Despite Attempts to Sabotage – Our Solidarity with the Bosnian Revolution Continues!

Report (with Videos) from the Rally on February 22 2014 in Vienna

RKOB (Austrian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, RCIT) and youth organization RED*REVOLUTION, 22.2.2014,


A bit less than 100 people demonstrated on Saturday 22 in solidarity with the Bosnian Revolution in front of the local embassy. The beginning of the demonstration was marked by attempts of some bourgeois-liberal and Stalinist forces to monopolize the rally. They had started already in the days before an internet campaign against the RKOB. The reasons are their hostility against our positions:

* Solidarity with the Bosnian liberation struggle 1992-95!

* Resistance against the NATO and EU rule over Bosnia!

* Victory to the Bosnian Revolution! For a Workers and Peasants Republic Bosnia-Herzegovina!

These group of bourgeois-liberal and Stalinist people wanted to dictate what could be said and what could not be said at the demonstration. In concrete they stated that speeches are not allowed:

* which mention the liberation war of 1992-95

* which oppose the mass murders Milošević, Mladić or Karadžić

* which oppose the NATO and EU rule over Bosnia

For these reasons they tried to monopolize the speeches for themselves. When Almedina „Nina“ Gunić, spokeswoman of the RKOB, addressed the rally and dared to mention our opposition against the mass murders Milošević and Karadžić they immediately took away the microphone from her. But many Bosnian migrants present opposed this and expressed her support for Gunić’s speech. (See the video

As a result the bourgeois-liberal and Stalinist organizers withdrew to the background. Comrade Gunić could continue her speech – now with the megaphone of the RKOB. Also another Bosnian speaker addressed the rally. (See the video As one can see in the video, the liberal and Stalinist organizers tried to interrupt the rally and get the support of the police to stop it (without success).

After this we started the demonstration which was called by the RKOB and which was joined by the majority of the participants. During the demonstration we raised slogans like "Long live the International Solidarity!", "Freedom for Bosnia!" and “Revolucija - Jedina Solucija!".

The final rally was addressed by the RKOB spokespersons Almedina „Nina“ Gunić und Michael Pröbsting as well as by a Bosnian migrant speaker. (See and


For the Liberation of Bosnia! Victory to the Bosnian Revolution!

Jedna Solucija - Revolucija!