Iraq: Rally against the Brutal Repression of the Iraqi Revolution


Report (with Pictures and Video) from a Rally in Vienna on 16 November 2019, Austrian Section of the RCIT, and




About 100 migrants from Iraq and other Arab countries assembled in front of the Iranian embassy in Vienna (Austria). They denounced the brutal crackdown of the mass protests in Iraq in which pro-Iranian militias play a central role. They called for solidarity with the popular uprising in Iraq which is fighting for freedom and social justice.


The rally was addressed by several male and female speakers from Iraq as well as by Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT. Our comrade stated the RCIT’s support for the popular uprising. He called for an end of the reactionary interference in Iraq by the Iranian Mullah regime as well as by U.S. imperialism. He also emphasized the non-sectarian basis of the Iraqi Revolution. Michael Pröbsting also stressed the need for international solidarity on the basis of support for all liberation struggles.


See pictures of the rally and video clips of Michael Pröbsting’s speeches here:


Our statement on the current popular uprising in Iraq can be read here: