The Dangerously Irrational Mass Vaccination Campaign for Children



By Medina Gunić, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 19 January 2022,




The Mass Vaccination Policy has entered a stage in which not only vaccinations for people older than 16 years are recommended by the official medical institutions of bourgeois states but for all children, even starting at the age of three or younger. The RCIT has rejected the political strategy of Bonapartism during COVID-19 in numerous statements and articles, dismantling the true political character of this alleged health campaign. We have rejected forced vaccinations and demanded that all people irrespective of their approach to COVID vaccinations shall have the same access to their workplace, school, restaurants, and any other areas of public life.


The pharma industry made obviously massive profit with the COVID-19 vaccinations and technological gadgets like the green pass helped the Bonapartist state apparatus to collect data, enabling a massive increase of surveillance.


The RCIT is a political organization and not a medical institute of any kind. We have to rely on the medical data that the bourgeois system provides, not on any scientific tests of our own. All people should have the freedom do decide by themselves (without being discriminated for their decision) if they want to receive a vaccination against Corona or not. However, based on the statistic material (facts and figures) and with the massive (or even compulsory) vaccination campaign for children, the following conclusion seems rational to us: we consider it as irresponsible to give people under 18 years the COVID vaccinations.




Flu has killed far more children in the past than Corona did




While we can expect to draw similar statistics for many other countries, we base our conclusions here on the data from the United States (developed imperialist countries offer in general detailed publicly accessible health data): First, the COVID death toll in the age group of 18 years and younger since the beginning of the pandemic in the U.S. is 841 (according to CDC between 4th January 2020 until 8th January 2022) [1]. Compared to this death toll, the estimated death number of children aged 18 and younger for the flu season 2017-2018 (normally October to February, i.e. less than half a year) is more than 600 (based on the CDC archive) [2]. In the flu season 2020-2021 one child was reported to have died by the flu. [3] Unfortunately, the reported cases of flu deaths were always far away from real numbers (which are actual higher) as no virus infection was covered by testing in a similar way as it is done with Corona.


Except for the season 2020-2021, where the testing for COVID has enabled to test very accurately the death numbers for the flu as well. Nevertheless, we can conclude safely based on hard facts that a shift happened. Over a time of two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, 33% less children have died per year due to Corona than in a single flu season, i.e. in 6 months the years before. Suddenly the number drops dramatically from approximately 600 dead children in a flu season to one. Instead COVID death tolls for children are presented, creating the impression that Corona is a dangerous threat to small children although it killed far less children than the flu did in the recent past…and at the same time flu deaths are at a historical low. One is safe to estimate that children who died of flu in the past were those with severe illnesses respectively with poor health treatment – both factors are also valid for COVID. Nevertheless, the death toll due to the combination of Corona AND flu per year seems to be smaller than it was for flu alone in the past. How is this even possible if Corona is such a danger to children? Allegedly the opposite seems to be the case: Corona is by far less deadly for children than the flu was. It seems to replace the flu in a way that even benefits children as the death tolls are smaller.


In other words: COVID-19 is far away of being a deadly disease for youth under the age of 18 years, at least compared to the flu and other virus respectively bacterial infections. It is crazy to apply the same logic for seniors and for children when it comes to illnesses in general and to COVID in specific.




Better immunity via infection




Second, based on several studies it is reasonable to conclude that the number of anti-bodies is higher if people had a COVID infection compared to the vaccination. Higher number of anti-bodies translates to better safety against another COVID infection, probably with a more severe mutation. This means that especially people with a very low risk of death by COVID, i.e. people under the age of 18 years are more safe on the long run after the infection than after the vaccination. A recent study (published on 25th August) from Israel confirmed that based on a large study group of 673,676 (!) participants, vaccinated people without a former infection by COVID have a 13.06-fold increased risk for a breakthrough infection than those who recovered from a real infection but were not vaccinated. In simple language: It is far more likely to catch COVID after vaccination than after infection.[4]


Furthermore, if the worst consequences (i.e. death) are a minimal risk for children – why should we prevent them from catching Corona and building a strong immunity against this new virus? The virus is here to stay, maybe for decades on. As sooner the bodies of the youngest generations learn to deal with this health threat, the better those bodies might react to mutations in future. Even if not, vaccinations can still be applied later in life. There is no medical reason to enforce them at this young age.


Interestingly enough, the immune response (building anti-bodies) after vaccination is far more effective if the person has undergone an infection in the past. There is even a term for this increased immunity: hybrid immunity. In a study published on the 20 September 2021, those with a history of infection and a vaccination have even been immune towards super aggressive virus mutations of COVID which have been created in the lab. [5] At this point we have to state clearly: authentic anti-capitalists should become very nervous that chimeras with the purpose to challenge immunity were created by the Rockefeller University in New York.


On a small sidenote: Those delusional supporters of bourgeois science who argue that one should trust the scientists and doctors fully, shall be reminded by the still ongoing lawsuit against the very same university because of the more than 100 reported child abuse cases (sexual abuse and pornography) – and nearly 1,000 alleged cases - by its former pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Reginald Archibald. [6] (Blind trust suddenly sounds very cynical, doesn’t it?)




The myth of the herd immunity by vaccination




Third, supporters of mass vaccination who claim it is important to create herd immunity must be reminded that the vaccination does not spare the vaccinated to still transport and therefore spread the virus. Vaccinating people under 18 years and not letting them build immunity by infection is a counteraction to herd immunity as it is proven to be less effective. Vaccinated but infected people are also not spared from getting ill with the typical symptoms like fever, chills, pain in the limbs, etc. It is said by medical professionals that the vaccination only decreases the chance of being admitted to an ICU. With this argument in mind, one should not forget that admission to ICU is often enough influenced by class and race because doctors are biased (more on this later). While a severe medical condition might be diagnosed, it is often treated outside an ICU capacity.


In these times doctors assume a more severe health threat for the unvaccinated and might be biased to admit them to ICU rather then they would with a vaccinated patient. Also, still today little to no effort was made to enlarge ICU wards to counteract potential overload.


Finally, it became obvious that Corona is a virus which mutates easy and fast. A strategy of vaccinations to create herd immunity can only pan out if the whole world population is vaccinated at one and the same time, and then probably again and again. If mass vaccinations are implied only in specific countries, it increases the risk that new mutations break through vaccination immunity and that those who are vaccinated serve as an incubator for more severe mutations which might kill far more people and potentially far more younger people. Another strategy can be to isolate each nation completely from the other (like both Australia and New Zealand have tried). However, this would mean that no person in the world shall be allowed to travel outside the country for the next years if not decades. This would be only possible with a very developed Bonapartist regime all around the world. This is definitely not a perspective that Marxists (or any real democratic person) should go for!




Side effects of the vaccination for children




The side effects of vaccination in the age group younger than 16 years may be far more severe than for older people as the immune reaction of children is different. It may take far more time than bourgeois politicians allow to calibrate the right dose for every age group of the youth. Age difference of five years is nearly nothing for people over 40 but very significant for everybody under 18 years, especially in medicine. It is ridiculous to put youth under a higher risk of heart muscle failure (and similar complications) to enforce a vaccination that gives them less immunity without a higher safety than the infection itself.


While the death toll during two years of corona for children under 18 years is at 1.14 per 100.000, the chance to develop a myocarditis after the first dose vaccine for males between 16 and 29 years (there is no data for children yet) is between 6.93 to 14.46 cases per 100.000. [7] Myocarditis would occur in the general population only 2.13 times per 100.000 if unvaccinated. These figures themselves are from Western imperialist countries. [8]


Those who argue in favor of vaccinating children say that myocarditis is easily treatable today. However, this is only the case if it is diagnosed early enough and treated correctly. Both is often enough a luxury for people in semi-colonial countries and for the poorer strata in the imperialist countries. Especially as myocarditis often develops without symptoms respectively without clear symptomatology.


Also, very young children might not be able to recognize and successfully communicate the potential symptoms of their myocarditis. Furthermore, why should we put young people at risk with a vaccination if the danger of corona is so low for them to begin with?


Even if children might have a more aggressive immune reaction in case of an infection with the virus, this immune reaction is based on a natural setting. The body of the child gets into contact with the Corona virus and the virus spreads causing the immune system to react immediately. The immune system of the child might detect the virus before it multiplies and spreads. It might detect it when it multiplies or in a very early stage of spreading, and then it reacts. In every case, chances are good that the virus doesn’t get as far as it would in an elder body and that the reaction of the child’s body in fighting the virus is more aggressive and, in the end, more effective.


This is due to the natural development of the immune system that learns via contact with viruses leading up to 12 infections per year until the child reaches school age. [9] A vaccination on the other hand gives an artificially calibrated amount of substance to the body in order to provoke a reaction. The wrong dose can create a lot of harm as it enters the body very suddenly and not via its natural filter systems (nasal mucosa respectively buccal mucosa) as it normally would.


Supporting the so-called mucociliary clearance however is easy, safe and effective. How to do it? Nasal spray with Carragelose as well as gargling for a minute with warm (not hot) green tea, pomegranate juice or chokeberry juice has proven to reduce the viral strength by 80-97%. Using of mouth wash helped even with 100% reduction of SARS-CoV-2 entering the body via the buccal mucosa. [10]


While nasal spray and mouth wash do not stop the virus to get into contact with your body, it massively reduces the virus load that might enter your body respectively stops it at the door. This offers your body the opportunity to react to a relatively small (if any) number of SARS-CoV-2 viruses and to deal with them by itself.


As long as your body is not immune suppressed (something you most likely would know already) chances are high that you can easily deal with the viral contact. Using of nasal spray, gargling every few hours and washing hands regularly can easily be organized during childcare respectively school time. Implementing these measures before and after meeting with friends, can also be done by children and young adults. Before children reach an age where they can gargle, caretakers can use those methods as well (like anybody else could).


This will not stop the spread of the virus, it will not stop infection, but it slows it massively and offers the chance to build immunity via very small virus loads entering the body and with those milder forms of infection. In medicine there is the term of contraindicated – something that is not recommended as it may hold more risk than benefit. Especially if there are better alternatives. Comparing risks of new vaccines which are developed under time pressure and in a probably not exactly calibrated smaller dose for children with the already known side-effects and the threat by COVID makes the later to be the lesser evil for people under 18 years on the long run.


The main consequence that comes out from vaccinating the youth is a higher share of profit for Big Pharma and a potential disaster when it comes to side effects for the people who embody the future of humanity. On the other hand, easy hygiene measures and supporting the mucociliary clearance is safe and effective. It reduces the risk of severe infections but might not spare the youth from getting infected anyways, but as we know from the vaccines – neither do they.




But what about Long COVID and Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome?




Supporters of a mass vaccination policy for children argue that long term side effects of a Corona infection like Long COVID or the Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) might put children at a higher risk for severe complications and death on the long term, even if they have no complications during Corona itself. While it is true that both phenomena might occur after the virus infection with Corona it is also true that one cannot determine if Corona was the cause or another virus.


MIS-C is well known as Kawasaki Syndrome since 1974 as it occurs sometimes in children after infections. They develop a rash, may vomit, or have diarrhea, cracked lips and red eyes as well as other very visible symptoms. Contrary to a myocarditis, MIS-C becomes visible for caretakers even if children cannot vocalize their symptoms.


Long COVID on the other hand seems to be a new phenomenon although it is neither clear if children are prone to develop it nor how severe this illness might be. First medical studies have found out that from 65% of patients with Long COVID symptoms, the Epstein Barr virus (the virus causing mono) was reactivated. Same happened with only 10% of the former COVID patients with no symptoms of Long COVID. [11] As some people might know from their own experience with mononucleosis, extreme fatigue, fever, headache and body pain, sore throat and other symptoms might occur with this infection. 90 to 95% of the people get into contact with the virus during their adolescence where it stays and can be reactivated. [12] Mono is well known and treatable as well as the Kawasaki Syndrome.


Moreso, in the case of mono as an underlying cause for Long COVID it is very unlikely for children to develop it as usually they do not catch the Epstein Barr virus at a very young age but rather as teenagers. In the case of MIS-C it might be a reaction after a Corona infection but also after every other viral infection that children might get. It is very difficult if not impossible to truly pin MIS-C to Corona as it existed for many decades before the corona pandemic started.




The (not-so) surprising reasons for hospitalization in ICU




Finally, the argument to keep the hospitalization from young people low to spare the space for the elder is idiotic. First, based on various studies the socio-economic status (short SES or to say it in Marxist terms class and race) is the main factor deciding who will receive ICU care – not so much the age (although one has to add that the average age of patients in the ICU is increasing since many years, i.e. more and more older people are in ICU care, not the younger ones).


The upper-20% income level group accounted for one third (!) of the patients at the ICUs in Korea. [13]


If Black people are transferred to an ICU, they are kept waiting much longer than white people in the United States, i.e. 77 minutes (!) longer in average.[14]


Again, the argument to “trust science and doctors” is quite ridiculous for the working class (especially its poorer strata) and the oppressed. One study from 2017 summed the results of dozens of papers the following way: “Compared with other patients, physicians are less likely to perceive low SES patients as intelligent, independent, responsible, or rational and believe that they are less likely to comply with medical advice and return for follow-up visits. These physician perceptions have been shown to impact physicians’ clinical decisions. Physicians delay diagnostic testing, prescribe more generic medications, and avoid referral to specialty care for their patients of low SES versus other patients. Some physicians believe that tailoring care options to a patient’s socioeconomic circumstances can improve patient compliance and thereby improve health outcomes. However, other studies have shown that physicians believe that the financial and coverage restrictions faced by low SES patients limit access to care and results in worse health outcomes for these patients. There are also some physicians who do not care for patients of lower SES with publicly financed insurance due to low reimbursement rates.”.[15]


The quality of medical care is based on class background, race and gender, on the location (imperialist wealthy country or poorer semi-colonial country) and, in consequence, it discriminates against the youngest population group in the world. In addition, doctors are biased against poorer people.


As a matter of fact, the Bonapartist COVID rule resulted in the additional death of more than 260,000 babies (mainly in the semi-colonial countries) while the people 65 years and older in the imperialist states were spared the death by any means – what a disgusting elitist, pro-imperialist policy!


Only in a perverted, downward spiral of capitalist decay and imperialist arrogancy, enforced mass vaccinations make sense. For true Marxists, however, especially forcing the youth to get the COVID shot is nothing else but the outcry of a degenerated system ready to be smashed. It will be the revolutionary youth (especially from the semi-colonial countries) who will fulfill this historic task!




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