Hands Off Haiti!

Form Popular Councils to Take Power! For A Revolutionary Constituent Assembly in Haiti!

Emergency Declaration of the Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard (RSV), Nigerian Section of the RCIT, 18th October, 2022. https://communism4africa.wordpress.com


1. The Canadian Airforce has begun offloading units of military equipment in Haiti in preparation for full scale invasion of the country by the US led motley group of minions in the UN where the Security Council has approved a strike force to enter Haiti. The UN Secretary General confirmed his approval of the resolution to invade Haiti in a press briefing with journalists. At the UN Security Council meeting the US proposed sanctions on gang leaders in Haiti and plans to invade the country. Russia and China supported the sanctions but expressed scepticism at the invasion but not opposition.

2. This is the hypocrisy of Western imperialism while they condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine they gear up for military raid in Haiti. While they encourage protests in Iran and Russia, they want to crush the just uprising of the Haitian people.

3. These developments have given fresh winds to the sails of the uprising that broke out more than 4 weeks ago which has continued with the removal of subsidy on petroleum products resulting in exacerbated inflation. The Haitian people have been fighting the police controlled by a US installed puppet regime run by Ariel Henry, who despite emerging without any democratic process has held on to power for almost a year. There are reports that the UN’s “strike force” which is merely a cloak for the US to reak imperialist havoc intends to smuggle Haitians to the US to face trial in connection with the assassination of Jovenel Moise last year so they can corroborate the testimony of others who have been tortured in the CIA’s gulag. Of course, such testimonies obtained through the gravest human rights violations have been sealed by the CIA.

4. In a period when big oil is making stupendous profits from ripping off the average worker due to the aggravated contention between the imperialist powers. The people of Haiti have rejected their super-exploitation through the hike in price of petroleum products. So what the US and UN must invade Haiti for is their entitlements to suck the bone marrow of a destitute nation after decades of peeling off her flesh. How dare Haiti stand up to the petrodollar empire! At this point we will not repeat detailed the enervating occupations and the egregious meddling of the US in the economy, politics and national life of the Haitian people as we have done elsewhere. Suffice it to say here that Haiti has always been forced to consume US commodities irrespective of the long or short term detriment to the local economy of the country. An example is the rice dump of 1994 to early 2000’s in which president Bill Clinton prevailed upon the Aristide government to drop the tariff on rice imports into the country so that cheap rice from the US can inundate the market. Clinton did this knowing fully well that rice was produced in commercial quantities in Haiti, that was the genesis of the total grounding of local multimillion dollar enterprise that is rice farming.

5. The demonstrations in Haiti are far from being an odd occurrence. Conversely, they reflect the epochal miry labyrinthine crises the capitalist system has got itself into. That is why there have been fresh protests in France over the rising cost of living; the same in Britain; and Iran for a change in the political system. For Haiti, however the criminal conspiracy of the imperialist rulers of the world against the country has made it ground zero for naked imperialist super-exploitation with biting consequences for the population.

6. Little wonder the protests has resurfaced with renewed energy as threats of the invasion becomes real. We welcome the resistance of the Haitian people and call for the formation of popular militias to throw out the occupation forces. For us, now is not the time to block fueling stations and ports but the time to take power. Not by recycling old politicians in bourgeois elections but through popular councils which would consist of workers and protesters on the protest grounds, neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces formed in a democratic selection process. The popular militias must be formed in like manner. Such popular councils would be the organs for a workers’ and youth government. No one strongman should be allowed to determine the fate of the resistance all participants must be subject to the will of the popular masses.

7. The popular councils must coordinate on a national level to form a revolutionary constituent assembly that will be saddled with the responsibility of drafting a new constitution much suitable to a social regime where the youth and workers are the governing class. All through the life span of capitalism Haiti has borne its weight. For this, the Black nation has been paid back with only harm and misery. It is time for a new social regime where the workers and masses of Haiti take charge of the economy and state to yield it for their own benefit and that of future generations. For that to happen the Haitian capitalist class, the multinationals and big oil corporations must be expropriated with their property nationalised under a youth and workers’ government that will redistribute their wealth amongst the suffering masses. This government under the democratic control of the masses must as part of its economic plan promulgate a public employment program for the teeming mass of unemployed youth.

8. Workers, trade unionists, progressives, leftists and all lovers of justice must join the campaign to stop the umpteenth invasion of Haiti by the gangs of Washington and New York. We must prevent the UN occupation forces from raping the women of Haiti. The invasion of Haiti will expose underaged children and women to the randy pedophiles in the ranks of the UN forces. This history of sexual abuses has been hardly challenged because the oppression of women is part and parcel of the system of imperialist colonialism that the UN represents.

9. As the strikes in France carries on it becomes more and more exigent that the movement include political demands since the rising costs of living and energy shortages are the direct result of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Alongside calling for the defence of the Ukraine workers in France must demand that their government refuse to take part in the invasion of Haiti. France is one imperialist power that has participated in milking Haiti dry and that owes its development to Haitian labour and resources. So it is the historic duty of workers of imperialist France to support their Haitian sisters and brothers by frustrating all efforts of the Macron government to participate in the invasion of Haiti and by working to provide all necessary aid including weapons to defeat the imperialist invaders.

10. Once again we wish to emphasise that the liberation of Haiti from imperialist subjugation and capitalist throes is tied to the victory of the Socialist revolution in Africa and across all black nations around the world. Thus struggle in Haiti is struggle for all oppressed Black people across the globe suffering racism, neo-colonialism, national oppression, male superiority, homophobia, transphobia, queerphobia etc. The liberation of Haiti is a crucial step for the emancipation of the Black race!

* Organise Armed Resistance to Throw Out the Invading Forces! Form Popular Councils And Popular Militias To Take Power! For A Revolutionary Constituent Assembly Which Will Draft Codes For Transition To Socialism in Haiti! Bring Down The Henri Government!

* Defeat the Riot Police on The Streets! Intensify Agitation Amidst the Military to Win the Lower Ranking Officers and Foot Soldiers For the Struggle! No Strongmen Allowed the Struggle Must Be Prosecuted on a Democratic Bases!

* Workers in the US and Throughout the Western Hemisphere Must Boycott All Efforts to move Troops and Weapons to Haiti! For International Food, Medical and Monetary Aid Delivered to Haiti’s Poor Not NGO’s! No Trust in Russia and China, the Imperialists in the East Are Equally Robbers and Thieves!

* For A Public Employment Program As Part of A National Economic Plan That Centers the Youth and Working Masses! Free Housing For the Poor And Homeless! Free and Quality Education For Children, Young Women and Youth!

* End Rape Culture with Gender Based Violence, Equal Opportunity For Girls and Women! Provide Sanitary Pads and Other Hygiene Products For Girls and Women! Protect Reproductive Rights For Women and The LGBTQA2S+ Community!

* Expropriate the Multinational Corporations, Local Bourgeoisie Without Compensation! Nationalise the Commanding Heights of the Economy Under Workers And Youth Control! For A Workers’, Youth and Poor Peasant Government in Haiti!

* Onward To A Socialist Haiti As A First Step To Achieving A Federation of Central American Socialist States!