A Temporary Truce … to Prepare for another War


Are We Nearing a New “68 Moment”? On the massive upsurge of global class struggle


Another Great Recession of the Capitalist World Economy Has Begun


The Gang Leaders of Western Counterrevolution Are Faltering


A Very Self-Confident Imperialist Great Power


“Worse than World War I” (Former U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger warns about Cold War between U.S. & China)


Are Global Popular Uprisings Caused by “Foreign Conspiracies”?


Revolutionary Change to End Climate Change!


Global Trade War: “If That Takes a Decade, So Be It!”


The Point of No Return Seems to Have Been Passed in the U.S.-China Cold War


China passes the US on Global Business Ranking for the first time


The CWI and the U.S.-China Cold War


Act Two in the U.S.-China Cold War


The Next Round of Escalation in the Global Trade War


Climatic War: Socialist Green New Deal or Great New Disasters!


The Global Super-Rich Get Even Richer


Trump threatens to withdraw from INF Treaty: No to a New Imperialist Arms Race!


Global Trade War: No to Great Power Jingoism in West and East! (Joint Statement)

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Book: Anti-Imperialism in the Age of Great Power Rivalry (Chapter VI. The Acceleration of Inter-Imperialist Rivalry and the Global Trade War)


The Global Trade War is Escalating


Capitalist Trade and the Looming 3rd World War


The Global Trade War has Begun. What is its Meaning and what should be the Response of Socialists?


Where Do Socialists Stand in Face of the Looming Global Trade War?


Book: World Perspectives 2018: A World Pregnant with Wars and Popular Uprisings (Chapter IV. Accelerating Rivalry Between the Imperialist Great Powers)