Brazil Trade Unionists: Solidarity with the Greek Resistance against the EU-Troika!


Note from the Editor: The following statement was adopted at an assembly of the Diadema branch of Sindema (Sindicato do Trabalhadores de Diadema). Sindema is the trade union of the public workers. Diadema is located near Sao Paulo. The statement was introduced by Brazilian supporters of the RCIT.


We, the Diadema branch of Sindema, support our brothers and sisters in Greece who struggle like we do for dignity and a future worth living for. The Greek working class struggled in the last years heroically against the financial sharks of the Troika. They cut their wages and pensions and the unemployment rose to the highest amount in the whole EU.

We support the campaign to vote NO/OXI in the referendum and reject the new attacks on working people. We stand in solidarity with the struggle against austerity and EU imperialism.

Long live international workers solidarity!