Where does the RCIT Stand on Russia's Occupation of Chechnya?



Note of the Editorial Board: Below we republish a short text which outlines the position of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) on Russia's occupation of Chechnya and the liberation struggle of the Chechen people. This text is a slightly edited excerpt from chapter III of Michael Pröbsting's book on the revolutionary party. The book can be read online as well as downloaded as a pdf on the RCIT's website. (Building the Revolutionary Party in Theory and Practice. Looking Back and Ahead after 25 Years of Organized Struggle for Bolshevism, December 2014, https://www.thecommunists.net/theory/rcit-party-building/)




Russia’s two wars of occupation against the Chechen people – the first in the years 1994-96 and the second since late 1999 – were very important events during this decade. Against the desire of the Chechen people for independence, Moscow waged an incredibly brutal war. During the first war it massacred about 100,000 Chechens and during the second again up to 50,000 (in a country with a population of only one million!). The victory of the Chechen guerilla war in 1996 was an impressive event – compare the small Chechen people with Russia’s 143 millions! – demonstrating once again how much a liberation war supported by the whole population can achieve against a demoralized great power.


While the Putin regime has succeeded in occupying the country until now, the resistance continues at a low level. This resistance has become dominated mostly by petty-bourgeois Islamist forces.


We supported the Chechen liberation struggle from the beginning and called for the defeat of the Russian occupation forces. We gave no political support to the petty-bourgeois and Islamist leaderships and called for an independent workers’ and peasant republic of Chechnya.


The Chechen war also provided the backdrop for a deeper analysis of Russian capitalism. It reflected the transformation of Russia into an emerging imperialist power.




For the RCIT's analysis of Russia as an imperialist power see:


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