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Manifesto for the Revolutionary Liberation of Black Africa

(Document of the 2nd Congress of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency in Lusaka, Zambia)


[PAMPHLET] Is Türkiye a (Sub-)Imperialist Power?


[VIDEO] On the 12th Anniversary of the Egypt Revolution 2011


The ISA participated in the racist demo in Tel-Aviv and polished it


Argentina: Rallies in Solidarity with the Mass Protests in Iran and Peru


The killing of ill Palestinian Prisoners


The war crime of the deportation of a Palestinian human right activist by Israel


American imperialism once again back the Zionist army’s murder of Palestinians


The Dead-End Future of “Socialist Struggle” (ISA Israel)


Iran, Türkiye, Syria: Hands Off the Kurdish People!


The Latest Elections in Israel


General Sisi: Gatekeeper of Imperialist Fortress Europe


Nigeria:  Support JDWAN’s Strike!


Occupied Palestine: The Struggle in Nablus


Nigeria: On the Threat of Multiple Terror Attacks in Abuja


Chad: Down with the Deby Junta!


New Struggles in Tunisia


Nigeria: For Immediate Aid and Compensation to the Flood Victims


Russia and China in Africa: The 2nd Coming of Colonialism?


The new Palestinian freedom fighters known as the Areen al-Usood (Lion’s den)


The armed uprising reaches East Jerusalem


Nigeria: On “The Labour Files” Investigative Report by Al Jazeera


[VIDEO] Solidarity with the Popular Uprising in Iran!


An Inspiring Internationalist Rally against Russian Imperialism (25.9.2022)


The heroic struggle of the people of Iran against the reactionary regime is intensifying


Mass Protests against the Reactionary Regime in Iran


The revolutionary Marxist strategy and tactic in the coming parliamentary elections in the Zionist state


Israel / Occupied Palestine: Lapid and his lies


Occupied Palestine: Long live the Armed Intifada!


The Sociopolitical Crisis of Iraq


The Palestinian armed resistance as part of the Arab revolution


On Mahmoud Abbas and the use of the term Holocaust


Sierra Leone: Bio Must Go!


The Zionists’ lies have very short legs


On Public Transport and Education in Israel


[VIDEO] Egypt: Rally on the 9th Anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre


Occupied Palestine: The Zionist apartheid state commits a new war crime


On Egypt, Zionism & Islamophobia: Interview with Michael Pröbsting on Arab Satellite Channel WATAN TV


Nigeria: Abuja Under Siege?


Is it the Beginning of a Gang Clash? (Israel - Russia)


Nigeria: Buhari Must Go!


When two hypocrites meet in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Nigeria: Justice For Awo-Omamma 14!


On the visit of the President of the USA to Israel


Nigeria: Halt the State Aggression in the East!


Spain/Morocco: Police Kills Dozens of Migrants at the Border


Nigeria: June 12 and the National Question


Owo Massacre and the Settler Colonialist Nigerian State


Occupied Palestine: Not only they kill but they also attack the funeral


Down with the reactionary regime in Iran – Down with American imperialism!


Nigeria: Justice For Deborah!


The Zionist brutality continues


The ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians has not stopped


The evidence proving Israel assassinated Shireen Abu Akleh


Occupied Palestine: Who said Stalinism is dead?


How did the clashes in Al Aqsa begin?


On the Genocide of the Palestinians


The Holocaust Remembrance Day


Zionist Army shoot reporters because they are armed with cameras


Ra’am head Abbas serves the Zionist Apartheid state


The Poverty of the Zionist ideology


After robbing their lands, the Zionists are hunting Palestinian human right activists outside of Palestine


Right-wing government of Bennett-Meretz is allowing far-right Zionists to enter Al Aqsa compound during Zionist independent day


Zionism and Terrorism


Nigeria: For Popular Militias and A General Strike to End Terrorism!


Nigeria: Form Armed Self Defence Militias in the North West and North East!


Rally on the 11th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution 2011


[VIDEO] 11th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution


Why Are the Coups Happening in Africa


Do You Know the latest Joke? The EU and Egypt’s General Sisi jointly fight against … “Terrorism”!


[VIDEO] On the 11th Anniversary of the Egypt Revolution 2011


The rebellion of the Bedouins in the Negev


Sudan: The Popular Uprising Continues after the Resignation of Hamdok


Nigeria: COVID Apartheid and the Second Wave of the COVID Counterrevolution


Cholera not Omicron should be the major concern for Public Health in Nigeria!


Nigeria: Down with all Restrictions on Unvaccinated Workers!


Egypt: General Sisi and his French Partner in Crime


Sudan: Hamdok is a Puppet of General Burhan!


Britain Outlaws Hamas as a “Terrorist Organization”!


No Tears for a Zionist Soldier Executed by Palestinians


Syria: Rally in Solidarity with the Political Prisoners (21.11.2021)


[VIDEO] Support the Syrian Revolution!


[VIDEO] Syria: Solidarity with the Political Prisoners tortured by Assad's Thugs


South Africa: The Ruins of Neo-Apartheid


Israel is lying once again, while preparing a war on Iran


Sudan: The Next Steps in the Struggle against the Military Coup

[VIDEO] Military Coup in Sudan: Down with the counterrevolutionary "Axis of Evil"!


[VIDEO] Military Coup in Sudan: For a Workers and Poor Peasants Government!


Stalinism and Russia’s Role in the Sudanese Coup


Israel and the Military Coup in Sudan


We Can Hear the Drums of a New War in the Middle East!


Military Coup in Sudan: Rally in Solidarity with the Mass Protests (30.10.2021)


Sudan: The Great Powers and the Military Coup


The “Axis of Evil” behind the Military Coup in Sudan


Sudan: Down with the Military Coup!


Sudan: Rally against the Military Coup of General Burhan (26.10.2021)


Joint Statement: Down with the Military Coup in Sudan!


[VIDEO] Sudan: Down with the Military Coup of General Burhan!


War and Intifada in Palestine: A Turning Point in the World Situation




Release All Palestinian Political Prisoners!


Nigeria: Keep OAU Open! Justice For Aishat!


Zionism and the Palestinian Refugees in the Diaspora


Nigeria: On the State of the National Liberation Struggle in the South


The Freedom Fighters and Their Enemies


Palestine, Tel Motza, and the Zionist Myths


Occupied Palestine: The Gilboa Prison Break and the Heroic Resistance of Jenin


Occupied Palestine: Freedom Road


Israeli Government is Afraid of Palestinian’s Resistance


Nigeria: Boko Haram vs Taliba


The Ramification of the Defeat of Western Imperialism on the Middle East


Gaza: Israel Injured 41 Palestinians Demonstrating Against the Ongoing Criminal Siege


Egypt: Rally on the 8th Anniversary on the Rabaa Massacre (14.8.2021, Report with Photos and Videos)


Israel: The Real Face of the Left-Wing Zionists


[VIDEO] On the 8th Anniversary on the Rabaa Massacre in Egypt


[VIDEO] Long Live the Uprising in Daraa-Syria


War Drums in the Middle East, Once Again


Defeat the Israeli Aggression against Iran!


Israel: Are Current Green Taxes Proposals Progressive?


Syria: Glory to the Dignified Uprising in Daraa!


From the NSO Group to Ben and Jerry: the Zionist State and its Supporters are on the Front Line of Reaction!


Rally in Solidarity with the Ahwazi Arab People in Iran (31.7.2021, Report with Photos and Videos)


Tunisia: Kais Saied’s Coup Aims at Return to Dictatorship!


Nigeria: Free Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu


Iran: Mass Struggles Shake the Regime!


Cuba and South Africa: Stalino-Capitalism in Action


Hunger Revolt in South Africa


The Zionist Myth of the Zionist Pioneers (Haluzim)


Israel / Occupied Palestine: An Important First Test for the New Government


Israel/Occupied Palestine: From the Power of Logic to the Logic of Power


Rally on the 8th Anniversary of the Military Coup in Egypt in 2013 (Report with Photos and Videos)


Nigeria: Free Nnamdi Kanu!


A Revealing Statistic about Who is Responsible for Killing Civilians in Syria


A New Stage of the Arab Revolution


Nigeria: Between Twitter and Crowwe


Occupied Palestine: A criminal negligence, willful blindness or another planned crime?


Israel/Occupied Palestine: The new right-wing government has the same politics as the former one!


Nigeria: June 12: A Face-off with State Bonapartism!


Au Revoir, Français! France is forced to reduce its troops in Sahel // La résistance populaire force l’impérialisme Français à réduire ses troupes dans le Sahel africain // A resistência popular está forçando o imperialismo francês a reduzir suas tropas no Sahel da África


Nigeria: Twitter Ban and Kidnappings - The Official and Unofficial Faces of the Fulani Hegemon


There are no left-wing and right-wing Zionists, only shades of right-wing Zionism!


Nigeria: In Solidarity with Biafra Remembrance Day // Habla el trotskismo nigeriano: ¡Por una Biafra libre y socialista!


Down with Racist Zionism! Down with Anti-Semitism!


The Fourth Gaza War Ended in a Historic Victory for the Palestinians!


On the Coalitions Negotiations in Israel


On the recent Blinken visit to the Middle East


Israel: Anti-Netanyahu Protesters blame PM for Gaza Escalation


Who Won this Round in the Struggle Against the Zionist Apartheid State?


Argentina: Defend Juan Carlos Giordano against Zionist Attacks!


London/UK: Mass Demonstration in Support of the Palestinian People (22.5.2021)


Vienna/Austria: Rally in Solidarity with the Palestinian Intifada (21.5.2021)


Thousands of refugees try to reach the Spanish enclave on Moroccan land // Entre Ceuta e Gibraltar (1)


Palestinians in All Parts of Historic Palestine Declare General Strike!


The Fourth Gaza War Has Begun! Defend the Palestinian People – Defeat Israel!


Fourth Gaza War: The Opportunist Left in the U.S. and the Biden Administration


Occupied Palestine: The Lie of Coexistence


Interview with Michael Pröbsting on Arab Satellite Channel WATAN TV


The Zionist War Criminals and Their Friends


Fourth Gaza War: European Governments Try to Suppress Pro-Palestine Protests


Nottingham/Britain: Rally in Solidarity with Palestine


Buenos Aires/Argentina: Rally in Solidarity with Palestine


Vienna/Austria: Mass Demonstration in Solidarity with Palestine


Occupied Palestine/Israel: The Racist Oppression of the Arabs in Lydda/Lod


A Jewish Anti-Zionist in Israel Says: For Military Victory of Gaza against Zionist Apartheid!


Victory for the Palestinians! Time To Go Forward!

¡Victoria para los palestinos! ¡Es hora de seguir adelante!


Occupied Palestine: Stand with our Brothers and Sisters in Jerusalem!

Palestina ocupada: ¡Apoye a nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Jerusalén!


Occupied Palestine: Hands Off Sheikh Jarrah and Out of Al Aqsa!

¡Fuera las manos de Israel de Sheikh Jarrah y de Al Aqsa!


Israel, the Least Safe State for Jews!


Not Just Pantami But The Whole Troupe of Pro-caliphate Fulani Hegemony Out!


Assad’s “Socialist“ Friends


On Jewish Conversion


More on the “Hijab” Crisis


Support the Ongoing NARD Strike!




On the recent elections in Israel


Nigeria: Is It Just An Hijab Controversy?


Nigeria: On the Declaration of Yoruba Nation by Sunday Igboho


Report (with Pictures and Video): Rally at the 10th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution


On the 10th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution: A Heroic People Which Refuses to Abandon the Field!


Nigeria: For a People’s Militia to Defeat the Conquest of Northern Hegemony!


Israel / Occupied Palestine: We Call to Vote for the Joint Arab List in the Coming Elections


End SARS: Where Petty Bourgeois Activists and Influencers Fail, The Masses Must Continue!


Nigeria: For the Revolutionary Liberation of the Southern People! No to Ethnic Jingoism in the North!


Nigeria: Down with the Race to Tribalist Wars


Tunisia: Long Live the Uprising of the Workers and Youth!