Revolutionary Socialists in Kashmir Raise their Voice!


Jammu Kashmir Revolutionary Socialists (JKRS) declare their support for the latest RCIT Statement on Kashmir


Announcement by the International Bureau of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 9 August 2019,




We are glad to announce that the Jammu Kashmir Revolutionary Socialists (JKRS) has declared its support for the latest statement of the RCIT on Kashmir! (See India: Defend the Kashmiri People against Modi’s “Israel-Style” Attack! 6.8.2019,


We had initially planned to publish this statement as a joint statement with the JKRS. However, due to the extraordinary severe security situation in the Kashmir region this turned out not to be possible as we were not able to contact the comrades in time.


Fortunately, the comrades of JKRS, with whom the RCIT has collaborated for a longer period, were able to contact us today and informed us that they fully support our statement.


We consider this as an important development not only because of fundamental considerations but also because the huge importance of the region. With the qualitative aggravation of the oppression by the Indian state, the Kashmiri people are becoming the Palestinians of South Asia. There can be no doubt that Kashmir will become a major flashpoint of the international class struggle and of world politics in general in the next period!


We call upon revolutionaries in Kashmir, Pakistan and India to join us in our struggle to rebuild a Revolutionary World Party – an international party determined to fight for socialist revolution in South Asia and around the world!