France: The Parliamentary “Left” Fails to Oppose Macron’s Anti-Muslim “Separatism Law”



Another example of social-chauvinist capitulation to Islamophobia and Police State policy by the Stalinist PCF and Mélenchon’s LFI


By Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 14 February 2021,




Since the 1 February, the French parliament debates Macron’s notorious Anti-Muslim “Separatism Law” (officially called bill on “Respect for the Principles of the Republic”). This law is a far-reaching attack against the freedom of association and religious freedoms. It is particularly aimed against the France’s 5.7 million-strong Muslim migrant community.


As is well known, Macron has waged a ferocious hate campaign against so-called “Islamic separatism” in the past months. His government is outdoing with the conservative opposition (“Les Républicains”) and Le Pen’s extreme right-wing party (“Rassemblement National”) in calling for repression against Muslims and their associations and for expanding the police and surveillance state. The bill aims at criminalizing all forms of so-called “online hate speech”, tighter controls on homeschooling, limits on donations to religious groups from abroad, and a requirement for all associations in France receiving public funding to sign a contract pledging to “respect Republican values”. [1]


Article 4 of this bill, for example, sanctions the use of threats, violence or “intimidation” aimed at obtaining “total or partial exemption from, or different application of” the rules governing a public service. Those convicted face five years’ imprisonment and a €75,000 fine.




Macron’s political calculations behind his crusade against Muslims




As we reported in several statements and articles Macron has launched a massive campaign against Muslims last year. He promoted the exhibition of the disgraceful Anti-Muslim cartoons of Charlie Hebdo in public places. [2] He also praised the Islamophobic teacher Samuel Paty (who was killed in revenge by an 18-year old Chechen youth) as a “quiet hero” who “incarnated the Republic. He was killed because the Islamists want our future.” In short, Macron started a political crusade against Muslims – an imperialist campaign which provoked global outrage and an international boycott campaign against France. [3]


There are several reasons for Macron’s Anti-Muslim campaign. His bourgeois government faces a severe domestic crisis as it has visible failed in combating the pandemic as well as the economic crisis. It needs to deflect attention from its highly unpopular plans for the police law and plans for social cuts. [4] Furthermore, Macron hopes to rally public support for France’s imperialist foreign policy against Muslim peoples (e.g. military intervention in West Africa [5], interference in Libya [6] and Lebanon [7], foreign policy manoeuvres against Turkey [8]). As this all takes place a bit more than one year before the next Presidential election, Macron is desperate to ensure support among different sectors of the ruling class and the reactionary middle class.


While Macron’s Anti-Muslim “Separatism Law” has been triggered by certain national factors, its subjacent cause lies in more fundamental global developments. The imperialist crusade against the Muslim world did already start long ago – at least since 9/11 in 2001 and the subsequent occupation wars by various imperialist Great Powers (U.S., EU, Russia) against Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries. [9] Chauvinist repression against Muslim minorities have taken place in many countries – from Trump’s USA to Austria [10], India [11], and China. [12]


In addition, we have seen in the last years – and in particular since spring 2020 – a dramatic shift from parliamentary democracy towards Chauvinist State Bonapartism. Under the pretext of various “threats” – most importantly the COVID-19 pandemic – the ruling class all over the world has launched massive attacks on democratic rights and advances the creation (or expansion of) a police and surveillance state. [13]




Actions speak louder than words




In such a situation it is the political duty for socialists and consistent democrats to fundamentally oppose this reactionary campaign against Muslim people. However, as we have pointed out on several occasions, the vast majority of the French left has totally failed to stand up consistently for the Muslim brothers and sisters. Most left-wing forces publicly stated their support for Samuel Paty, Charlie Hebdo and “our republic” – in other words, their solidarity with the French imperialist state. [14]


The debates and the vote in the French parliament in the last days have demonstrated this sorry state of the reformist parties once again. As the comprehensive “anti-separatism” bill contains numerous articles and amendments, the articles are voted individually.


Jean-Luc Mélenchon – the dominating leader of the left-populist La France Insoumise (LFI) – has expressed criticism against Macron and the “anti-separatism” bill in public speeches. Likewise does the Stalinist PCF mutter a few critical words against Islamophobia.


However, their actions in parliament speak a very different language. When the assembly voted on the above-mentioned Article 4 of the bill, not a single deputy voted against it! Despite all their talk against Islamophobia, the LFI deputies abstained and those of the PCF even voted in favor of the article! All in all, the LFI supported nearly 40% of the articles which have been voted on until now and the PCF supported even more! [15]








Such sharp contrast between words and actions of the French parliamentary left is not surprising. It is the political DNA of reformism – in France and globally. Their mantra has always been: talk progressive – in order to get votes; act reactionary – in order to get positions and privileges! We repeat that it is urgent for revolutionaries in France and elsewhere to break decisively with such reformist traitors!


We call revolutionaries all over the world to join forces based on unity on the most important political faultlines of international class struggle. Among these issues are the imperialist aggression against oppressed people (including Islamophobia and, in general, chauvinism against migrants), the rivalry between imperialist Great Powers (U.S., China, EU, Russia and Japan) as well as the COVID-19 Revolution. The RCIT is committed to build a World Party of Socialist Revolution in close collaboration with other revolutionary organizations and activists on the basis of consistent anti-imperialism and Marxist internationalism!




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