China: Free Xiong Yan (熊焰)!


Solidarity with the struggle of the delivery workers!


Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 8 March 2021,




Xiong Yan (熊焰), the founder of the Drivers’ Alliance mutual aid network, was arrested by the Beijing police on 25th February. Since then, his whereabouts remain unknown. Xiong has been active in organizing delivery drivers and couriers and brought together several thousand of them via social media platforms. His Drivers’ Alliance states as its aims: “Aims: solidarity, mutual assistance, friendship, determination, sharing, and winning together”. It also says: “No matter if you ride for or for Meituan, for Fengniao, Shansong, Dada, or Shunfeng, we’re all in the same hustle.


Xiong has attracted widespread media attention last month when he criticized the food-delivery platform’s Spring Festival holiday bonus system. is an online food delivery service platform which is owned by the Alibaba Group of China’s richest man, Jack Ma.


Xiong was already detained for several weeks in 2019 because of his activities in organizing delivery workers.


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) calls for the immediate release of Xiong Yan! We also demand the freedom of association of all workers in China!