are drowning in the sea of the sharp class struggle


The sick reaction of the Zionist political system to the announcement of Karim Khan


On the death of Iran’s President Raisi and FM Amir Abdollahian, who were killed in a helicopter crash


London: Pro-Palestine Demonstration at the Anniversary of Nakba (18.05.2024)


Left, center, and right – Zionists are all reactionaries


The Zionist narrative and the real history


Oppose the imperialist plan to oppress the Palestinians


The Israeli manipulation of the statistics of the Palestinians that it has murdered


Why does the Zionist propaganda fail?


No, Biden does not suffer from dementia – he is simply a liar


Gaza War: A Step Forward for the American Trade Unions


Egypt and the Tension with Israel


Gaza War: ISL Statement on Weapons Halt


Trial against pro-Palestine activist Michael Pröbsting: We are appealing the verdict!


The Tradition of Ted Grant and its Reactionary Abstentionism in Middle East Wars (CWI & October War 1973)


Nakba Day 2024: The Struggle Continuous until All of Palestine is Free!


Large demonstration in Mexico City for the 76th anniversary of the Nakba (15.05.2024)


Austria: Rally and Concert in in Remembrance of the Nakba (15.05.2024)


Austria: Rally against the Deportations of Syrian Refugees (10.05.2024)


Not to PR halt but yes to end any weapons shipment to Israel


The Zionists call him a philosopher, in France he is known as a Zionist


Do not believe one word the Zionists say


The Zionist bloodsucker state is preparing a larger genocide


Austria: Rally and Student Protest Camp in Solidarity with Palestine (06.05.2024)


Trial against Pro-Palestine Activist Michael Pröbsting: The Struggle Continues! (02.05.2024)


Political Groups in Israel are Calling for an Investigation of the Mass Graves in Gaza


The Zionists and American Imperialism are Blind to Reality


The Mass Graves of the Palestinians Murdered by the Zionist Army


They want to break the pro-Palestinian protests


The Zionist leaders are afraid


The Zionists dare to call the Jews who oppose the genocide of the Palestinians “Kapos and Judenräte”


Austria: Demonstration in Solidarity with the Palestinian People (27.4.2024)


London: Pro-Palestine Demonstration against Weapons Deliveries for Israel (27.4.2024)


The lie that the pro-Palestinian movement is antisemitic


McCarthyism and the American students’ rebellion


On the latest statement from Hamas


Mass Graves Reveal Mass Murder by the Israeli Army


Where Should Socialists Stand in the Looming War between Israel and Iran? (Questions & Answers)


The democratic rights in the age of decay of capitalism and the genocide of the Palestinians


USA Rush Out Of Niger


US imperialism is responsible for the genocide by the Zionist state


Israel and the US are Partners in the Worst Crimes


Why the US opposes a Palestinian state and why China and Russia oppose the Arab revolution


The two-state solution is a pie-in-the-sky


Austria: Pro-Palestine Rally against Israel’s Aggression against Iran (19.4.2024)


Argentina: Act of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (18.4.2024)


This time Iran retaliated


Release all Palestinian captives 


Biden, the cynical hypocritic demagogue


Israel’s Voice of Defeat


Is Israel on Its Way Out of History?


Netanyahu’s dream of a very long war is on the garbage pile


The failure of Israel to drag the US to a major war in the region


Israel has failed to provoke a regional war


TRT Reports about Trial against Michael Pröbsting


Iran Retaliates against Israel’s Aggression


Arabi21 Reports about Trial against Michael Pröbsting


Austria: Trial against Pro-Palestine Activist Michael Pröbsting on 2 May


Petition: No to the Criminal Complaint against Pro‐Palestine Activist Michael Pröbsting!


Argentina: Legislators and Former Legislators from the Left Joined the Campaign in Solidarity with Michael Pröbsting


Austria: Pro-Israel Forces Lay Criminal Complaint against Michael Pröbsting


EU and IMF Prop Up Egypt’s Dictatorship of General Sisi


They Make a Desert and Call it Peace


Israel says the killing of the seven aid workers was a mistake – in fact, Israel is the mistake


USA: Rally for a Ceasefire in Gaza, to denounce Biden's complicity and AM General's arms sales to Israel (30.03.2024)


The Insane Zionists


Some Say: Israel is a Fascist State


The Zionist army raped and then murdered Palestinian women in Gaza and the West Bank


Israel: On the Conscription of the Orthodox Jews


Despite the genocide, the willpower of the Palestinians is still strong


The US resolution for the so-called ceasefire fell


How do the Zionists fabricate information?


Why Biden says he opposes invading Rafah


Arab workers and fellahin: this is the time to end the Abraham accords


If you tell the truth, you are in trouble in the Zionist state


Israel: The followers of Ted Grant between the hammer and the hard place


Jewish Torah vs Zionism


Zionists who support the wars of Israel are not welcome


Syria: Lively Mass Demonstration at the 13th Anniversary of the Revolution (10.03.2024)


London: Demonstration against the Genocide in Gaza (09.03.2024)


Israel: Murderers, Hands Off UNRWA


Balfour the Criminal


Gaza War: The UN Fake Report on Rape


 Israel: To Whom the UN Belongs?


The isolation of Israel is growing every passing day


Once again, the UN in the service of Israel


Israel: They are Leaving the Sinking Ship


Austria: Rally against the Flour Massacre in Gaza (04.03.2024)


Statement on 13th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution


The Al-Rashid Street Massacre in Gaza: A Particularly Heinous War Crime Even for Israel’s Standards!


The massacre in Gaza and another Zionist Lies


Starvation is an old weapon


Anti-War Protest in Tel Aviv (27.02.2024)


Austria: Demonstration against Israel’s Genocide in Gaza (24.04.2024)


Is President Lula Wrong to Accuse Israel of Genocide in Gaza?


On the Rape of Palestinian Women


The Illusion of the Two-States Solution


Block the Weapons to the Zionist State


Once again U.S Imperialism Uses its Veto to Encourage Genocide


Austria: Rally against Israel’s Genocide in Gaza (22.02.2024)


Israel: The Circus Called the Knesset


Russia Invites Hamas and other Palestinian Factions for Unity Talks on February 26


The New Lies of the Zionists


London: National March for Ceasefire in Gaza (17.02.2024)


Nigeria: Storm Clouds Hover About the Tinubu Administration


Anti-War Protest in Tel Aviv


Al-Sisi the Traitor


Canada is another state loving Israel and even the Nazis, and hating the Jews


How the Zionists want to Convince the Anti-Zionists


Is Hamas ready to give up on the struggle for one state from the river to the sea?


After the Ruling of the ICJ, the Witch-Hunt against UNRWA started…


Why Do Several Middle East Countries Refuse to Boycott Israel?


The families of the Israeli captives begin to understand reality


The Gaza War, the Fears of Another Nakba, and Jordan and Egypt


Is Biden beginning to change his policy of fully supporting the genocide by Israel?


Macron is an enemy of the Palestinians, of the Jews and of all anti-racist people


On the Question of Land in Palestine


U.S strategy for the Middle East is in shamble


Israel: They fabricate stories


The two states solution is actually Palestinian exclusion


Some of the families of the Israeli captives call all for all exchange and end to the war


Are Hamas and Israel “Equally Reactionary”? (Critique of “Trotskyist” RRP in Russia)


Havat Sheba and Kfar Shuba belong to Lebanon!


Gaza War: Rishi Sunak, a bad joker


Our American Jewish brothers and sisters who oppose the Zionist apartheid state and the genocide of the Palestinians


Nigeria: The Asymmetric War Continues


Look who is defending Israel, a liar among liars


The Massacres and Rapes of the Palestinians by the Zionists


When the Zionist Minister of War tells his delusions


Israel: Pigs’ hands off Cassif


On the ICJ Ruling on South Africa’s Genocide Case against Israel


Gaza War: On the injunctions of the ICJ


Gaza War: Critical support for the injunction of the ICJ


Nigeria: At Least 30 Killed in Mangu Local Government!


The Zionists disrespect the orders of the ICJ


No Sympathy for Those who Block Aid to Gaza


Why does imperialist Germany support the genocide of the Palestinians?


ICJ Ruling on Gaza War: Are the Zionist documents falsified or misleading?


On the Hamas Statement


The American imperialists are helping the Zionists to kill and lie


The two states (no) solution is only in the interest of Western imperialism


The IMT about the Houthis’ struggle against Israel and Western imperialism


The CWI and the Senility of Right-Wing Centrism


The delusion of the Zionist government and army


Iranian Missile Strikes in Syria, Iraq and Pakistan: A Reactionary Aggression


Nigeria: Plateau Christmas Massacre: A Peak in the Convoluted Conflict of Internal Colonialisms


Israel / Occupied Palestine: Socialist Struggle supports Left Zionism


Austria: Demonstration against Israel’s Genocide in Gaza (20.01.2024)


Austria: Demonstration in Solidarity with Palestine and Yemen (19.01.2024)


It is no longer only Israel against the Palestinians, it is the rebellion of the oppressed against the imperialists


Anti-War Demonstration in Tel Aviv (16.1.2024)


Imperialist EU to Send Warships to Red Sea to Fight the Houthis


Gaza War: The IMT centrists are nice observers without a revolutionary program


Why did Hamas fighters attack the Gaza envelope?


UN Security Council Legitimizes US-Led Naval Force in Red Sea to Attack the Houthis


Gaza: End the war today – they kill the hostages and not only the Palestinians


The isolated Zionist state is walking on the road of the South Africa during the Apartheid at the end of the 1980’s


Syria: Rally Expresses the Unbroken Solidarity with the Revolution against Assad (14.01.2024)


London: National March For Palestine (13.01.2024)


Regional Power Ethiopia Attempts to Expand its Domination in Somalia


[VIDEO] We side with the Houthis in Yemen against Israel & US/UK Imperialism!


[VIDEO] Solidarity with the Syrian and the Palestinian people!


The western imperialists’ attack on Yemen


Aharon Barak, a war criminal, as a judge in the ICJ


Why does the NYT lie?


The Zionist response to the South Africa accusation of genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza in the ICJ


A Disillusioned Diplomat on the Prospects for U.S. Imperialism


Who is to defend Israel in the trial before the ICJ


Gaza War: War criminals’ hands off MK Casif


Gaza War: On which side are you on? (Critique of ISA)


Once again, demonstration in solidarity with Palestine in Mexico City (7.1.2024)


Leeds (UK): March for Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza (6.1.2024)


Why is Hamas winning the war?


Netanyahu government is seeking a war with Lebanon while facing a trial in the ICJ for genocide


Report: Anti-War Demonstration in Tel Aviv


The USA is attacking South Africa for filing a complaint of genocide by the Zionist monster


Sudan: End the Genocide in Darfur!


They kill hundreds of Health workers, looting Gaza and raping women in prisons


ISL-Statement on the Houthis Fight against American Imperialism


Gaza War: The Zionists attack the UN


Centrism and the Struggle against the Zionist State and other Imperialists


Israeli women were Raped only in the Zionist Propaganda


How Is the Struggle of the Palestinian People linked to Mexico?


The Situation of the Middle East


Gaza War: The Zionist Propaganda is exposed by NYT


U.S & Allies Send Naval Force to Red Sea to Support Terrorist Israel against Houthis


Gaza War: Who is more similar to the Nazis?


Gaza War: The victories of Hamas


Austria: Another Rally in Solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance (19.12.2023)


Gaza War and Arab World: A Massive Shift in Public Opinion


What the Israeli think how to end the war on Gaza


Austria: Vocal Demonstration in Solidarity with Gaza (16.12.2023)


Gaza War: The Houthis Have Opened the Second Front


Mexico: The solidarity movement with Palestine is still alive


Gaza War: The Houthis and the Looming Imperialist Intervention in the Red Sea


On torture, rapes and killing in Zionist prisons


The Pro-Israel Extremists: An Isolated Minority within the UN General Assembly


“Hamas is on the Verge of Dissolution “: The Delusional Israeli Government


Gaza War: Do not believe one word of the Zionist-speak (Part II)


The lesson of Algeria for the Israelis


Gaza War: Crucial numbers and lies


Gaza War: Do not believe one word of the Zionist-speak


London: Mass Demonstration for Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza (9.12.2023)


Gaza War: The Fabrication of False Evidences


Austria: Demonstration against the Media Lies in the Gaza War (8.12.2023)


If I Would Pray… (Good and Evil in the Gaza War)


Gaza War: Workers in Europe Blockade Arms Factories Producing Weapons for Israel


Why Israel is claiming that on October 7th Hamas raped Israeli women and why the White House supports this claim


Gaza War: McCarthyism returns to U.S under Biden


Gaza War: How Long Do You Want to Wait, Arab Leaders?!


Will Netherlands be found guilty for being complicit in Israeli war crimes in Gaza?


Gaza War: The genocide and the removal continue


The myth of the persecuted Jews for thousands of years


Gaza War: The vilifications of UNRWA by the Zionist mass propaganda


Gaza War: On the Exchange of Prisoners


Austria: Another March in Solidarity with the Palestinian People (02.12.2023)


The intention of the Zionist criminals – a new Nakba


Netanyahu is planning a new Nakba according to Israel Hayom


Truce in Gaza War: A Small but Important Victory for the Palestinian Resistance!


Nearly Half of U.S. Youth Think that Hamas’s October Attack was Justified by Grievances of Palestinians


The Zionist demagogy in the UN


Who broke the agreement of humanitarian pauses on Monday 28.11.2023?


The Real History of Zionist Colonization


The support of Germany for the genocide of the Palestinians


The Zionist lies and slanders never stop


2023 Gaza War: The Delay in the Hostage Release


The So-Called Radical Left of Israel


Joint Statement of Spalakh (Ukraine) and RCIT on Wars in Ukraine and Gaza


Austria: Demonstration in Support of the Palestinian People (26.11.2023)


Syria: Rally against renewed Bombardment of Idlib by Assad and Putin (26.11.2023)


Mexico: Solidarity action with Palestine. "Israel is a genocidal State!"


Austria: Thousands Demonstrate for Gaza (18.11.2023)


The Zionists are attacking the Pope Francis


The imperialist mass media role in supporting the genocide of the Palestinians


On the use of the AI in the war on Gaza


The arbitrary detentions, torture and lies


The use of the Hanibal protocols in the war on Gaza


Yemen’s Houthis Seize Israeli Cargo Ship: A Legitimate Act of Solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance


Israel does not have the right to defend itself against the occupied Palestinians


Al Shifa and the Zionist war crimes


The killing in Al Shifa


The killing of children and the fake propaganda


A Mistaken Polemic about the Anti-Israel Riots in Dagestan (Reply to OKI/IMT)


Brazil: Lula Government must Break Relations with the Zionist Apartheid State of Israel!


The New Nakba dressed up as a humanitarian gesture


The Zionist state is killing the sick and babies and attacks South Gaza


Down with the Empty Resolutions!


Indian Trade Unions Join the Global Pro-Palestine Solidarity Movement


Practical Examples of International Workers Solidarity with Gaza


Austria: Rally in Support of Gaza (11.11.2023)


Argentina: Rally in Solidarity with the Palestinian People (11.11.2023)


London: March against Nabka and Genocide in Gaza (11.11.2023)


An International Comparison Confirms: Israel is a Serial Killer of Children


The Jews who stand with the People of Gaza are fighting Anti-Semitism


The killing fields of the USA


Ahed Tamimi is arrested


Huge and moving solidarity from Mexico with Palestine (05.11.2023)


The war on the Palestinians in the West Bank


Israel is losing the war militarily, politically, diplomatically and economically


Austria: Powerful Rally in Solidarity with Gaza (4.11.2023)


Argentina: Massive Mobilisation in Support of the Palestinian people (02.11.2023)


Break the diplomatic relations with the Zionist Apartheid


Gaza War: On the Anti-Israel Riots in Northern Caucasus


The Zionist call everyone who oppose their war crimes, and false propaganda, Nazis


The Zionist cheap and poisonous propaganda


For swap of all political prisoners Palestinians and Israelis


Gaza War & Europe: A Reactionary Accidentally Confirms a Marxist Truth


Israel, War Crimes, Lies, Denial of The Holocaust and The Killing of its own Citizens


Another Extraordinary Pro-Palestine Demonstration in Mexico City (28.10.2023)


Austria: Rally in Support of Gaza (28.10.2023)


London: Third Palestinian March against Genocide in Gaza (28.10.2023)


The Meaning of the UN Vote about a Ceasefire in Gaza


The attack on democratic rights in the Western imperialist states


Israel is killing not only the people of Gaza but the captured Israelis


Argentina: Mass March in Support of Palestine (25.10.2023)


Gaza War: Shamefully, some on the Left Support “Israel's Right of Self-Determination”


The Zionist Propaganda Has Suffered a Real Defeat


The Zionist Apartheid State Has Declared a Diplomatic War on the UN


Austria: Thousands March in Solidarity with Palestine (21.20.2023)


Argentina: First act of the Campaign for Breaking of Relations with the State of Israel (19.10.2023)


Gaza War 2023: Interview with Michael Pröbsting on TV Channel Arabi21


Gaza War 2023: Interview with Michael Pröbsting on Arab Satellite Channel WATAN TV


The Massacre in Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza: Questions and Answers


The Zionist war criminal’s propaganda and the Western imperialists hypocrisy


Is Hamas a Terrorist Organisation?


The new war crime – the Zionists bombed Saint Porphyrius church in Gaza


How do the Zionist and its Western imperialists think that police works?


Gaza War 2023: Interview with Michael Pröbsting on Arab Television Channel of TRT (18.10.2023)


Historic Demonstration in Support of Palestine in Mexico (22.10.2023)


The inter-imperialist struggle and Operation Al-Aqsa Flood


The Al-Ahli Hospital Massacre in Gaza: Who Are the Animals?!


A New War Crime (Al-Ahli Hospital Massacre in Gaza)


The other partners to the crime of Genocide by the Zionist butchers


Austria: Three Days with Solidarity Rallies for Palestine (14-16.10.2023)


An Urgent Call from Palestinian Trade Unions: End all Complicity, Stop Arming


Mass Demonstration for Palestine in London (14 October 2023)


The worst religion of all is the secular Zionist worshiping of the state


What do we know so far on the war between Hamas and the Zionist apartheid state


The Zionist Apartheid state in a trap


Austria: Tabloid Attacks RCIT for “Open Call for Violence against Israel”


How the lie about the mass killings of Israeli babies was created


Israel-Gaza: The Real War Criminals


Argentina: Rally for the Victory of the Palestinian People (9.10.2023)


Austria: Hundreds Join Rally for Palestine Despite Police Ban (11.10.2023)


Ukraine’s Zelensky Cheers the Zionist Oppressor of the Palestinian People


The myths and the lies of the war against Gaza as exposed in the second day of the war


50 years after the October War, Israel once again caught by surprise


Israel-Gaza: More News from the War


Syria: Rally and Photo Exhibition about the Atrocities of the Assad Regime (7-8.10.2023)


The fruits of a Jewish and Democratic state


Syria: Full Solidarity with the Popular Protests against Al Assad (Joint Statement of UIT-CI & RCIT)


Armenia-Azerbaijan: Another Outburst of the Reactionary Conflict


On the Coup in Gabon


Zionist pigs – hands off the Eritrean refugees


Syria: The Revolutionary Offensive of the Masses Continues


Niger: Mass Demonstrations against French Imperialism


Israel is losing the war of propaganda

[VIDEO] Syria: Enthusiastic Mass Rally in Solidarity with the Revival of the Revolution


The Meaning of the Revival of the Syrian Revolution


[VIDEO] On the 10th Anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre in Egypt: Interview with Michael Pröbsting on Arab Satellite TV Channels


Syria: New Wave of Mass Protests against the Assad Regime


The Western and Eastern Imperialists Struggle over the Middle East


The War Drums are heard once again in the Middle East


Niger: Pacifism is an Impotent Instrument against Imperialist War (Critique of CWI & ISA)


Defend Niger! Down with ECOWAS Military Intervention! End the Occupation of West Africa by Imperialist Troops!


US Sends Warships, Warplanes and 3,000 Marines to Persian Gulf


The Looming War against Niger and its Global Meaning


The Servants of the Zionist Apartheid State attack the Heroes of Jenin


ECOWAS, France and U.S.: Hands Off Niger!


Niger: President Bazoum is Ousted in a Coup


[VIDEO] Quran Burning is Racist Islamophobia!


[VIDEO] Syria: Solidarity Rally with Cancer Patients


Syria: Rally in Solidarity with Cancer Patients in Idlib (27.7.2023)


The Zionist State – what’s next?


Protesters Torch Swedish Embassy in Baghdad over Quran Burning


EU-Tunisia: Down with the Anti-Migration Deal!


The Impact of the Palestinian Victory in Jenin


The Zionist War Crimes in Jenin and Centrism


The Victory of the Palestinians in Jenin


The War Crimes of the Zionist Army in Jenin


The War on Jenin has Exposed the Weakness of the Zionist Apartheid State


The Zionist state’s war on the Palestinians


For Palestinian Self-Defense!


Syria: Rally against Torture and Killing by the Assad Regime (25.6.2023)


Presidential Election in Türkiye: On Those Who Can Learn and Those Who Can't


Defend the Non-Arab Ethnic Militias in Dafur!


Türkiye: Trotskyists Must Not Vote for the Anti-Refugee Hatemonger Kılıçdaroğlu!


Syria: Rally in Commemoration of Abdul Baset al-Sarout (11.6.2023)


Nigeria: The Bloodletting Continues in the Middle Belt


The Zionist Crusaders


LIT-CI and the Presidential Election in Tuerkiye


Syria: Another Rally against the “Normalization” with Assad (19.5.2023)


U.S. "War on Terror": More than 4.5 Million Deaths


The Nakba Day by UN in New York


[VIDEO] Solidarity with the Liberation Struggle in Syria, Chechnya and Ukraine!


[VIDEO] Statement on the Presidential Elections in Türkiye 2023


The Zionist Goliath Could Not Win Against the Small PIJ


The Zionist Butchers


Nigeria: Stop the Genocide in the Middle Belt!


Zionism and the Jewish Genocide by the Nazis


Pro-Zionist McCarthyism has failed in the USA on Nakba Day


On “Right” to Discriminate – Jewish Law was never progressive!


Sudan and the Permanent Revolution


Sudan: Rally against the Reactionary Civil War  (6.5.2023)


[VIDEO] We stand with the Palestinian Resistance!


[VIDEO] Reactionary Civil War in Sudan


Zionists hand off Haram al-Sharif (The Noble Sanctuary)


Syria: Rally against the “Normalization” with Assad (23.4.2023)


Sudan: Neither al-Burhan nor Hemedti! All Power to the People!


The ISA’s Popular Front Politics


The Attack on the Al-Sharif


U.S and Israel Partners in Crime


Once again, the Police Murdered a Palestinian


The Zionist Lie and Palestine


The Opportunist ISA and the Iraq War


Zionism and the Bourgeois State


The IMT on the crisis of the Zionist State


Rally on the 12th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution (19.3.2023)


[VIDEO] 12th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution (1)


[VIDEO] Solidarity with Resistance of the Palestinian People


[VIDEO] 12th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution (2)


20 Years Ago: The US-UK Invasion of Iraq (2003)


On the 12th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution: Greetings to the Heroic People of the Revolution!


The Renewal of diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia is a set- back for USA and Israel


Nigeria: On the recently concluded Presidential Elections


Tunisia: Down with Dictator Kais Saied! For a Workers and Poor Peasant Government!


Occupied Palestine: The Pogrom and its Supporters


Occupied Palestine: The Intifada is spreading in the West-Bank and Gaza


Occupied Palestine: The massacre in Nablus in the West-Bank


Israel / Occupied Palestine: Racists Hands off MK Offer Kasif!


Israel: Democracy or Ethnocracy?


[VIDEO] On the 12th Anniversary of the Egypt Revolution 2011


Perspectives on the General Elections in Nigeria


The ISA participated in the racist demo in Tel-Aviv and polished it


Argentina: Rallies in Solidarity with the Mass Protests in Iran and Peru


The killing of ill Palestinian Prisoners


The war crime of the deportation of a Palestinian human right activist by Israel


American imperialism once again back the Zionist army’s murder of Palestinians


The Dead-End Future of “Socialist Struggle” (ISA Israel)


Iran, Türkiye, Syria: Hands Off the Kurdish People!


The Latest Elections in Israel


General Sisi: Gatekeeper of Imperialist Fortress Europe


Nigeria:  Support JDWAN’s Strike!


Occupied Palestine: The Struggle in Nablus


Nigeria: On the Threat of Multiple Terror Attacks in Abuja


Chad: Down with the Deby Junta!


New Struggles in Tunisia


Nigeria: For Immediate Aid and Compensation to the Flood Victims


Russia and China in Africa: The 2nd Coming of Colonialism?


The new Palestinian freedom fighters known as the Areen al-Usood (Lion’s den)


The armed uprising reaches East Jerusalem


Nigeria: On “The Labour Files” Investigative Report by Al Jazeera


[VIDEO] Solidarity with the Popular Uprising in Iran!


An Inspiring Internationalist Rally against Russian Imperialism (25.9.2022)


The heroic struggle of the people of Iran against the reactionary regime is intensifying


Mass Protests against the Reactionary Regime in Iran


The revolutionary Marxist strategy and tactic in the coming parliamentary elections in the Zionist state


Israel / Occupied Palestine: Lapid and his lies


Occupied Palestine: Long live the Armed Intifada!


The Sociopolitical Crisis of Iraq


The Palestinian armed resistance as part of the Arab revolution


On Mahmoud Abbas and the use of the term Holocaust


Sierra Leone: Bio Must Go!


The Zionists’ lies have very short legs


On Public Transport and Education in Israel


[VIDEO] Egypt: Rally on the 9th Anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre


Occupied Palestine: The Zionist apartheid state commits a new war crime


On Egypt, Zionism & Islamophobia: Interview with Michael Pröbsting on Arab Satellite Channel WATAN TV


Nigeria: Abuja Under Siege?


Is it the Beginning of a Gang Clash? (Israel - Russia)


Nigeria: Buhari Must Go!


When two hypocrites meet in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Nigeria: Justice For Awo-Omamma 14!


On the visit of the President of the USA to Israel


Nigeria: Halt the State Aggression in the East!


Spain/Morocco: Police Kills Dozens of Migrants at the Border


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