Editorial: Expansions of our Publications



Dear readers,




We are glad to announce a change in our hardcopy publication system. The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) started with the publication of an international English-language journal six years ago. Initially we were able to publish the  Revolutionary Communism journal only irregularly. At that time we were a very small group struggling to become a real international tendency. Today, the RCIT has grown substantially both in numbers as well as in geographically spread. Today, we have sections and activists in more than a dozen countries on all continents.


As a result, we have massively increased the number of articles and essays which we publish. The RCIT considers it as one of its crucial tasks to follow the important world political events and to respond to them with serious analysis and revolutionary programmatic answers. Likewise we regularly elaborate more thorough essays and books on central questions which political life pose to the Marxist theory.


Based on such an understanding, we have produced – with increasing frequency – 75 issues of our international English-language journal since the autumn of 2011.


However, despite the fact that we publish the journal on a monthly basis, we increasingly face the problem that we do not have sufficient space for the increasing number of articles and essays which we produce. Hence, we have increasingly been forced to produce two issues per month or to leave various articles out.


Therefore we have decided to change the RCIT’s hardcopy publication system. From now on we will publish two different international English-language publications. On one hand we will continue to publish a journal on a monthly basis. This journal will be called “Revolutionary Liberation” and will contain the RCIT’s reports, statements and articles on actual political developments.


In addition we will publish a theoretical magazine. This magazine will continue to appear with the name “Revolutionary Communism” (New Series). It will contain the RCIT’s longer, more theoretical articles and essays. It will appear irregularly but we assume that we will be able to publish it several times a year.


We appreciate comments, criticism and feedback from our readers!




28 November 2017


Michael Pröbsting (International Secretary of the RCIT)