Syria/Idlib: Turkish Army Attacks HTS in Implementing the Sochi Surrender Deal


Are we witnessing the last stand of the Syrian Revolution?


by Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 09.10.2018,




The implementation of the Sochi Surrender Deal – agreed between Russia and Turkey – is moving forward. As we have elaborated in a number of articles in the past weeks, this deal – which characteristically has been praised by the ruling classes of all Great Powers as well as regional powers – represents a mortal danger for the liberation struggle of the Syrian people. (1)


Russia and Turkey are putting enormous pressure on the rebels in the Greater Idlib region to withdraw all their heavy weapons from the so-called Demilitarization Zone. This zone, about 20 km deep from the frontlines, covers nearly half of the whole remaining liberated territory in the north. Furthermore, the Russian-Turkish deal stipulates that those forces which, until now, have been the most consistent, hard-line factions in struggling against the tyranny must be expelled from this zone.


If the Sochi Surrender Deal is fully implemented, it would represent a tragic defeat for the glorious Syrian Revolution. Idlib would be transformed into a Turkish colony and, sooner or later, it would be attacked and conquered by Russia and Assad.


Just a few days ago, Assad blatantly stated that the Sochi Deal is only a "temporary measure": "The agreement is a temporary measure through which the state has realised many achievements on the ground starting with stemming the bloodshed. (...) This province and other Syrian territory still under terrorist control will return to the Syrian state." (2) The same intention to attack and conquer free Idlib has been already announced by the Russian government as well as other officials of the regime in Damascus. (3)


Furthermore, despite pretending to defend the Syrian people against the Assad tyranny, the Turkish government has already outlined a scenario under which it would be prepared to hand over Idlib to the regime. A few days ago, President Erdoğan said that Turkish troops will stay in Syria only until the Syrian people hold elections: "Whenever the Syrian people hold an election, we will leave Syria to its owners after they hold their elections." (4)


As it is well known, the Assad regime is quite capable of organizing “elections” (of course, with a guaranteed result in its favor). When Moscow, Ankara and Damascus will have agreed on a deal, Assad will hold such “elections” and Erdoğan will call them “fair” and withdraw his troops from Syria. There should be no doubt that they will leave a Syria ruled by the iron fist of a military dictatorship – irrespective if it is headed by Assad or another tyrant.


Hence, the evil Sochi Deal only weakens and disarms the liberation forces so that they will be less capable to resist the inevitable invasion of the Russia/Assadist aggressors.




Pro-Turkish Rebel Factions Implement Sochi Deal




Unfortunately, the leaders of the pro-Turkish rebel factions – nearly all of them are united in Jabhat al-Wataniya lil-Tahrir (National Front for Liberation) – have mostly agreed with the Sochi Surrender Dear and praised Ankara’s role (from where they also receive their salaries). They tell the Syrian people in Idlib to accept withdrawal and disarmament since they should trust the Turkish army to defend them against Russia and the Assad tyranny.


This is a criminal deceit given the fact that Turkey has not lifted a finger when Russia and Assad broke other deals and stormed the liberated enclaves in Ghouta, northern Homs, or Deraa. It is evident that the Erdoğan regime is primarily interested in profitable relations with imperialist Russia and other powers and does not give a damn about the fate of the Syrian workers and oppressed.


According to Naji Mostafa, spokesperson of JWT/NFL, the pro-Turkish rebels have already withdrawn all their heavy weapons from the Demilitarization Zone in the last days. This has been confirmed by a number of reports. (5)


As we have shown in past articles Turkey is mobilizing all means – persuasion, bribes, threats and assassinations – in order to make the rebels comply. We have always warned that Ankara is prepared to military attack the liberation forces defending the Syrian Revolution.


The main targets of these threats are various petty-bourgeois Islamist movements like Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham, Tanzim Hurras al Din, Ansar ad-Din and the Turkistan Islamic Party. While we are aware that they adhere to a reactionary ideology, we also recognize that these forces currently represent the most determined sectors of the liberation struggle which are unwilling to capitulate to the reactionary plans of the Great Powers and regional powers to liquidate the Syrian Revolution. (6) This is why all counterrevolutionary forces – from Assad, Putin, Rouhani to Trump and Erdoğan – want to smash them.


These factions are currently the main obstacle in implementing the Sochi Surrender Deal as they refuse to support it – in contrast to the pro-Turkish rebels. Some of these rejectionist factions have already formally denounced the Sochi Deal. The HTS leadership has not made an official statement until now. It is unclear if they are forced, under the combined pressure of Russia, Turkey and the JWT/NFL, to retreat or not. There are several reports about ongoing clashes between HTS and allied forces and the Assadist army, mostly in North-Eastern Latakia and Northern Hama, in which about 10 Assadist soldiers and a number of militants were killed. (7) There are also reports that these rejectionist factions are concealing their heavy weapons in trenches built for this purpose in the northern mountains of Latakia. (8)


As we did already report, it seems that a faction struggle is going on inside HTS if the movement should officially oppose the Sochi Deal. An opportunist wing seems to be prepared to accommodate to the Russian-Turkish pressure while the hard-line wing strongly opposes this. However, a number of leading figures have made clear that they reject the sell-out. Abu Malik al-Shami, the Number 2 in HTS, has denounced those who remove heavy weapons from the Demilitarization Zone. (9)  Abu al-Fateh al-Farghali, a member of the HTS Shari'ah Committee and Shura member, has published a statement "Me or the Wolf?" in which he calls to oppose both an invasion by the Russian/Assadist forces as well as the Sochi Deal. (10) Other leading figures like Abu al-Yaqdhan and Abu-Shu’ayb have made similar declarations. (11)


It seems that Turkey, which carries the main responsibility to defeat the hard-line factions according to the Sochi Deal, has started now to launch military attacks against the rejectionist factions. There are several reports – both from pro-Assadist as well as from pro-HTS sources – that the Turkish army as well as the Turkish Air Force attacked HTS militants in Western Aleppo as well as in Idlib in the past days. (12) Furthermore, various pro-Turkish factions seem to mobilize their forces in order to launch an all-out attack, with the support of the Turkish army and Air Force, against HTS and their allies. The recent clashes between HTS and Nour al-Din Al-Zinki in the town of Kafr Halab in West Aleppo might be an indication for this. (13) Meanwhile the wave of assassinations, mostly against HTS commanders and militants, is continuing. (Since late April 2018, more than 330 liberation fighters have been assassinated in Idlib.)


These developments confirm once more our warnings about the reactionary role of Turkey and its local agents in the Syrian Revolution. (14) One must have no illusions: we might witness the last stand of the Syrian revolution. If Turkey and its factions – with the tacit agreement of Russia, Iran and Assad – attack HTS and other rejectionist forces, it would represent a catastrophic stab in the back of the Syrian Revolution. In such a conflict, all supporters of the liberation struggle against the Assad tyranny and Russian imperialism must side with the opponents of the Sochi Surrender Deal and against the treacherous servants of Ankara.


The RCIT repeats that it is urgent that all supporters of the Syrian Revolution – in Idlib as well as internationally – must oppose the Sochi Surrender Deal. We call for a broad rejectionist united front of all forces which agree to continue the struggle against the tyranny!


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The RCIT has published a number of booklets, statements and articles on the Syrian Revolution which can be read on a special sub-section on this website:






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