Modi Has Transformed Kashmir into a Huge Concentration Camp


A brief commentary by Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, 14 August 2019,




The worst thing in politics is to deny the truth. The truth is that the government of India, the world largest “democracy” (as we are told by some fools), has transformed Kashmir into a huge concentration camp. People’s homes have become their barracks which they are not allowed to leave. They are forced to starve and to live in complete isolation cut off from the world. If they look out of their windows they see streets full of heavily armed soldiers and razor wire.


No one should have any doubt: Modi is determined to implement an “Israeli” policy in Kashmir. He is determined to silence, humiliate, subjugate and finally expel the Muslim population in the region. He wants the Hinduization of Kashmir.


Modi is implementing his barbarous policy in open daylight. Everyone can see it and everyone recognizes it. But what is the world doing? In the “best case” some misnamed “world leaders” mutter a few concerns. Beside this, “the show must go on”. What a powerful lesson about the cynical nature and the greed for profit of the Great Powers which are dominating the world!


However, every pupil learns in school a basic law of physics: Pressure creates counter-pressure. Can any serious person imagine that the heroic people of Kashmir will condone their extinction?! They did already prove their thirst for liberation when they sacrified up to 100,000 martyrs in the uprising which started in 1988 against an overly powerful enemy!


Can anyone imagine that the defenders of justice and freedom around the world, all the righteous people – Muslim and Non-Muslim –will tolerate this barbarous act?! Modi and his fanatical henchmen might not be aware of it but as a matter of fact they have a target on their head from now on for the rest of their life.


Even the all-powerful Hitler had to learn this the hard way. Despite all his genocidal bigotry, the heroic Jews rose up in the Warsaw Ghetto, the oppressed people fought back and finally his Empire of horror was crushed. In the end he saw no alternative but to hide in his bunker in Berlin and to hold a gun to his head. Mr. Modi, start looking out for your own bunker!


Let us say it loud and clear: Kashmir is our second Palestine! Their liberation is our liberation!