Advance the Unity of Revolutionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Africa!


Declaration of Fraternal Relations between the Courant des Jeunes Penseurs Congolais (Democratic Republic of Congo) and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, 20 June 2018




1.             After a period of discussion and collaboration the Courant des Jeunes Penseurs Congolais (COGITO), and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) have decided to establish fraternal relations.


2.             While we are aware of different ideological origins of both organizations, we find a programmatic basis for our fraternal relations in the RCIT’s “Manifesto for the Revolutionary Liberation of Black Africa” (


3.             We recognize the fundamental fact that the Democratic Republic of Congo – a big country with huge mineral reserves – is subjugated to massive super-exploitation by the imperialist Great Powers (like the US, EU, China) and their corporations. These Great Powers find compliant lackeys in the local capitalist elite, symbolized by the corrupt and authoritarian regime of Joseph Kabila. We fight for a perspective of workers, youth and popular struggle in order to defend democratic and social rights. The Congolese working people will only become free if they are liberated from capitalist exploitation and imperialist oppression. The same holds true for the whole of Africa.


4.             On the basis of such a perspective, we will collaborate in order to advance the construction of a political alternative for the Congolese workers, youth and poor peasants. We plan to jointly develop and fight for a revolutionary Action Program for the Democratic Republic of Congo. We will publish reports about our activities and launch, when necessary, initiatives for international solidarity. Based on such experience of joint work we will see if the basis for closer organizational unity exists.


5.             Naturally, our fraternal relations do not revoke the autonomy and organizational independence of COGITO which will continue to struggle for its demands in DRC with non-violent methods.


6.             We call upon revolutionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa and internationally to join us in our struggle to rebuild a revolutionary World Party – an international party determined to fight for socialist revolution in Africa and around the world!



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