Britain: Stop Cameron’s War Drive against the Syrian People!

Against US, Russia’s and France’s Military Intervention! Down with the Assad Dictatorship! Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution! Expel All Pro-War Labour MP’s from the Party!

Statement by Supporters of the RCIT Britain, 2 December 2015, and


1.            The British Parliament will vote on 3rd December 2015 for Britain’s participation in the bombing of Syria. Cameron’s government is pushing for British imperialism to participate in the great powers aggression in the Middle East. The RCIT Britain calls on the workers movement and all organizations of the oppressed to mobilize against Cameron’s war drive.

2.            Our opposition to Britain’s war drive is not motivated by any sympathy for the bloodthirsty dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. His regime is mainly responsible for at least 250-300.000 dead in the ongoing civil war and about 11 million Syrians who have become refugees.

3.            While the Stalinist CPB/Morning Star, and various Labour “Left” bureaucrats and the “Stop The War” leadership support Assad and Putin’s bloody war drive in Syria, the RCIT  Britain continues to fully support the ongoing Syrian Revolution. While we politically oppose the petty-bourgeois Islamist and secular leaderships of the Syrian rebels, we recognize that they represent the popular revolutionary uprising against the Assad clan and his barbarous Baathist state apparatus which has oppressed the Syrian people for many decades.

4.            The workers movement must oppose any military intervention by the Great Powers. The imperialist powers – in particular the US, Russia, France and now Britain too – are colluding to liquidate the Syrian Revolution. Obama, Putin, Hollande and Cameron want to achieve this with the help of Assad’s state apparatus (with or without Assad himself), as well as by the integration of some corrupt elements among the Syrian opposition. This is the goal of the negotiations which are currently taking place in Vienna.

5.            Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a left-reformist bureaucrat who opposes Cameron’s war drive, has given his MP's a free vote on that matter. This is nothing but a capitulation to the Blairite section in the party’s bureaucracy. This proves once more that the Labour Party contains a huge sector of bureaucrats who are openly in favour of imperialist wars as well as neoliberal austerity policies and have already started to purge and expel critical left-wing party members.

6.            Socialists inside the Labour Party should argue that Momentum and other progressive forces must campaign for a split with the right-wing Blairite bureaucracy. While we have no illusions in Corbyn and his reformist perspectives, socialists should call on the supporters of the new Labour leader to work jointly against the Blairite wing. We reject any idea that Labour should remain a broad, united party of Blairite as well as Corbyn supporters. There must be no political truce between supporters and opponents of imperialist wars or between supporters and opponents of austerity policy!

7.            The RCIT Britain calls on socialists to unite around a revolutionary program and to fight for the following demands:

* Stop Cameron’s War Drive against Syria! Vote against any military intervention of Britain!

* US, Russia, France and any other Great Power: Hands off Syria!

* Down with the Assad Dictatorship! Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution!

* Expel all pro-war Labour MP’s from the Party!


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