Preface to the manifesto

Chapter 1 The world we live in

Chapter 2 A new historical period of revolutionary character

Chapter 3 The world we are fighting for

Chapter 4 The leadership we have and the leadership we need

The Struggle for the unions

Changes in the working class

Action commitee - factory comitees - councils

The democratic protest movements

Chapter 5 The Program of the Revolution

An Action Program to safe humanity from the misery of capitalism

* Cancel the debts!

* Against wage cuts!

* Fight inflation!

* Defence of public services!

* An end to the "business secret"

* No division - Joint fight!

* No more tax breaks for the rich!

* Against the attacks on education!

* Revolutionary struggle for Democracy!

* Free the oppressed people!

* Support the national liberation struggles!

* Fight against oppression of migrants!

* Save our planet!

* Jobs and housing for the poor!

* The land to the peasants!

* Joint struggle for women's liberation!

* Combat the sexual oppression!

* An end to the oppression of young people!

* Down with imperialism!

* The arming of the working class

* For a workers government!

* For the armed insurrection!

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بيان التيار الشيوعي الثوري العالمي

(The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto in Arabic language)


Manifiesto Comunista Revolucionario de la CCRI/RCIT (The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto in Spanish language)


Manifesto Comunista Revolucionário da CCRI/RCIT (The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto in Portuguese language)


Das Revolutionär-Kommunistische Manifest der RKIT/RCIT (The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto in German language)


Manifesti Komunist Revolucionare i RCIT/TRNK (The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto in Albanian language)


Επαναστατικό Κομμουνιστικό Μανιφέστο (The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto in Greek language)