For an End to Unemployment!

Leaflet of the Revolutionary Workers Collective (September 2011)


There are currently 13.9 MILLION unemployed persons in the United States. Furthermore, the threat of unemployment constantly hangs over the head of all members of the working class that have a job. It does not have to be this way! Every individual that is able to work has the right to support themselves and their family! We call for full employment! Don't let the capitalists tell you that it is impossible!




Spread the work. A reduced workday and the elimination of overtime. Lower the retirement age. Let our elder citizens enjoy their golden years.

Create jobs - infrastructure, hospitals, schools, etc.




Tax the rich.

Did you know that 44% of our taxes go to military spending!? That's 41% of global military spending - as much as the next 46 highest spending nations COMBINED....our schools only get 2%.


Did you know that the government gave the banks 1.2 TRILLION dollars in 2008?


Did you know, according to our government, 12 MILLION dollars are "misdirected" EVERY DAY in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The government can finance the JOB REVOLUTION!




The union bureaucracy - the unions are part of the political machine that keeps the working class subservient to the capitalists. The unions must do what they are supposed to do: fight for the workers. To accomplish this the unions must be run by the rank and file.


The marriage between the unions and the two major political parties must be ended. Neither party represents the working class. They are both capitalist parties with their own interests in mind.




For there to be full employment the workers and oppressed must unite and represent themselves.


The only way that the cause of the workers and oppressed can be achieved is by having our own party. We are fighting for this. This fight must be combined with the fight for revolution and for socialism. Join us!



USA: For an end of unemployment!
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