[VIDEO] Argentina: The Great Railway Workers’ Strike in 1991


A Strike Which Educated the Workers Vanguard


A Video published by Convergencia Socialista (Argentinean Section of the RCIT), November 2021, https://convergenciadecombate.blogspot.com and www.thecommunists.net




30 years ago, in 1991, Argentina experienced the great railway workers’ strike. This heroic strike lasted for 46 days. It was an important class struggle which the rank-and-file workers led themselves – through regular grassroots assemblies and the election of delegates in order to coordinate the struggle with other sectors of the working class. Furthermore, the workers created self-defense pickets to defend the strike against thugs of the bosses and the trade union bureaucracy.


The 22-minute-long video contains a lot of original material from the period of the strike. It has been issued by Juan Carlos Beica, who served as the general secretary of the Signalmen's Union during the 1991 strike. Today, this comrade is a leader of Convergencia Socialista as well as the RCIT.


The video has been published in Spanish-language. Below you find both the original version as well as a version with English sub-titles. The translation and the creation of this video has been provided by comrade Rubén Jaramilllo.