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Manifesto for the Revolutionary Liberation of Black Africa

(Document of the 2nd Congress of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency in Lusaka, Zambia)


War and Intifada in Palestine: A Turning Point in the World Situation


Release All Palestinian Political Prisoners!


Nigeria: Keep OAU Open! Justice For Aishat!


Zionism and the Palestinian Refugees in the Diaspora


Nigeria: On the State of the National Liberation Struggle in the South


The Freedom Fighters and Their Enemies


Palestine, Tel Motza, and the Zionist Myths


Occupied Palestine: The Gilboa Prison Break and the Heroic Resistance of Jenin


Occupied Palestine: Freedom Road


Israeli Government is Afraid of Palestinian’s Resistance


Nigeria: Boko Haram vs Taliba


The Ramification of the Defeat of Western Imperialism on the Middle East


Gaza: Israel Injured 41 Palestinians Demonstrating Against the Ongoing Criminal Siege


Egypt: Rally on the 8th Anniversary on the Rabaa Massacre (14.8.2021, Report with Photos and Videos)


Israel: The Real Face of the Left-Wing Zionists


[VIDEO] On the 8th Anniversary on the Rabaa Massacre in Egypt


[VIDEO] Long Live the Uprising in Daraa-Syria


War Drums in the Middle East, Once Again


Defeat the Israeli Aggression against Iran!


Israel: Are Current Green Taxes Proposals Progressive?


Syria: Glory to the Dignified Uprising in Daraa!


From the NSO Group to Ben and Jerry: the Zionist State and its Supporters are on the Front Line of Reaction!


Rally in Solidarity with the Ahwazi Arab People in Iran (31.7.2021, Report with Photos and Videos)


Tunisia: Kais Saied’s Coup Aims at Return to Dictatorship!


Nigeria: Free Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu


Iran: Mass Struggles Shake the Regime!


Cuba and South Africa: Stalino-Capitalism in Action


Hunger Revolt in South Africa


The Zionist Myth of the Zionist Pioneers (Haluzim)


Israel / Occupied Palestine: An Important First Test for the New Government


Israel/Occupied Palestine: From the Power of Logic to the Logic of Power


Rally on the 8th Anniversary of the Military Coup in Egypt in 2013 (Report with Photos and Videos)


Nigeria: Free Nnamdi Kanu!


A Revealing Statistic about Who is Responsible for Killing Civilians in Syria


A New Stage of the Arab Revolution


Nigeria: Between Twitter and Crowwe


Occupied Palestine: A criminal negligence, willful blindness or another planned crime?


Israel/Occupied Palestine: The new right-wing government has the same politics as the former one!


Nigeria: June 12: A Face-off with State Bonapartism!


Au Revoir, Français! France is forced to reduce its troops in Sahel // La résistance populaire force l’impérialisme Français à réduire ses troupes dans le Sahel africain // A resistência popular está forçando o imperialismo francês a reduzir suas tropas no Sahel da África


Nigeria: Twitter Ban and Kidnappings - The Official and Unofficial Faces of the Fulani Hegemon


There are no left-wing and right-wing Zionists, only shades of right-wing Zionism!


Nigeria: In Solidarity with Biafra Remembrance Day // Habla el trotskismo nigeriano: ¡Por una Biafra libre y socialista!


Down with Racist Zionism! Down with Anti-Semitism!


The Fourth Gaza War Ended in a Historic Victory for the Palestinians!


On the Coalitions Negotiations in Israel


On the recent Blinken visit to the Middle East


Israel: Anti-Netanyahu Protesters blame PM for Gaza Escalation


Who Won this Round in the Struggle Against the Zionist Apartheid State?


Argentina: Defend Juan Carlos Giordano against Zionist Attacks!


London/UK: Mass Demonstration in Support of the Palestinian People (22.5.2021)


Vienna/Austria: Rally in Solidarity with the Palestinian Intifada (21.5.2021)


Thousands of refugees try to reach the Spanish enclave on Moroccan land // Entre Ceuta e Gibraltar (1)


Palestinians in All Parts of Historic Palestine Declare General Strike!


The Fourth Gaza War Has Begun! Defend the Palestinian People – Defeat Israel!


Fourth Gaza War: The Opportunist Left in the U.S. and the Biden Administration


Occupied Palestine: The Lie of Coexistence


Interview with Michael Pröbsting on Arab Satellite Channel WATAN TV


The Zionist War Criminals and Their Friends


Fourth Gaza War: European Governments Try to Suppress Pro-Palestine Protests


Nottingham/Britain: Rally in Solidarity with Palestine


Buenos Aires/Argentina: Rally in Solidarity with Palestine


Vienna/Austria: Mass Demonstration in Solidarity with Palestine


Occupied Palestine/Israel: The Racist Oppression of the Arabs in Lydda/Lod


A Jewish Anti-Zionist in Israel Says: For Military Victory of Gaza against Zionist Apartheid!


Victory for the Palestinians! Time To Go Forward!

¡Victoria para los palestinos! ¡Es hora de seguir adelante!


Occupied Palestine: Stand with our Brothers and Sisters in Jerusalem!

Palestina ocupada: ¡Apoye a nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Jerusalén!


Occupied Palestine: Hands Off Sheikh Jarrah and Out of Al Aqsa!

¡Fuera las manos de Israel de Sheikh Jarrah y de Al Aqsa!


Israel, the Least Safe State for Jews!


Not Just Pantami But The Whole Troupe of Pro-caliphate Fulani Hegemony Out!


Assad’s “Socialist“ Friends


On Jewish Conversion


More on the “Hijab” Crisis


Support the Ongoing NARD Strike!




On the recent elections in Israel


Nigeria: Is It Just An Hijab Controversy?


Nigeria: On the Declaration of Yoruba Nation by Sunday Igboho


Report (with Pictures and Video): Rally at the 10th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution


On the 10th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution: A Heroic People Which Refuses to Abandon the Field!


Nigeria: For a People’s Militia to Defeat the Conquest of Northern Hegemony!


Israel / Occupied Palestine: We Call to Vote for the Joint Arab List in the Coming Elections


End SARS: Where Petty Bourgeois Activists and Influencers Fail, The Masses Must Continue!


Nigeria: For the Revolutionary Liberation of the Southern People! No to Ethnic Jingoism in the North!


Nigeria: Down with the Race to Tribalist Wars


Tunisia: Long Live the Uprising of the Workers and Youth!


Uganda: Only a Mass Uprising can Defeat Musevenism


France/Egypt: Heil Sisi?


Nigeria: Call for an Indefinite General Strike to Kick-Out APC/PDP!


Nigeria: Take the #BringBackOurBoys Campaign to the Streets!


Nigeria: Bring Down the Buhari Regime through a Mass Uprising!


We Denounce the Assassination of Iranian Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh by Israel!


Western Sahara: Down with the Aggression of the Moroccan Monarchy!


No Kidding: Saudi Arabia’s “Council of Senior Scholars” claims that Muslim Brotherhood is a “Terrorist Group”!


Ethiopia: Down with the Reactionary Civil War!


What's behind the Israel-Sudan Normalization Deal?


Nigeria: Defeat the Police and Army on the streets!




Report on Zoom Meeting (with Video): Africa, COVID-19 and the Crisis of Neoliberalism


U.S. Imperialism Tries to Blackmail Kenya in Free Trade Agreement Negotiations


Israel: Draconian Law Against the Right to Demonstrate


Israel: What is behind a Second Lockdown?


Nigeria: Defeat Boko Haram & ISWAP!


After the Israel-UAE-Bahrain Deal: No to the “Normalization” with Israel!


War Clouds in Eastern Mediterranean


Nigeria: CAMA or SCAMMER?


Turkey and the Growing Tensions in Eastern Mediterranean


Nigeria: Defend IPOB Against State Aggression!


Mali: No to Imperialist Sanctions after the Dismissal of the Authoritarian Keita Regime! (Joint Statement)


Stop Israel’s State Terrorism against Gaza!


Middle East: Is a New Regional War in Preparation?


Mali: The Imperialist Puppet Ruler Keita Has Fallen!




Nigeria: Report (with pictures) of RevolutionNow! Anti-government Protests (5.8.2020)


Idlib/Syria: For the Immediate Release of the Journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem!


Popular Uprising in Lebanon: “Resign or Hang!”


Nigeria: Fight All Forms of Price Increase for Petroleum Products!


Joint Platform: YES to Jobs, Food and Health! NO to Lockdown, State Repression and Poverty!


Israel / Occupied Palestine: On the Anti-Netanyahu Demonstrations


Report on Pan-African Women's Day 2020 (Nairobi, Kenya)


Pan-African Women's Day 2020: Long Live the Socialist Struggle for Women’s Liberation!


Bala Mubarak and the Rise of Nigerian State Bonapartism


Kenya: Preparation for March on Katiba Day


Idlib/Syria: Martyrdom Operation against Russian-Turkish Joint Patrol on M4


On Important Features of the Current Political Scene in Nigeria


Kenya: Report on the Saba Saba Peoples March 2020


Occupied Palestine: Down with Israel's Annexation Plans!


Kenya: Towards the Saba Saba People’s March!


Ajimobi’s Demise and the Crisis Ridden Nigerian Elite


Egypt’s Dictator Sisi Threatens to Invade Libya


Nigeria: Support the NARD strike!


Report (with Pictures and Video): Kenyan People Protest against Police Brutality




On the Rise of Police Brutality in Kenya and Across the World


Occupied Palestine: Is a New Intifada in the Making?


On the 57th Annual Celebrations of African Liberation Day


Lebanon and Iraq: Forward with the Popular Uprising!


Save the Syrian Revolution!


Slavery, Colonialism, Imperialism, Military Rule, Plagues...and COVID-19 in Nigeria


Down With The Iron Curtain Of Hunger! Open Up Nigeria! Mass Testing Is The Key!


COVID-19 Crisis in Nigeria: State Repression and the Left




Nigeria: Against State Repression!


Kenya: Condemnation of the State Repression in Mombasa


Nigeria: Oppose the Lock Downs! (Statement from RSV, Sympathising Section of the RCIT in Nigeria)


Situation in Zimbabwe During the Corona Virus Pandemic Outbreak (Report from RCIT Correspondent)


Israel / Occupied Palestine: The Major Mistake of the Arab Joint List


Idlib: Syrian Protestors Stop Russian-Turkish Joint Patrol on the M4 Highway


Characteristic Supporters of the Kurdish YPG


Idlib: Putin-Erdoğan Deal is a Sell-Out of the Syrian Revolution!


Open Europe’s Borders for Syrian Refugees - Now!


Syria: On the Turkish-Russian Confrontation in Idlib


Syria: How Much Does the Pentagon Pay for the YPG?


Syria: Don’t Let Idlib Die!


Joint Statement: Down with French Neo-Colonialism in West Africa!


Trump’s “Peace” Plan: Only a Successful Intifada Will End the Crooked Deal of the Century


Israel / Occupied Palestine: Trump's "Peace" Plan


Expel French Imperialism from West Africa!


Iranian General Soleimani: Neither Anti-Imperialist nor Pro-People


What did the latest Near-War between the U.S. and Iran Reveal?


The U.S. Aggression against Iran and Revolutionary Tactics


Report (with Pictures and Video): Syria: Rally in Solidarity with Idlib (4 January 2020)


Iraq: Down with U.S. Imperialism


Defend Idlib! Defeat Assad and the Russian-Iranian Occupiers!


Mali: French Imperialism Lick its Wounds


Israel is in the Worst Crisis Ever




Iran: Long Live the Popular Uprising against the Mullah Regime!


Report (with Pictures and Video): Iraq: Rally in Solidarity with the Popular Uprising (16 November 2019)


The Israeli Government Plays With Fire


The Revolution in Iraq Continues


Report (with Pictures and Videos): Iraq: Rally in Solidarity with the Popular Uprising (10 November 2019)


The Revolution in Lebanon as Part of the International Uprising


Report (with Pictures and Video): Iraq: Rally in Support of the Popular Uprising (25 October 2019)


Nigeria: Down with the fraudulent proposed budget for 2020!


Lebanon: A Revolutionary Situation


Syria: Assad Regime and Kurdish YPG Strike a Reactionary Deal


Action Program: Forward to a Free and Socialist Kenya!


No to the Turkish Invasion in North-East Syria!


Syria: US Imperialism Deserts the Kurds … Once Again


Iraq: Victory to the Popular Insurrection against the Government of Abdel Mahdi!


On the Background of the Popular Uprising of the Iraqi People


Yemen: Another Humiliating Blow for the Saudi Aggressors!


Somalia: Drive Out the AMISOM and Western Occupation Forces!


Egypt: Bring Down the Tyrant Sisi!


Israel: On the Results of the National Elections


Aramco Attack: Defeat the US/Saudi/Israeli Warmongers!


Zimbabwe on knife edge over suspected state sanctioned abduction of Dr Magombeyi


Syria: For the Immediate Release of Ahmad Rahhal and Mohammed Jadaan


Declaration of Fraternal Relations between the “Revolutionary Socialist League” (Kenya) and the RCIT


ANSA (Nigeria): Statement on the Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa


Zimbabwe: Police Violence against Peaceful Demonstration in Harare (16.8.2019)


Syria: The Fall of the Martyr City Khan Sheikhoun


Strait of Hormuz: Escalating Tensions between the US/UK and Iran


EU-Sudan: A Cynical Division of Labor


Zimbabwe: Neoliberal Austerity means Misery for the Popular Masses


Sudan: The Deal with the Military Council is a Sell-Out of the Revolution!


Stalinism: Assad’s Best Friends Forever


Report (with Pictures and Video): Rally in Solidarity with the Popular Uprising in Sudan


Syria: The Shameful Alliance of the Saudi Monarchy and the “Left-Wing” YPG


Egypt’s Former President Morsi Dies during Brutal Incarceration


Report (with Pictures and Videos): Rally against the Massacre in Sudan


Sudan: Fight Back against the Generals with a General Strike!


Jerusalem Day in Israel: Down with the Reactionary Chauvinist Orgy!


Sudan: Down with the Military Dictatorship!


French Activists Successfully Obstructed Saudi Arms Vessels


DRC: Long live the African Day!


Syria: Heroic Rebel Fighters Wage Bold Counter-Attack


US Official: “We Worried that the Assad Regime Might Finally Collapse"


Nigeria: Jail Yahoo Yahoo Politicians Before Harassing Yahoo Boys


Iran: Down with Trump’s Sanctions and Military Threats!


Report (with Pictures and Video): Syria: Rally in Solidarity with Idlib (10 May 2019)


Syria: Defend Idlib against Assad and Putin!


Stop the new aggression of Israel in Gaza!!! (Joint Statement of RCIT and UIT-CI)


Defend Gaza! Defeat Israel! (5 May 2019)


On the Israeli Aggression against Gaza (4 May 2019)


RSV (Nigeria): Statement on May Day 2019


The Slogan of the Constituent Assembly in the Great Arab Revolution


Zimbabwe: The Economic and Political Situation after the Ouster of Mugabe


On the Results of the Israeli Election of 2019


Report (with Pictures): Nigerian Students' Union Fights for Free Education


Report (with Pictures & Videos): Protests against Escalating Costs of Electricity in Lagos (Nigeria)


Nigeria: Statement on the Security Situation at the Obafemi Awolowo University


Algeria and Sudan: Two Important Victories and a Warning


Libya: Defend Tripoli! Defeat Haftar!


Bangladesh and the Saudi Military Pact


Down with the Israeli Attack on Gaza!


Zimbabwe: The Cyclone Idai and the Clueless Government


Israeli-occupied Golan: Another Provocation by Trump!


Down with the Blockade of Gaza!