Report of the Pan African Women's Day, Held in Nairobi (Kenya)


Report (with Pictures) by a Correspondent in Kenya, Revolutionary Socialist League (Sympathizing Section of the RCIT), 31th July 2020,




On the 31st of July, 2020, progressive and Revolutionary women and men from across various neighbourhoods in Nairobi gathered at the Olympic Primary School in Kibera, Nairobi, to commemorate the annual Pan African Women's Day. This year's commemoration marked 58 years since the event was first incepted by the Pan African Movement.


The event was organised by the Revolutionary Socialist League, Women in Social Justice Centres, Grassroots Women Initiative, All African People's Revolutionary Party, Ukombozi Library and other progressive activists.


The theme for this year's event was Building Pan African Unity for Power, Radical Change and Ecological Justice. The event lasted from 11am to 4:30 pm East Africa Time.


The event was moderated by Irene Asuwa from the Revolutionary Socialist League. The panelists for the day included Maryann Kasina from Women in Social Justice Centres, Ruth Mumbi from Grassroots Women Initiative, Juliet Wanjira from the Revolutionary Socialist League, Editar Achieng and Roselyn Akombe. An interactive plenary session around the theme followed the panel presentations, as well as a presentation of a play from the Arts for Social Justice Group. Revolutionary greetings of Solidarity from the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency were relayed.


Importantly, the understanding that the liberation of the people cannot take place without the liberation of women was reiterated, and a commitment to carry on with organising was affirmed.


Afrika Moja, Afrika Huru!


Message of solidarity by Almedina Gunić, International Women’s Secretary of the RCIT