Revolutionary Liberation No.142

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 142, February 2023




Report from a Socialist Soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Report on the Political Situation in Russia for January 2023

Leader of Russian Mercenaries Admits the Popular Character of the Ukrainian Resistance which Fights “House to House”

Bourgeois Mainstream Press Reports: “Police Seize on COVID-19 Tech to Expand Global Surveillance”

China after the Defeat of Zero Covid

The New Extreme Right-Wing Government in Israel and the Arab Revolution

The killing of ill Palestinian Prisoners

Long live the Peruvian National Strike!

Brazil: How should Revolutionaries Act against the Bolsonarista Mobilization?

Argentina: Rallies in Solidarity with the Mass Protests in Iran and Peru

Britain: The Decay and Crisis of British Imperialism and Capitalism



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Revolutionary Liberation No.141

English-Language Journal of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), No. 141, January 2023




Revolutionary New Year Greetings for 2023

China: Popular Rebellion against Lockdowns and “Zero COVID”

China Protests: The Anti-Lockdown Program of the University Students

The Toll of the COVID Counterrevolution on Children’s Health

Our Solidarity is with the Ukrainian People!
Joint Declaration of the Anti-Imperialist Conference of Revolutionary Socialists in Russia

Russia: Joint Anti-Imperialist Initiative of Revolutionary Socialists (Report)

Peru, Decadence and Political Crisis

The War Crime of the Deportation of a Palestinian Human Right Activist by Israel

Iran, Türkiye, Syria: Hands Off the Kurdish People!

The Zionists are not Welcome in Qatar

Kosova: Down with Serbian-Chauvinist Provocations!

Nurses Strike to Defend the NHS, their Pay and Conditions

The Emerging Struggle of U.S. Railway Workers


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