Open Europe’s Borders for Syrian Refugees - Now!


Down with the imperialist Fortress Europe! Support the liberation struggle of the Syrian people against Russia/Iran/Assad!


Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 4 March 2020,




1.             The imperialist rulers of the European Union have declared war against the Syrian refugees! The Greek police, with full political support of other EU governments, brutally attack the worn out women, men and children. These thugs in the service of the rich and powerful merciless beat up defenceless refugees, attack them with tear gas, ram their small rubber rafts with their military ships, and even use live ammunition! At least one refugee has been already shot dead, several injured and one child drowned in the sea as a result of the blatant aggression of the Greek police.


2.             The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) sharply denounces the racist policy of the Greek and all other EU governments against the refugees! These Syrian refugees are treated like criminals while their only “crime” is that they desperately want to flee war and misery. They can not live any longer in a country which is ruled since decades by a tyrannical regime – a dictatorship which has slaughtered up to one million people since the beginning of the popular uprising in March 2011! The barbarous policy of Assad the Butcher – with the decisive help of Russian imperialism and the Iranian Mullah regime – has transformed 11 million people into refugees, half of the whole Syrian population!


3.             The RCIT calls the workers movement, migrant and popular organizations in Europe to jointly fight for the immediate opening of the borders of European Union! We say: down with the overcrowded refugee camps on Greece’s islands which are nothing but open-air prisons! There is enough space in Europe for refugees: every major city has tens of thousands of empty apartments! Open the labour market for refugees which would enable them an independent income and, furthermore, it would also allow a cut in working hours for Europe’s workers. The bourgeois governments and their media claim that there is not enough money for refugees. What a silly lie! Europe is home of hundreds of billionaires – lazy parasites who got rich at the expense of the workers in Europe and the South! Let us take the money from them with a special tax so that they, for once, could make a useful contribution to the society!


4.             We know that refugees are often victims of brutal attacks by racist and fascist gangs as well as of reactionary police forces. It is urgent that the workers and popular organizations, in cooperation with migrants and refugees, build self-defence units in order to prevent such racist aggressions.


5.             Finally, the RCIT calls once more the international workers and popular organizations to rally to the defence of the Syrian people who are fighting in Idlib for freedom! For a global solidarity campaign in defense of the Syrian Revolution! Such a campaign should include all that is needed: medication, clothes, weapons, volunteers, etc. Brothers and sisters, do not to abandon the Syrian people in this most difficult hour! Rally now under the slogan: Defend Idlib - Defeat Assad and the Russian-Iranian Occupiers! Don’t Let Idlib Die!




International Secretariat of the RCIT




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The RCIT has published a number of booklets, statements, and articles on the Syrian Revolution that can be accessed on a special sub-section of this website: Our call “Save the Syrian Revolution!” has been published in six languages and can be read here in English: