On the 10th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution: A Heroic People Which Refuses to Abandon the Field!



Defend Idlib against All Attacks! Down with the Assad Tyranny and its Imperialist Masters!


Statement by the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 11 March 2021, www.thecommunists.net




On the 10th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution, the RCIT sends its warmest greetings to the brothers and sisters in Syria, in the refugee camps abroad and in the diaspora! Since March 2011, the workers, youth and poor peasants have heroically fought against the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad.


The ongoing Syrian Revolution faces gigantic difficulties and setbacks.


* The Assad tyranny is continuing its barbaric mass killings which has already resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives. About half of the 22 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes!


* The Syrian people face the devastating military intervention of Russian imperialism without which Assad could not stay longer in power.


* It also suffers from the brutal invasion of forces controlled by the dictatorial Iranian regime.


* Furthermore, US imperialism – which sometimes cynically pays some lip service to democracy and human rights – continues to occupy the east of Syria and exploits its oil reserves with the aid of their stooges in the SDF/YPG.


* In addition, the liberation movement is forced to deal with terrorist attacks of the Takfiri Daesh/ISIS.


* The popular resistance in Idlib also faces the moderating influence and the double-dealing of the Turkish government. Ankara wants to increase its regional influence and, at the same time, striking lucrative deals with Moscow, Teheran and Washington.


However, despite all these obstacles, the Syrian people have not abandoned the field and are continuing their liberation struggle.


The RCIT – like all authentic socialists and democrats, all righteous men and women – has supported the Syrian Revolution since the beginning in March 2011. Our solidarity continues irrespective of our political opposition to the dominating forces in the liberated areas in the North. And our solidarity will continue because the cause of liberation remains a just one!


While we oppose the political strategies of the leading factions (FSA, SNA, HTS, HaD, etc.), we send our warmest greetings to the heroic freedom fighters in Idlib, to the courageous youth in Dar’a, and the protesting popular masses in Raqqa.


We declare our solidarity with Bilal Abdul Kareem, Tauqir Sharif, and with the courageous women protesting in Idlib against all forms of restrictions by the authorities in Idlib.


The RCIT emphasizes that the liberation struggle must be based not on self-appointed leaderships but on democratically-elected workers and popular councils and militias.


The Syrian Revolution is not an isolated event but it part of the Arab Revolution. Furthermore, since the beginning of the global wave of popular uprisings in autumn 2019, the Syrian people have found potential allies all around the world.


It is crucial to link the liberation struggles in Syria and all other countries and to direct them against the common enemy. This enemy has different names and different faces. But in essence, they are one and the same: regimes in the service of imperialist powers and capitalist corporations.


In order to build such strong international solidarity, it is necessary to defeat the political influence of the treacherous forces within the workers and popular movements. Social democrats, Stalinists, Bolivarians, and other forces serve one or the other imperialist Great Power (e.g. U.S., China, Russia, European Union) and sabotage the unity of struggle of the oppressed.


Only an authentic revolutionary party – nationally and internationally – can lead the liberation struggle to victory!


Victory to the popular liberation struggle against the tyranny and its imperialist masters!


For an international solidarity movement with the ongoing Syrian Revolution!


For a free Syria, a socialist Syria – a Syria which respects the national and religious rights of all people!


Unity – Struggle – Victory!




International Bureau




* * * * *




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