On the Rise of Police Brutality in Kenya and Across the World


Statement by the Revolutionary Socialist League, 3rd June 2020




The RSL joins all the people of the world in condemning the rise of police brutalities against innocent citizens across different countries in the world. Furthermore, we strongly condemn the systematic racialism of these brutalities meted against the black race and other peoples of colour in north America, Europe, Indonesia, and South Africa. We support our oppressed brothers and sisters in the US in demanding justice for George Floyd, Eric Garner, Pamela Turner, Peter Gaines, Tanisha Anderson, and many other victims of white law enforcers. We also join forces with the demonstrators in France in demanding justice for Adama Traore, Zyed Benna, Bouna Traore, Gaye Camara and many others who have lost their lives in the hands of these racist police officers. These protestors’ call for justice, equality and an end to police brutality must be supported across the world and these racists defeated.


The increase in brutal murder by police officers in the world has been manifested in our country and exposes the failure of the existing system to protect, defend and respect the rule of law and fundamental human lives. Since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic and the imposed lockdown by the right-wing government of Kenya, many people have suffered in the hands of these law enforcers who have a constitutional mandate to protect citizens at all measures.  We have lost Yassin Moyo, Khamis Juma, Calvince Omondi, John Muliro, Peter Gacheru, Eric Ngethe, Idris Mukolwe, Ramadhan Juma, Ibrahim Onyango, and Samuel Maina. These innocent Kenyans join the long list of victims of police brutalities and executions that has robbed families, friends, and the entire nation their dear ones.


Fellow comrades, these deaths have no tribal, religious or gender respect. These actions represent the work of reactionary black capitalist class working in cahoots with the global white capitalist class and they are perpetrated on anyone that belongs to the oppressed class, we the poor of this country. The perpetrators have adamantly proven to be working on the behest of the ruling class with only one intention, to protect and preserve the interests of the capitalists and stop any resistance by the people. The system has occasionally used members of the oppressed class in the forces and police service departments to commit these atrocities, and thereby risking them as enemies of the people.


We call upon all law enforcers to stop working as pawns and puppets of the ruling class and join us in the struggle to ending these injustices, oppression, and exploitation before it is too late. They, just like many sympathizers of this failed regime are being used to maintain that oppressive regime in power and their time to join the forces seeking change is now. Their failure to join the masses seeking systematic change will be treated as betrayal to we the people who will have no other option but to classify them as the enemies of progress, justice, freedom and victory for the people.


Dear comrades, the time for discovering our generational goal is ripe and our call to unite our progressive forces into a revolutionary vehicle for this journey is now. We understand that capitalism as a failed system has created many webs that have kept our people misguided and ill-informed. Police brutality is just one of these webs that must be destroyed only by revolutionary organizing and political action. We must therefore intensify our call for a change in the political class and demand for the power of the people to be respected. The people must also understand that the oppressors will not surrender that power easily without a fight.


The police officers must stop using force on innocent citizens on orders of the ruling class. They must stop treating civilians as criminals or enemies to the peace of the oppressors but serve and protect them. If they must use force, then let them use it on the capitalists occupying the leadership positions across the country and the world. The need therefore for these officers to be politicised is key as they need a political consciousness that elevates them to material understanding of the current situations. Failure by these forces to stop their brutal actions will mean that they are ready for the people to arming themselves to fight back.


We finally call on the victims of the imperialist and capitalist systems in the US and Europe to unite with the people of Africa and forge a stronger resistance and struggle that will lead to the collapse and defeat of racism, fascist tendencies, police brutalities and capitalism. Without this unity of the oppressed classes the enemies stand to gain and strengthen. Their tactic of keeping us fragmented and disorganised must by exposed and defeated. The people in north America -at the heart of global imperialism- have proven that resistance is possible, and its now upon us as the people of Africa in general and particularly in Kenya to rise and defend our beloved motherland. The struggle must therefore be waged on all circles by any means necessary!


Down with police brutality!


Down with racism!


Down with capitalism!


Onward to the revolutionary struggle and victory!


Nyumbani ama Kifo, Tutashinda!






Nairobi, Kenya.


3rd June 2020