Argentina: Socialists organize Protest Rally in Education Sector in Buenos Aires


Report (with Picture and Video) by a Correspondent from Convergencia Socialista (Argentinean Section of the RCIT), 14 June 2022,




The Institute of Teachers 103 of Lomas de Zamora – in the South of Buenos Aires – mobilized yesterday, from the headquarters, located a few blocks from Puente La Noria, to the collector of Camino Negro, agitating within the neighborhood that surrounds it for support of their demands. In this way, dozens of students expressed their anger about the ongoing cuts in education.


In addition, with the Student Center in the lead, they demanded from the municipal and provincial authorities the immediate implementation of the tertiary ticket, the repair of the electrical network and other claims. The mobilization was accompanied by teachers from the institution, delegates from Secondary School 56 and ATE Sur (state union) and the internal commission of the Maxi Pack paper of Avellaneda.


The student center of this institute – which plays a vanguard role in the struggle in the southern zone of Greater Buenos Aires where hundreds of thousands of workers live – is led by comrades from the Red List, which includes militants of Convergencia Socialista, the RCIT section of Argentina.


Video reporte: estudiantes del 103 de Lomas ganaron las calles


Por corresponsal, junio 14, 2022,




El Instituto del Profesorado 103 de Lomas de Zamora se movilizó ayer, desde la sede, ubicada a pocas cuadras del Puente La Noria, hasta la colectora de Camino Negro, agitando sus demandas dentro del barrio que lo rodea. De esa manera, decenas de estudiantes expresaron su bronca por los continuos robos que sufren a la salida de sus cursos. 


Además, con el Centro de Estudiantes a la cabeza, les exigieron a las autoridades municipales y provinciales la inmediata implementación del boleto terciario, la reparación de la red eléctrica y otros reclamos. La movilización fue acompañada por profesores y profesoras de la institución, delegados de la Secundaria 56 de Lanús y ATE Sur (estatales) y de la comisión interna de la papelera Maxi Pack de Avellaneda.