Multimedia: Activities of the RCIT 2013-2015

RedMed Conference in Athen (2015)

Speech of Michael Pröbsting at

the 3rd Euro-Mediterranean Conference


Pictures from the RedMed Conference in Athens, Greece, from 18 to 20 July 2015


The Future of the Revolution in Egypt

In this video you see a 12 year old activist from Egypt

talking about the political situation and perspectives.

What an impressive example of the spirit of the

Egypt Revolution and the importance of the

revolutionary youth!


Vienna: Rally on Land Day for a Free & Democratic Palestine

Speeches on Land Day from Michael Pröbsting and Johannes Wiener (30 March 2013)

Speech on Land Day from Almedina Gunic



Pictures from the rally in 2013, organized by the RKOB (RCIT in Austria)


Down with Assad! Victory to the Syrian Revolution!

Michael Pröbsting, spokesperson of the RCIT,

at a rally in Vienna on 15th March 2013


Vienna: Rally in Solidarity with Resistance in Mali (25Jan2013)

Speech from Michael Pröbsting

(English language)




Speech from Johannes Wiener

(German language)


Stop the imperialist intervention in Mali!

For the victory of the resistance!