Open Letter to Belarusian Workers


Down with Lukashenko's regime! Advance the class struggle to achieve workers' democracy and overthrow imperialism! For the general strike!


By Supporters of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) in Russia, 15 August 2020,,




Workers of Belorussia!


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) is welcoming your uprising and dedication to organize a general strike to oust the Lukashenko regime. The brutal crackdown on the protests is an unambiguous demonstration of the anti-people nature of the regime. We fully and unconditionally support the ongoing workers' struggle and the efforts to organize strikes around the country!


However, imperialist powers are dominating our world. You are aware that Bat'ko, for decades, played diplomatic games to get investments and satisfy imperialists. His regime promoted anti-popular pension and other reforms to secure financial stability to pay loans. His anti-democratic regime, while portraying itself as an independent power, has sold out Belarusian workers to the EU, China, and Russia [1]. While Bat'ko enjoyed a privileged life, Belarussians are forced to migrate to Russia and the EU to get enough money to achieve a decent life.


Belarusian workers! Lukashenko is not a strong man but a trustworthy seller of Belarusian people!


Workers! Neither EU, nor Russia, nor China will help you in your liberation! In our world, there is nothing in between imperialism and workers of oppressed nations! Sanctions will be only used as a bargaining chip to achieve a better deal between imperialists! Both the EU and Russia were quite in good terms with Lukashenko and his politics for long time until recent elections, while mentioning one or two words about "the last dictator in Europe".


The RCIT unconditionally supports your struggle for democracy and for a general strike to oust the regime! The RCIT supports your demands to abolish the pension reform and the system of contracts!


But we call you to go further! For organizing of trade unions, popular assemblies, and popular militias! For workers' control at your workplace! For nationalization and expropriation of enterprises under worker's control! For transforming the mass protest into a struggle for a worker's government!


However, to achieve true liberation, we need to unite into a Revolutionary World Party. In such a party, we will march together to overthrow imperialism and capitalism!


Unity! Struggle! Victory!