Israel and the Military Coup in Sudan


A delegation of Israel’s Mossad secretly visited Khartoum after the military coup did take place


By Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 2 November 2021,




In our analysis of the military coup in Sudan on 25 October, we have emphasized that this putsch could only take place because it did receive support from influential reactionary powers. We did demonstrate in two articles, based on concrete evidence, that General Burhan and his conspirators got such from the counterrevolutionary “Axis of Evil” – Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt’s General Sisi [1] – as well as from imperialist Russia. [2]


Concerning Israel’s support for the coup, we pointed to the positive reaction from “unnamed” government sources as well as to the fact that only three weeks before the putsch took place, a delegation of Sudan’s security apparatus visited the Zionist state. Actually, this delegation was led by General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, also known as Hemetti. This is one of the worst killers of Sudan’s army (which is not short of killers) as he commands the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces and is known for systematic campaigns of killings of civilians and rapes in Darfur. He is also the figure responsible for the Khartoum massacre on 3 June 2019 where hundreds of demonstrators were killed on a single day. [3]


As it happens, General Hemetti is the co -leader of the coup – together with General Burhan.


Now, additional evidence has emerged which confirms our analysis about Israel’s sponsorship of the military coup. Yesterday, Israeli and other media reported that a delegation “secretly visited the Sudanese capital of Khartoum last week”. The delegation, “which reportedly consisted of Mossad representatives, met with Sudanese military personnel, most notably with Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo.[4] While the media don’t name an exact date of this visit, they report that it took place “last week”. As the military coup happened in the night of Sunday to Monday (25 October), this must mean that this visit happened after the putsch was carried out.


It should be clear to everyone that such a secret visit of Israeli’s Mossad representative to the co-leader of the coup, taking place after the putsch happened, can mean nothing but that both sides discussed and negotiated how to work together closer in face of the new circumstances.


It is highly characteristic and symbolic that the leaders of this coup have close links to the Zionist state, which is responsible for the historic oppression and expulsion of the Palestinian people. As we did already report, the new military regime is a strong advocate of the notorious policy of “normalization” with Israel, i.e. the establishment of official relations with this racist settler state. [5]General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who led last Monday's takeover, had frequently met with Israeli officials and was reportedly enthusiastic for increasing ties with Israel.” [6]


All socialists, all anti-Zionists and all democrats must rally to oppose the military coup in Sudan. We repeat that this putsch is part of the counterrevolutionary offensive against the popular uprisings in the Arab world. The coup leaders must be overthrown by a popular uprising and replaced by a workers and poor peasants government. [7]




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