Revolutionary Communism - New Series#41

English-Language Theoretical Review of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), New Series No.41, July 2020



The Second Wave of the COVID-19 Counterrevolution


On the ruling class strategy in the current conjuncture, its inner contradictions and the perspectives of the workers and popular resistance


A Pamphlet by Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 20 July 2020,






The localized version of Lockdown policy is spreading

New information concerning severity (or not so severity) of the pandemic

Telling figures for Europe, Sweden and Ischgl

The worst pandemic in Africa? Really?

Capitalism and care homes as deadly traps for old people

The real nature of the ruling class bonapartist offensive under the cover of COVID-19

Why is the ruling class opting for a local lockdown strategy?

Excurse: A crisis characteristic for the present period of capitalist decay

The nature and inner contradictions of the local lockdown strategy

Preparing for a new counter-revolutionary offensive

The Lockdown Left: a never ending embarrassment

The shameful example of the PSTU/LIT-CI

The imperialist aristocratism of the Lockdown Left

Building a Revolutionary World Party



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