New Zealand’s Shame is International

By Richard Stone, RCIT Aotearoa / New Zealand, 12.10.2016,




300.000 New Zealand kids are living below the poverty line according to a recent UN report. And what is the current Government doing about? Nothing! The Prime Minister John Key says the Government does not have one single measure to determine poverty. According to his logic, a working class family living in a car are not in a poverty situation because some on the other hand live on the streets. Never mind the fact there has been a rise of 45.000 this year.


Working class parents are in despair. They see the lives of their children crumble daily; the struggle to rise and meet the day on our young is putting this generation of New Zealand workers at a crisis point.


Workers are realistic now; this government won't meet the needs of their kids. Workers are coming to the stark truth that this rotten system owes them nothing. Workers are seeing their class enemies benefiting beyond measure.


There is a solution to this problem and many others. The collective power of the workers and oppressed can make a real change today. They can take up the banner of socialism and fight tooth and nail today for a better world now. Don't believe what the Labour Party tells you. This rotten system is past its use by date. This system cannot be fixed. Only a revolution can bring the peace and prosperity workers have a right to.


Join us. Fight for socialism.