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MANIFESTO: COVID-19: A Cover for a Major Global Counterrevolutionary Offensive


Open Letter on COVID-19 Crisis: Act Now because History is Happening Now!


Theses on the Growing Impact of the National and Democratic Question (The Marxist theory of Permanent Revolution and its application in the current historic period of capitalist decay)


Ukraine War: International Workers Aid Campaign (incl. the Sunflower Convoy)


[PAMPHLET] Ukraine: A Capitalist Semi-Colony


[PAMPHLET] The Poverty of Neo-Imperialist Economism (A critique of Ted Grant and his school in CWI, ISA, IMT)


[PAMPHLET] World Situation: In the Midst of a Global Political Tornado (April 2022)


PAMPHLET: Putin’s Poodles (Pro-Russian Stalinists and their arguments in the current NATO-Russia Conflict)


PAMPHLET: China: An Imperialist Power … Or Not Yet? (Debate with the PTS/FT)


PAMPHLET: Servants of Two Masters - Stalinism and the New Cold War between Imperialist Great Powers


PAMPHLET: Putin’s Poodles (Pro-Russian Stalinists and their arguments in the current NATO-Russia Conflict)


PAMPHLET: COVID-19: The Current and Historical Roots of Bourgeois Lockdown “Socialism”


[MANIFESTO] Ukraine War: A Turning Point of World Historic Significance


Neither Revolutionary nor Communist (Critical remarks on the IMT’s “Manifesto of the Revolutionary Communist International”)


European Imperialism: A Shift towards Armament and Militarisation


Western Financial Sharks Try to Squeeze Dividends from the Ukraine


The Global South in the Focus of Inter-Imperialist Rivalry


Students around the World Rise Up in Solidarity with the Palestinian People!


For an Independent and Socialist Ukraine free from Russian Occupation and Western Domination! (Declaration of Fraternal Relations between Spalakh (Ukraine) and RCIT)


Ukraine: Rapidly Growing Escalation in the War with Russia


Joint Statement of Spalakh (Ukraine) and RCIT on Wars in Ukraine and Gaza


The PO (Argentina) and the Ukraine War: Continuing the Debate


Once More on the PO (Argentina) and the Ukraine War


Ukraine War: Two Years after the Invasion


Internationalist Meeting in Milano: An Inspiring Conference! (February 2024)


A Period of Catastrophes, Wars, and Revolutions Requires Unity of Revolutionaries! (Statement for Milano Conference in February 2024)


Ukraine War: Reply to another ill-considered Polemic of PO (Argentina)


Revolutionary New Year Greetings for 2024


A Disillusioned Diplomat on the Prospects for U.S. Imperialism


Manifesto on the First Anniversary of the Ukraine War


Michael Pröbsting Speaks at Socialism 2023 Conference (Malaysia) about De-Dollarization and Multipolarity


“Highest Number of Armed Conflicts in three Decades” (IISS Study on Armed Conflicts)


Nearly Half of U.S. Youth Think that Hamas’s October Attack was Justified by Grievances of Palestinians


U.S. Prepares for Sell-Out of Ukraine


Signposts for Unity and Demarcation


International Debate among Socialists about China and the BRICS+ [RCIT, UIT-CI and PTS/FT] (11.9.2023)


BRICS+: An Imperialist-Led Alliance


Russia: The Death Agony of the Putin Regime and the Perspectives for the Class Struggle


Marxist Tactics in Wars with Contradictory Character


Towards a Turning Point in the Ukraine War?


War Danger on the Korean Peninsula


NATO Official Suggests Ukraine Should Trade Territory for Membership


China-Philippines-US: The Conflict on the Ayungin Shoal and Inter-Imperialist Rivalry


Ukraine War: What Does the U.S. Offer in its Secret Negotiations with Russia?


Wages, Productivity and the Rate of Exploitation: Some Concrete Examples


NATO-Russia Cold War: Sabre-Rattling at the Polish-Belarusian Border


Supporting Ukraine without Dual Tactic Leads to Social-Imperialism


Ukraine War: Platonic Supporters


Ukraine War: What Are the Results of the NATO Vilnius Summit?


Ukraine War: Secret Negotiations between U.S. and Russia Have Started


Prigozhin’s Coup Attempt in Russia: A Quarrel between Thieves


NATO Integration: An Imperialist Trap for the Ukrainian People!


Once Again on the Worries of Western Powers after the Prigozhin Coup in Russia


Western Powers and the Prigozhin Coup in Russia


[VIDEO] Russia: On Prigozhin's Attempted Coup


US-China Rivalry: The Xi-“Trotskyists” (Lambertism)


Western “Solidarity” with the Ukraine: A Cynical Example


The Pro-Bourgeois Opportunism of LIS/MST (Part 2, Pakistan)


The Pro-Bourgeois Opportunism of LIS/MST (Part 1: Ukraine)


Ukraine War: The Logic of Annihilation in Theory and Practice


Is Ukraine About to Become NATO’s “Israel” in Eastern Europe?


Ukraine War: The Inner Contradictions of the ‘Proxy War’ Theory


Kissinger on Great Power Rivalry and Ukraine War


U.S. "War on Terror": More than 4.5 Million Deaths


Russian Missile Lands in Central Poland


Inter-Imperialist Rivalry: China Is Cutting its U.S. Treasury Bond Holdings


Inter-imperialist rivalry and the specter of de-dollarization


Ukraine War: “Wall Street Journal” Reveals Western Governments Eagerness to Push for Ceasefire


“Can China Replace the U.S. as Hegemon?” - A Misleading Question!


The Ukraine War is Highly Profitable for Russia’ Billionaires


Lula Meets Lavrov and Xi – We Say: Neither Washington nor Moscow and Beijing!


Medvedev claims: “We need a Big Great Russia”


Macron and his Plans for Europe as a “Third Superpower”


Is US aid to Ukraine really 'unprecedented'?


“Ukraine is a Proxy of the West?” – Facts versus Myths


A New Study on Excess Mortality in the Period of the COVID-19 Pandemic


About the Government Bailout of Insolvent Banks in USA and Switzerland


The Opportunist ISA and the Iraq War


On the Arrest Warrant for Russian President Putin Issued by the ICC


20 Years Ago: The US-UK Invasion of Iraq (2003)


The Black Sea Drone Incident Is Very Telling


“Markets are wild“: Banks and Stock Markets Teeter on the Brink


Polish Left-Wing Party Razem Supports NATO and EU Militarisation


Russia: Medvedev’s “Anti-Colonialism for Idiots”


[VIDEO] Argentina: Rally on the Anniversary of the Ukraine War (28.2.2023)


Cynical Doubletalk (The IMT and the Ukraine War)


“Multi-Polar World Order” = Multi-Imperialism


Ukraine War: Beating the Dummy (Critique of ISA)


Anti-Imperialism versus Pro-Western Liberalism (Russian Socialist Movement and Ukraine War)


How to Support Ukraine’s Liberation War without Taking Side in the Inter-Imperialist Rivalry? (Critique of LIT-CI)


Ukraine War: Mutiny of National Minority Battalions in the Russian Army


Our Solidarity is with the Ukrainian People! (Joint Declaration of the Anti-Imperialist Conference of Revolutionary Socialists)


Report: Joint Anti-Imperialist Initiative of Revolutionary Socialists in Russia


Bernie Sanders Too (U.S. & Chinese Balloon)


U.S.-China Rivalry: Air Cowboys


Many Western Corporations Continue to make Business with Russia despite the official Sanction Policy


The Chinese Balloon and America’s “Socialists”


COVID Counterrevolution and Fertility Rate (Comparing China and Sweden)


Chip Sanctions: Another Step towards War between U.S. and China


Report from a Socialist Soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Russia: A Mirror of the Future (World situation, Global Class Struggle, Revolutionary Regroupment)


Ukraine War: Once More on Military Aid and Inter-Imperialist Rivalry (Debating RSOP/DC/SRS, FT & LIT)


China after the defeat of Covid Zero... Did the capitalist locomotive become Titanic?


Leader of Russian mercenaries admits the popular character of the Ukrainian resistance


Henry Kissinger’s Desperate Call for Imperialist Peace


Socialists Should Support the Transfer of Russian State and Oligarchs Assets into Ukrainian Hands!


Bourgeois Mainstream Press Reports: “Police Seize on COVID-19 Tech to Expand Global Surveillance”


The Toll of the COVID Counterrevolution on Children’s Health


What to Learn from the Popular Rebellion against Lockdowns & Zero-COVID in China? (Open Letter to LIT-CI)


On Russia’s War Economy


The Gigantic Destruction of the Ukrainian Society


Protests against “Zero COVID” in China: An Embarrassment for the Lockdown Left


Ukraine War: The Liberation of Western Kherson Oblast and the Danger of a Great Power Deal


Ukraine War & Great Power Rivalry: On the Missile Incident in Poland


Anti-Imperialism: The “Right to Resist” … and the Duty of Marxists (Critique of CWI, IMT and ISA)


Spare the Dummy … and Trotsky! (Critique of Alan Woods’ IMT)


Great Power Rivalry: Deepening of Differences between Stalinist Parties (On XXII IMCWP & “Paris Declaration”)


Russia: A Disguised Support for Imperialist Armament (Critique of RRP)


Ukraine War: Spontaneous Protests of Soldiers of the Russian Army


Ukraine War: Former Russian Members of Alan Woods‘ IMT Speak Out


Protests in Iran and Ukraine War: The ISA’s Double Standard


Said Kaba - 1985-2022 (Obituary for a Russian comrade)


A Peculiar and Explosive Combination (Notes on the current World Situation, October 2022)


Threats of Nuclear War between Great Powers


“Left” Stalinism and the Program of Russian Social-Imperialism (Critique of RKRP)


Nothing Learned and Nothing Forgotten (Critique of IMT)


Action Program against the Food and Energy Crisis


A Strategy for Popular Uprising against the Food and Energy Crisis


The Struggle of Revolutionaries in Imperialist Heartlands against Wars of their “Own” Ruling Class (with Pictures &Videos)


Against Russia’s War without Internationalism and Anti-Imperialism? (Critique of RRP Russia)


Zelensky: A Nuclear Nitwit?


Shall Socialists Call for “Nuclear Disarmament”? (Critique of LIT-CI)


Putin Announces Colonial Annexation of Ukrainian Territories


Russia: Revolutionary Tactics in the Struggle against Putin’s Mobilisation


Russian Empire Escalates its Colonial War against the Ukraine


Taiwan: Great Power Rivalry and National Question


An Inspiring Internationalist Rally against Russian Imperialism (25.9.2022)


Do Ukrainian People in Occupied Territories Really Want Annexation by Russia? (IMT & Putin’s Mobilisation)


Russia: Zyuganov Calls for “General Mobilisation” to defeat the Ukraine


The Ukraine War after the Liberation of the Kharkiv Region


A Ukrainian Socialist Reports on the Successful Offensive against the Russian Occupation Forces


Ukraine War: A Mistaken Polemic (Reply to Critique of FT/PTS)


NATO Leader Warns of “Civil Unrest” in Europe


Ukraine War: Acknowledgement of a Putinist


The G-7 Oil Price Cap: A New Stage in the Great Power Rivalry


Putin’s “Civilizing Mission” (On the Kremlin's New Foreign Policy Doctrine)


Bourgeois Think Tank: “The World is Facing an Unprecedented Rise in Civil Unrest”


Russia: Report about the Current Situation (1.9.2022)


World Economy: “The Next Decade Will Be Very Painful”


The World Situation will change soon enough


Zyuganov’s Servants (IMT Russia)


Western Boycott of Western Sanctions?


Ukraine War: Joint Statement of the Socialist Tendency (Russia) and the RCIT


Open Letter to all Socialists in Russia: Unite in Fighting Russian Imperialism!


Ukraine War: An Action Program for Authentic Socialists


The Fundamental Meaning of the Ukraine War (Key Test for Revolutionary Strategy in the coming Period)


Interview with Russian Trotskyist on the Ukraine War (18.8.2022)


The Marxist Slogan “The Main Enemy Is At Home” and its Social-Imperialist Distortion


[VIDEO] Defend the Ukrainian People against Putin’s Invasion!


Taiwan: Pelosi Visit Might Provoke War between the U.S. and China


Ukraine War: Mr. Woods Warns Authentic Socialists (Critique of IMT)


World Economy: It’s Official – the Recession has Begun


Ukraine War: Reply to Russian Stalinists


Confirmation, Unfortunately (Critique of ISA)


ISA: A Kautsky-Type of International


Russia and the Theory of “Lesser-Evil” Imperialism


Ukraine War: Revolutionary Defensism and Non-Revolutionary Defensism (Critique of LIT-CI)


Ukraine War: The Outcome of the Stalino-“Trotskyist” Conference


Borrell: “We are not winning”


A Leading Ideologist of Russian imperialism on Nature and Consequences of the Ukraine War


Ukraine War: Stalino-“Trotskyist” Chamber of Horrors


Boycotting the Ukrainian Resistance Is Neither Internationalist Nor Socialist! (Critique of ISA)


Ukraine War: Closet Putinistas (Reply to PO Argentina)


Ukraine War: Supporting Western Sanctions Is Impermissible for Socialists! (Critique of LIT-CI)


An IMF Study on the Global Class Struggle


Ukraine War: Join the International Solidarity Campaign – Support the Sunflower Convoy!


Only 6 out of 16 (The Finnish “Left Alliance” & the parliamentary vote about NATO membership)


Sweden and Finland Seek NATO Membership: Down with all Imperialist Powers!


RCIT Declaration for Lviv Conference on Solidarity with the Ukrainian People (1.5.2022)


“Athens Declaration” on Ukraine War of the "Progressive Internationale": A Disorientation Smoke Grenade


Against Pro-NATO Social-Imperialism in the Name of Solidarity with the Ukraine


The Program of Great Russian Totalitarism (Patrushev Interview)


Interview with a Ukrainian Socialist serving at the Joint Force Operation (JFO)


G-20: Inter-Imperialist Rivalry on the Diplomatic Terrain


Sinking "Moscow" Cruiser: A Significant Blow to Russian Military Prestige


A Revealing Document of Great Russian Totalitarianism (RIA Novosti)


Defend Ukraine! Defeat Russian & NATO Imperialism! (War Platform for Socialists in Russia & Ukraine)


Once Again on Russian Imperialism (Reply to Critics)


LIT-CI “Would Undoubtedly Defend Russia”


No to Workers Boycott against Russia but Yes to Boycotting the Ukraine? (Critique of PTS/FT)


The Ukraine War and the Second Sino-Japanese War: A Historical Analogy


Ukraine War: RCIT Leaders Speak at a Public Online Event (19.3.2022)


[VIDEO] War in Ukraine: Interview with Russian Socialist


[VIDEO] A Revolutionary Socialist from Russia Speaks Out in Solidarity with Ukraine


Ukraine War: Dockworkers Boycott Imperialist Russia


Can Socialists Support Imperialist Sanctions?


The IMT and the Ukraine War: A Shameful Betrayal (+ Preface to the Russian Translation)


Dozens of Nazi groups support the invasion of Ukraine


Ukraine: The Capture of Berdyansk or the True Goals of the Kremlin's Military Company




Defeat the Russian invasion with popular militias independent from NATO


Convergencia Socialista (Argentina) organizes Rally against Russian invasion in Front of Embassy (26.2.2022)


Down with Putin’s Imperialist War against the Ukraine!


A new turning point in Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine


Interview with Kharkiv Socialist about the War in the Ukraine


[VIDEO] Statement on the COVID Counterrevolution (Juan Garberi, Argentina)


MANIFESTO: “Green Pass” & Compulsory Vaccinations: A New Stage in the COVID Counterrevolution


On Some Ideological Features of the COVID Counterrevolution


COVID Counterrevolution: They Declare Victory…and Retreat. Have We Won already?


The Current NATO-Russia Conflict and the Anti-Imperialist Tasks of Revolutionaries


Neither NATO nor Russia! Down with all Imperialist Warmongers!


Putin’s Recognition of Donbass “Republics” – A Major Escalation in the Inter-Imperialist Conflict


The Ukraine and the looming Russian Invasion


NATO-Russia Conflict: Platform of Socialists in Russia and the Ukraine

The Significance of the Putin-Xi Meeting


NATO-Russia Conflict: Is this the Beginning of the War in the Ukraine?


A Marxist approach to the international mobilizations against the authoritarian health restrictions


A Progressive Step Towards Anti-Imperialism (KKE opposes both Great Powers in NATO-Russia conflict)


1914 or 1939?


Is Russia “Dependent on Western Imperialism”? (On the LIT-CI statement on the current NATO-Russia conflict)


Bernie Sanders and the current NATO-Russia Conflict


NATO-Russia Conflict: The Anglo-Saxon ‘Marxist’ Tendency


NATO-Russia Conflict: The “Party of the European Left” as Government Adviser for EU Imperialism


NATO-Russia Conflict: “Trotskyists” in the Camp of Russian Imperialism (On the Argentinean “Partido Obrero”)


The Dangerously Irrational Mass Vaccination Campaign for Children


COVID-19: Excess Mortality and Mass Vaccination in Europe … and Some Unpleasant Facts


“Omicron”: A Pretext for Exacerbated Attacks of the COVID Counterrevolution


World Economy: The Second Slump Has Begun


COVID: The Global Elite is Worried! (On the latest edition of the WEF’s “Global Risks Report”)


COVID: “Lockdowns Aren’t A Public Health Policy” (A leading British epidemiologist against the lockdown policy)


COVID: “Health Pass and Surveillance Technologies Will Stay for Many Years”


Capitalist Energy Crunch: Towards Dark Winter


COVID and the Lockdown Left: Calling for a “Strong State”


Great Power Rivalry: A Remarkable Admission by a leading U.S. General


COVID-19: Another Shameful Advocacy of Reactionary Lockdown Policy by “Socialists”


A Shameful Slander of Popular Mass Protests


“Omicron”: The Panic Spread by the Bourgeoisie


Dark Winter: Listen to the Billionaire!


Why Refuse Some Socialists to Support the Struggle against the “Green Pass”? (PTS/FT, PSTU/LIT, IMT & PCL)


The Coming Inter-Imperialist War on Taiwan


“Defending China”: Pseudo-Trotskyism in the Period of Great Power Rivalry


Japan: Stalinist Patriots against “China’s Hegemonism”


The Real Estate Bubble in Capitalist China


The Meaning of the AUKUS Pact


World Economy: Heading towards a Second Slump?


Afghanistan and the humiliating defeat of the Imperial Eagle


Afghanistan, Health Pass and the End of Bourgeois Democracy


COVID-19 Counterrevolution in Australia: Boots on the Ground


“Maritime Freedom” – A Keyword of the U.S./NATO Warmongers


COVID-19: The Capitalist Anti-Pandemic Policy Kills More People than the Pandemic Itself


Shooting Incident in Black Sea between UK and Russia: “Next Time We Will Bomb the Target”


Russia Fires Warning Shots against UK Warship in the Black Sea


Examples of Pro-Russian Social-Imperialism (British Stalinism & WSWS on Skirmish in the Black Sea)


Skirmish in Black Sea: Imperialist Patriotism in the UK


Mass Vaccination Can Make You Rich…at least if you own a pharmaceutical corporation!


War and Intifada in Palestine: A Turning Point in the World Situation


Interesting Assessments of the Global Class Struggle by a Bourgeois Think Tank


“The U.S. is Back”? Dream on, Mr. Biden! (On the Great Power Summits in June 2021)


A Japanese Monopoly Capitalist Praises China’s Ruling “Communist” Party


COVID-19: The Demystification of the so-called “deadly virus”


The Art to Conceal: The centrist IMT of Alan Woods about the Great Power rivalry between the US and China


Afghanistan: Good Riddance, Yankees!


“ZeroCOVID” Left Calls for the Authoritarian State – A Practical Example


Stalinist and “Trotskyist” Supporters of Chinese Imperialism under the Fig-Leaf of “Anti-Imperialism”


One-sided and Naïve … at Best! A joint call by the friends of Chinese imperialism and the daydreamers of well-meaning global capitalism


A Really Good Quarrel - Recent US-China Alaska Meeting Shows Continuation of Inter-Imperialist Cold War


Mr. and Mrs. Lockdown Left: We Told You So!


COVID-19: An Opportunity Too Good to Be Missed by the Lords of Wealth and Money (Part 2)


COVID-19: “A Market of up to 23 Billion US-Dollar”


The RCIT on COVID-19: One Year Ago. The first anniversary of the beginning of the Marxists’ struggle against the capitalist counterrevolution taking place under the cover of the pandemic


The “Moral Imperative” of Imperialist Killing


COVID-19: Sweden's Total Mortality in 2020 Compared with Past Years


COVID-19: A Comparison of Historical Data


COVID-19: An Opportunity Too Good to Be Missed by the Lords of Wealth and Money (Part 1)


COVID-19: That Was A Damn Good Year for the Billionaires in West and East


COVID-19: Some Interesting Facts (Which Governments & Media Conceal)


COVID-19: Zero Socialism in the “ZeroCOVID“ campaign


COVID-19: How Severe is the Pandemic in Sweden Really?


COVID-19: The Fear of the Ruling Class “To Lose Control”


How the Ruling Class Prepared for COVID-19


PAMPHLET: The Second Wave of the COVID-19 Counterrevolution


COVID-19: Revealing Figures from Sweden


Air Pollution Kills Half a Million Babies Every Year … But Who Cares, it is not COVID-19!


COVID-19: Watch Your Back, Lockdown Gangsters!


Confirmation by the Class Enemy (IMF Report on Global Class Struggle and COVID-19 Crisis)


COVID-19: The Great Barrington Declaration is indeed Great!


TikTok, Consulate Closures and the Cold War between the U.S. and China


Joint Statement: The COVID-19 Counterrevolution and the Betrayal of the Lockdown Left


A Turn in the World Situation: The Global Popular Uprising against Racism and Police Violence


Some observations on the final unitary resolution of the FIT-U Latinamerica and U.S conference


Lockdown Left says: “Cops Need to Enforce Laws


Only A Global Victory Over Racism Is Possible!


Joint Statement: For a people-based approach to the COVID-19 Crisis! Down with State Repression!


PAMPHLET: The Police and Surveillance State in the Post-Lockdown Phase


China-India Border Conflict: Down with Chauvinist Warmongering on Both Sides!


COVID-19: The U.S. and the New Cold War


Escalating Cold War between the Great Powers amid the COVID-19 Crisis


When Ultra-Leftism marries Social-Bonapartism and Gives Birth to “Post-Marxist” Obscurantism (On CWG/ILTT)


COVID-19 Crisis: When Bourgeois Sources Reveal the Truth


3.4 Trillion Reasons (An ILO study on the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis for the international working class)


The Close-Down Policy is killing


How could WHO and World Bank exactly predict COVID-19?


COVID-19 and the Lockdown Left: The Example of PODEMOS and Stalinism in Spain


Ex-IMF Advisor: “Corona Virus Crisis is also an Opportunity”


No, most likely it is not COVID-19 that is going to kill you


A Confirmation of the Revolutionary Character of the Historic Period


The 2019 Corona Virus and the Decay of Capitalism


No, the Corona Virus is not the Main Cause of the Global Economic Slump!


2019 Corona Virus: Oppose the Global Wave of Chauvinist Hysteria!


2019 Corona Virus: No to the Anti-Chinese Chauvinism in South Korea!


2019 Corona Virus: The Hypocrisy of Anti-Chinese Chauvinism in the West


Coronavirus: “I am not a virus” ... but we will be the cure!


2019-nCoV and the Virus of Chauvinism


A Temporary Truce … to Prepare for another War


Are We Nearing a New “68 Moment”? On the massive upsurge of global class struggle


Another Great Recession of the Capitalist World Economy Has Begun


The Gang Leaders of Western Counterrevolution Are Faltering


A Very Self-Confident Imperialist Great Power


“Worse than World War I” (Former U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger warns about Cold War between U.S. & China)


Are Global Popular Uprisings Caused by “Foreign Conspiracies”?


Revolutionary Change to End Climate Change!


Global Trade War: “If That Takes a Decade, So Be It!”


The Point of No Return Seems to Have Been Passed in the U.S.-China Cold War


China passes the US on Global Business Ranking for the first time


The CWI and the U.S.-China Cold War


Act Two in the U.S.-China Cold War


The Next Round of Escalation in the Global Trade War


Climatic War: Socialist Green New Deal or Great New Disasters!


The Global Super-Rich Get Even Richer


Trump threatens to withdraw from INF Treaty: No to a New Imperialist Arms Race!


Global Trade War: No to Great Power Jingoism in West and East! (Joint Statement)

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Book: Anti-Imperialism in the Age of Great Power Rivalry (Chapter VI. The Acceleration of Inter-Imperialist Rivalry and the Global Trade War)


The Global Trade War is Escalating


Capitalist Trade and the Looming 3rd World War


The Global Trade War has Begun. What is its Meaning and what should be the Response of Socialists?


Where Do Socialists Stand in Face of the Looming Global Trade War?


Book: World Perspectives 2018: A World Pregnant with Wars and Popular Uprisings (Chapter IV. Accelerating Rivalry Between the Imperialist Great Powers)