Brazil: Supporters of Bolsonaro Attack and Kill Oppositional Activist


Create Defense Committees against Reactionary Forces!


Statement of the Corrente Comunista Revolucionária-CCR (Brazilian section of the RCIT), October 20, 2018,




The opposition against Bolsonaro was sufficient reason why men and women became victims of violence


A mapping made by the investigator and journalist Haroldo Ceravolo of the news website UOL showed more than 50 cases of violence committed by supporters of presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) since the beginning of October. The number increased after the results of the first round in which the ultra-reactionary candidate came in first place with 46% and the Workers Party-PT candidate Fernando Haddad in second place with 29%.


Cases of violence for political reasons had been occurring since January of this year and they were growing. On September 24, the administrator of the group Mulheres Unidas Contra Bolsonaro (United Women against Bolsonaro) was attacked in Rio de Janeiro by two armed men.


The situation became more serious when the media announced the brutal death of the black militant and Capoeirista teacher Moa del Katendê, killed with 12 knives in Salvador, in the early morning on the following day after the election, after a discussion about the results of the polls. Capoeira is a martial art created and developed by black slaves and their descendants. Katendê had declared a vote for the PT. The perpetrator of the crime, Paulo Sérgio Ferreira de Santana, voter of Bolsonaro, confessed the political motivation in favor of his candidate to practice the crime. But the monopolized conservative media tried to hide the Bolsonaro factor and affirmed that the murder was "due to political divergence", without explaining the real reasons. But at the same time the social networks already clearly demonstrated that it was a murder inspired by the neo-fascist propaganda of violence of the ultra-reactionary candidate.


Another scandalous case occurred in the South region, city of Porto Alegre, when on the night of Monday 8, also the following day after the first round election, a 19-year-old woman, wearing a T-shirt with the words #EleNão! (Not Him)! and an LGBT flag in his backpack, was violently approached by three men. They questioned the reasons for wearing that t-shirt, which alluded to the movement of women against Bolsonaro. Then she was humiliated verbally and assaulted with blows. Two of the men held her, while the third, with a knife, drew on its ribs a swastika, symbol of Nazism.


A police report was registered the next day. The head delegate of the 1st Porto Alegre Police Station, Paulo Jardim, said that the suspects of committing aggression have not yet been identified and also said that the design was not an extremist symbol , using the following words: "I went to look at the drawing that they did on her. It is a symbol of Buddhism, of harmony, of love, of peace and of fraternity, if you go to Google, you will see that there is a Buddhist symbol there. "This is the information," he said in an interview with the BBC News Brazil, immediately the organization Brazilian Network of Progressive Buddhists released a note about the delegate having associated the swastika marked on the body of a girl a symbol of harmony. A few hours before the indignant reactions against the delegate made him had to retreat and to affirm that in fact it was a Nazi swastika.


In Rio de Janeiro, Juliana Barbosa, 41 years old, was the victim of blows to the head and neck, as well as kicks and blows to the body. The aggressors, four men, shouted that "Bolsonaro is going to win in order to smash the fagots (homossexuals), those trash people have to die". Julyana tried to argue, asking for respect, but there was no room for dialogue.


A journalist from the NE10 website was attacked and threatened with rape on Sunday 7, in the city of Recife, when she left the place where she had just voted. She was approached by two men who held her by the arm. One of them wore a black T-shirt with the photo of the presidential and the words "President Bolsonaro". "Upon seeing his journalist's credential, they claimed that he was "leftist" and also said “when the captain (Bolsonaro) won, the entire press was going to die."One of them said: 'We are going to rape her, the other said that it was better to cut me off in every part of my body!”' said the journalist.


A young male architect was beaten in the city of Teresina (PI) for wearing a red t-shirt for having responded to the verbal aggressions of a group of Bolsonaro voters. According to witnesses, the aggressors shouted slogans, like "You’re a communist!"


The website has reported that "Rogers Waters of the rock group Pinky Floyd managed to divide the nearly 45,000 spectators who attended his concert at the Allianz Parque stadium in Sao Paulo in two and to show the polarization that exists in Brazil between the extreme right and the socialist Fernando Haddad, his rival in the second round of the presidential elections on October 28 ". Waters, known for his political activism, showed on a giant screen in which his concert was simultaneously broadcast at the stadium a list of world leaders he described as neo-fascists, in which he included the Brazilian far-right candidate, as well as the US president, Donald Trump.


In the closing of that article on October 19, the news of the website affirming that "Bolsonarist hysteria against" communism "that they judge threaten the country, reached a new level of madness." Adepts of the "Nazistupids", invaded the National Confederation of Catholics of Brazil-CNBB, in an event destined to the Catholic institution and, to the shouts, they accused the Catholic bishops and priests of communists."


The position of the CCR in the face of these aggressions


We as the CCR strongly repudiate the fascist aggressions committed by followers of the Bolsonaro candidate and blame him for promoting such fascist attacks. Likewise, we denounce the complicity of the authorities to investigate and punish the culprits of such despicable acts.


The only defense that the Brazilian people have against these fascist groups is to organize independently of the regime in Popular Defense Committees or popular militias. Let's not let fascism grow! Let's organize our own forces as workers, women, blacks, indigenous, of the lesbian&homosexual community! Let's recover the experience of the Black Panthers in the US who organized themselves into militias to defend their communities against racism.


* For the creation of action committees in factories, unions, neighborhoods, favelas and peripheral regions in defense of our rights as well as against the putschist government and against any military intervention. For self-defense committees of the workers and the poor people in the neighborhoods and peripheries!


* For a Revolutionary Constituent Assembly!


* For a Workers' Government in partnership with the urban and rural poor


* #EleNão! Not him!


* Defeat Bolsonaro in the streets!