Revolutionary Communism No. 71 - No. 75

Revolutionary Liberation No. 76 - No. 80

Revolutionary Communism No. 71 (September 2017) Special Issue: The China-India Conflict

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Revolutionary Communism No. 72 (September 2017)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




The Political Situation in Zambia and the Revolutionary Way Forward
Zambia: Down with the Exploitation by Foreign Powers!
Interview: Zambia is a Neo-Colonial Capitalist State Dominated by Great Powers
Zambia: ISON Workers Reject 7% Salary Increment: It’s a Mockery, Unrealistic and Unacceptable
Democratic Republic of Congo: Military Arrests Youth Activists
Togo: Down with the Gnassingbé Dictatorship!
Imperialist EU: Hands Off Africa! Open the Borders to Refugees!
Syria: Defend Idlib against the Great Powers!
Israel - Hands Off Sheikh Ra’ed Salah!
Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia - Hands Off AlJazeera!
Afghanistan: Drive the US Occupants Out!
Myanmar: Solidarity with the Uprising of the Rohingya Muslims!
Brazil: Temer Escapes Impeachment by Buying Legislators for 4.5 Billion Dollars
RCIT: What We Stand For

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Revolutionary Communism No. 73 (September 2017)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




North Korea: Stop the American Warmongers!
US Sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea are an Economic Declaration of War
There is No Progressive Camp in the China-India Border Conflict!

How the Pentagon Views the World Situation
A New Study by the US Military Confirms Marxists’ Analysis of the Current Historic Period
Introductory Remarks
“An Environment where the one Certainty is in fact Uncertainty”
The “Status Quo,” “Revisionist,” “Revolutionary” and “Rejectionist” Forces
The “Post-US Primacy” Period: Recognition of the Decline of US Imperialism as the Absolute Hegemonic Great Power
The Emergence of China and Russia as Imperialist Powers and the Acceleration of the Rivalry between the Great Power
A Looming Global “Arab Spring”?
The Struggle for Hearts and Minds
More Imperialist Wars
Ideological Warfare: “The Strategic Manipulation of Perceptions”
“Gray-Zone” Challenge, Surge Demands, New Strategy: The Call for a Bonapartist Regime and the Restriction of Bourgeois Democracy
Historic Analogies
Final Remarks

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Revolutionary Communism No. 74 (October 2017)


English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)



Catalonia after the Referendum: Forward to Independence!
Catalonia: For the Immediate Release of All Arrested Officials!
Catalonia: Support the Democratic Right for Independence!
1 October 2017: Big Decision for Catalonia
Catalonia: This is what Democracy looks like
Fight Macron’s Labor Bill: Time to shake France to its very foundations!
Down with the decrees of the Macron/Philippe government!
Britain: Corbyn and Brexit
Zambia: 2018 National Budget, Whom Does it Benefit?
Zambia: Who is Stealing our Gold?
Stop the Ethnic Cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims!
Austria: Rally in Solidarity with the Rohingya
After the horrible Earthquake in Mexico: Fight against the incompetent Government!
Brazil: No to President Temer’s Decree Eliminating the RENCA Amazon Reserve!
Syrian Revolution: The Moment of Truth is Approaching!

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Revolutionary Communism No. 75 (November 2017)


English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




Kenya: Active Boycott of the Election – Prepare for the Uprising!
Kenya: Stop the Repression against Students!
Solidarity with the Mass Protests against the Gnassingbé Regime in Togo!
Zambia at 53: Still Not Free – Aluta Continua!!!
Zambian Copper On Wheels: Whereto? Re-Nationalization A Matter of Life or Death!
Interview: “Ghana’s Leaders are all Puppets of imperialist organisation”
Yemen – Thirsty, Sick and War-Ridden!
Syria: Putin, the Astana Deal and the Role of the U.S.
The Revelations of a U.S. General on Washington’s Allies in Syria
Syria: Assad’s Army and ISIS Act Hand in Hand
Syria: A Very Instructive Episode
Russia’s Air Force supports Daesh against Syrian Liberation Fighters
Syria: The Turkish-Russian Invasion against Idlib has begun!
On the Kurdish Referendum in Iraq
Israel / Occupied Palestine: Hadash, 72 days is long enough!
The Addicted Warmonger in the White House
Brazil: Under the permanent Shadow of a Military Coup
Long live the Catalan Republic!
Catalonia’s Leaders fear Consistent Struggle for Independence

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Revolutionary Liberation No. 76 (December 2017)


English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




Editorial: Expansion of our Publications
RCIT AFRICA CONGRESS: Prepare for Mass Revolutionary Struggle!
Zimbabwe: The Fall of Mugabe – Victory for the Masses or for the Military-ZANU-PF Alliance?
Zimbabwe: Down with the Military Coup! No to the dynastic Mugabe Regime!
The Coup in Zimbabwe and the Role of Chinese Imperialism
On the 100 Day Anniversary of the Landslide in Sierra Leone: Down with Capitalist Greed and Corrupt Bureaucrats!
Togo: Down with the Gnassingbé Dictatorship!
Zambia for Sale: PF Govt Privatizes State Traffic Agency (RTSA) to KAPSCH-LAMISE…for the next 17 Years!
Zambian Miners Betrayed: KCM ‘Sales’ Workers to Chinese Company, Govt sheds Crocodile Tears!
Stop African Migrants‘ Slavery in Libya!
On the Hamas-PA Reconciliation Treaty
Syria: Counterrevolutionary ISIS/Daesh attacks again the Liberation Forces with the Help of Assad’s Army
Syria: The Russian-Sponsored Conference in Sochi is a Charade!
RCIT at a Public Meeting in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution
Britain: Sunderland’s 2021 Bid for the “City of Culture” will not benefit the Working Class
RCIT: What We Stand For

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Revolutionary Liberation No. 77 (January 2018)


English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)



Greetings for the New Year of 2018
Long Live the Popular Uprising in Iran!
Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine!
Palestine: A New Intifada is a Real Possibility!
More than 1.000 demonstrators in Vienna shouted: “Jerusalem is Palestine!”
Front in Defense of the Palestinian People organizes protest in São Paulo
Report: The Imperialist-Sponsored Conferences on Syria are Charades!
Yemen: After the Death of Saleh
On the new Cold War between Saudi Arabia and Iran
Escape from Africa through Libya: Putting the blame on Europe’s Colonial Practices!
Zambia: Mass Unemployment and Super-Exploitation
Catalonia: Election under the Shadow of Madrid’s Tyranny!

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Revolutionary Liberation No. 78 (February 2018)


English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)



Successful 2nd World Congress of the RCIT
Declaration on Collaboration between the Marxist Group ‘Class Politics’ (Russia) and the RCIT
Syria: No to Turkey’s Attack on Afrin! Defend the Syrian Revolution against Annihilation!
Defend the Syrian Revolution in Idlib – not in Afrin!
Tunisia: Solidarity with the Mass Protests!
Israel / Occupied Palestine: Free Ahed Tamimi NOW!
Balfour’s Declaration - Myths vs. Facts (Introduction)
U.S. Socialist Labor Activist Speaks on Solidarity with Syrian & Iranian Working Class
Italy sends Soldiers to Niger – Drive the Imperialist Troops Out of Africa!
Solidarity with the Mass Protests in Zambia!
Class Warfare in Zambia: Overthrow the Rich and Greedy!
Zambia Breaking News: State’s Cholera Fight Backfires
Zambian Street Vendors Clash With Police Again
Liberia: Footballer George Weah will be the Ultimate American Puppet President!
Austria: More than 50,000 People March against the Right-Wing Government!
Carillion and the Crisis of British Capitalism


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Revolutionary Liberation No. 79 (March 2018)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




Six Points for a Platform of Revolutionary Unity Today
Declaration on Fraternal Relations between the Circle “Alkebulan School of Black Studies” (Kenya) and the RCIT
Syria: Turkey’s hidden war against HTS in Idlib
Hundreds Demonstrate in Vienna in Solidarity with East Ghouta p
Syria: Assad’s Massacre in East Ghouta and the Western Hypercritics
Syria: Assad opens once again a Corridor for ISIS/Daesh
Syrian Liberation Fighters Shot Down Russian Warplane – A Small Victory
Israeli Warplane Shot Down over Syria
Occupied Palestine: Break PA Collaboration with Israel!
South Africa: Down with White Puppet Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC!
Ethiopia: Down with the State of Emergency!
Liberia: ‘Liberated’ But Looted!
Brazil: Presidential Elections 2018 - The electoral process is a fraud!
RCIT: What We Stand For



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Revolutionary Liberation No. 80 (April 2018)

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)




Zambia: Stop the Repression against Students!

Nigeria: Free the Arrested Students!

Kenya: Solidarity with the University Teachers!

The Sound of War Drums in the Middle East

Syria/Idlib: The Attack of the Astana Conspirators could be repelled thus far

Matrix: The Just Liberation Wars and the Reactionary Wars of Powers in Syria

On Recent Guerrilla Attacks against Israeli Soldiers in the West Bank

The Zionist War on the African Migrants

Brazil: Federal Intervention in Rio - A First Step towards Return of the Military?


Mexico: “Women stand against the violence, fighting for justice and job!” - Cultural-Political Event for Women’s Rights in Naucaplan (Mexico City)

Corbyn, Brexit and the Blairites’ Call for a Second Referendum

RCIT: What We Stand For


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