Egypt: RCIT's International Secretary Michael Pröbsting Speaks about the Death of Essam al-Erian in Arab Media


Report by the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 14 September 2020,




Michael Pröbsting, the RCIT’s International Secretary, was invited to speak in Arab media about the death of Essam al-Erian. Al-Erian was the deputy leader of the Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt. The event was organized by the Egyptian “Parliamentarians for Freedom” – a group of Members of Parliament associated with this party who were forced to flee the country after the bloody military coup by General Sisi on 3 July 2013).


The statement was aired on 3 September 2020. It can be currently viewed on Facebook here:


It can be viewed below resp. on the RCIT’s YouTube Channel:


The statement was also translated into Arab language: